Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Last post for today - Dallas Leagues (I promise)

I really should be working but I have been a little sick this week so blogging requires less concentration so here is one more thought for the day.

I know I have posted results but I am also wondering if you all have any ideas, complaints or compliments about Dallas League Tennis.

I moved from CA and the first thing I love about Dallas tennis is the participation. We were lucky to get 13 teams to play 3.5 tennis as opposed to Dallas with 30 teams. Which seems crazy since LA has 3 times the population.

Here are some rules and ideas I know that might be worth thinking about:

3rd set tiebreaker: Good, bad or EVIL???
Team names: Why the hell not, I personally hate having my name as part of the team, I have an ego but not a big enough one that I need my name at the top. I have named my teams anyway especially since I have multiple teams it makes it easier for me to tell them apart.
Weeknight leagues: I have run into a few people who don’t join league tennis because of weekend commitments why not a league during the week as well as the weekend league??

Weekend schedules: Do you think it would be crazy to open it up to the captain to decide whether the match will be on Saturday or Sunday?

Sundays: Matches before 1p???? Sacrilege or a good idea?
Singles league/Doubles leagues: in off seasons many other large cities have single leagues and doubles leagues instead of the Fall format we have. What do you think?

Fall Champ automatic Bid: Do you like the idea of the Fall champ getting the auto bid or do we need a season off to just play?

Let me know about any other issues you have thought about or bitched about during league play and maybe we can bring them up at our next meeting in 2008.


  1. My employer wanted me to move to Wichita KS,
    They have 1 3.5 team,
    That play 2 other teams in ABILENE, KS 116 miles away and Topeka, KS 139 miles away and I bitch about going to Rockwall,
    4.0 was just as bad, I hit with some of the 4.0 players, and they were not close to 4.0 by Texas standards,
    I have to assume the representative from Missouri Valley at the nationals must get slaughtered,

  2. It is the same here in AR. I move from DFW having 18 teams in 4.5 in Dallas and 8 Teams in FTW to 6 total in AR. So drive 2.5 hours to play matches suck, plus tournaments are lucky to even get a draw above 4.0 level.

  3. yikes 2 1/2 hours that is far. I am with OC BL, some of my players bitch because 1 of every 5 matches we have to drive more than 20 minutes. As far as what this means to the strength of the section it doesn't seem to effect it as much since AR or KS doesn't have their own section like Texas does but instead there are larger sections which encompass 3-5 states so you do find some good teams that come out of those areas, especially the Southern section. Since moving from So. Cal I do find a little unfair that with their lack of participation they are rewarded a rep to Nationals and Nor Cal gets one as well but Texas only gets one rep, I truly think Texas and the numbers of players that participate warrant a 2nd rep to Nationals. It might seem to cheapen Nats a little but league tennis continues to grow each year so at some point there will have to be some adjustments made.