Tuesday, October 2, 2007

4.5 Update, Week 4

Flight A:
The two big guns continued to do well and set up a match of the undefeated teams in the flight on Sunday. Hackberry and OC/Boverman need to win so they can try and catch the loser of the match for the 2nd spot. Also T Bar only has one loss at 1-1 since it looks like they have a missing match score v. Collin County.

Flight B:
Fair Oaks continued to do well with a good win over Greenhill. Brookhaven stayed undefeated as well but matches up with OC/Feldman this weekend in a good test for them. Fair Oaks and Royal Oaks match up in the “Battle of the Oaks”??? and it could be a chance for Royal Oaks to get back in the mix.


  1. I am amazed that Fair Oaks just keeps on winning. Should be interesting match with Royal Oaks depending on who they have playing.
    Oak Creek/Feldman will not lose another match this year. Brookhaven is just waiting in the wings for their match against Fair Oaks.
    A Division:
    Oak Creek Branch con't to roll while their Captain con't his 5.0 free-fall joke losing another straight setter, also looks like he has Bill Bibb in tow to also get bumped down for a strong run at 4.5 in the Spring. Canyon Creek is another team to watch out for as they are not overly impressive just solid up and down the line.

    Picks for Fall finals remains Feldman and Branch.

  2. Very confident about the Feldman team, huh? At 2-2 with two spots making it in it will be tough but possible. The "Oaks" match will be an important match to watch for any team in this flight with playoff aspirations.

    I did see those Branch scores, he is probably already a 4.5, only a month or so till the new ratings come out, should be interested and I believe it should be automated by then, so we will know right away.