Monday, October 29, 2007

4.5 Update

Flight A
This flight is pretty much over with T Bar cruising to another victory. I am beginning to think this team is for real. I wasn’t impressed mainly because a lot of this team was doing just OK at 4.0 not that long ago but it is hard to argue against their record. OC Branch still looks to be in good shape as well although OC Boverman is lurking close behind with their match coming up this Sunday.

Flight B:
So Fair Oaks is in the playoffs, the have one remaining match but win or lose they are headed to the playoffs. The 2nd spot comes down to OC/Feldman and LB Houston. OC Feldman must win 5-0 v. Greenhill/Stoner. I know an early poster predicted a comeback from this OC team but I find it hard to believe the OC team can sweep Greenhill unless Greenhill is just not interested in winning this coming weekend.


  1. actually would be a long shot, but if Feldman wins 5-0 they take 2nd outright, if they win 4-1 and lose 4 sets then it is a time going all the way to games lost. If they win 4-1 and lose fewer than 4 sets then they still take 2nd place on fewer sets lost, if they win 4-1 but split sets on a couple of courts then they lose out on sets lost. Will be very interesting this weekend. Also they did beat LBH in the season. that 1st week loss will come back to haunt them.

  2. thought

    don't 3 teams from each divsion make postseason since there are only two divisions...... therefore it is third place races that are key here, as opposed to the three division flights..........
    thank you, thank you very much

  3. Thanks for breaking all that down, I glanced at it and it seemed like the easiest way was the 5-0 win but thanks for showing the 4-1 possibility. I think they could actually do it with one loss but not sure you can sweep a good team. Although it would be a good way to get ready for the playoffs. I was on a team that needed a sweep to stay out of the QT tourney and we won in straight sets and swept the match and the 2nd place team didn't make it out of the QT tourney so that last weekend can have some lingering effects on the playoffs.

  4. I am looking at a playoff schedule right now (I am so getting fired from this job) and it shows only 4 teams qualifying at the 4.5 level, 2 from filght A and 2 from Flight B. I hope that wasn't a 4.5 cap in 3rd place who posted that last response. I personally think there should be 3 teams go from each flight but oh well. Although the 4.5s will get to play round robin as opposed to the 3.5 and 4.0 teams will play a 2 match pool play format with a final on Sunday. So at best you get three matches over 3 days. I like getting to play 4 times personally.

  5. I believe the Spring Season may have Top 3 from each at least in the Qualifying, but Fall is typically Top 2 in each division and the play a round robin, at least at 4.5.