Tuesday, September 25, 2007

3.5 Week Three recap

Flight A:The top teams here continued to roll as Gleneagles scored another good victory this time over a new and improved Westlake team and Oak Creek took care of biz over Chandler’s Landing. Canyon Creek had the week off but resumes play against High Point who scored a 5-0 win over Eldorado. Gleneagles will take on Oak Creek so in this flight there could be one unbeaten left depending on how the weekend goes. Should be some good matches. Westlake is the wildcard, the early loss hurt them but I think their roster is too good just to pack it in, I expect them to bounce back and try to get back into this race for the playoffs.

Flight B:Lifetime Kaiser is showing they are not the only Lifetime team that can win at 3.5 as they moved to 2-0 and are locked in with Garland and Brookhaven who knocked off previously unbeaten Hackberry (sorry if I cursed you all talking about how improved you were). I still think Hackberry will decide some outcomes, that loss to Brookhaven was very close and this Brookhaven team is a consistent winner at 3.5. No score post from the Garland/Stonebridge match which would definitely answer some questions to how good these two teams are.
Flight C:The two big unbeaten teams here continued to do well as Lifetime won two matches over the weekend taking out Springpark and Greenhill Lyon and take on my little team this coming Sunday. Please be nice to them Mark. Greenhill/Kayser’s team took out my team 4-1 in very convincing fashion, I wasn’t there but I heard they are looking very strong. I have only played against a few guys on that team but I know they can be tough and they have added some good players to build on their success from the Spring. Oakridge and Springpark are still creeping right below these two at 2-1 and have roster that can cause some trouble but the top two have depth unlike anything the rest of this flight can handle.


  1. Gleneagles and Oak Creek do not meet until 10/7. Oak Creek plays Westlake this weekend while Gleneagles has a bye.

  2. ahhh you are correct. not that far away. I think the Westlake v. OC match will also be a good one. Westlake was a QT team last year and made roster improvements although they did lose their best singles player to 4.0.

  3. What's up with you default's man,
    Highpoint's got like 3 teams,
    Think you could find a warm body,

  4. Tell me about it, for our first match I got a call at 11a for a 2p match and this week I got a call at 12p for a 1p match. It is was just a flukey thing. I had guys who wanted to play but had already made plans. We have a full team for Sunday but of course it is Wed, ask me on Sunday at 12:45p.

  5. Hey Bazan, thanks for the comment on my blog. I added a link for your blog.