Monday, October 15, 2007

3.0 Nationals

Bob Bender's 3.0 team beat the Caribbean team 3-2 on Sunday to win 3.0 Nationals yesterday. Congrats to all of you!!!

This is Bob's 2nd 3.0 title, he also won in 2004. So get ready for some of these guys at 3.5 next year they will be good.


  1. Is a 3.0 Singles player at the national level on par with a 4.0 average player,
    In a match would would win?

  2. Tough to comment on players on this particular team because Bob does a good job of managing his strong singles players. I would say if you can win singles matches at the Nationals level you can generally play up 2 steps and at least be competitive. Doubles at Nats seems to be pretty consistent with real NTRP players but not singles. I think a good .500 singles player would beat a 3.0 nats player but it might be close.