Monday, September 10, 2007

4.5 Preview

As noted before I am not up on my 4.5 knowledge but another poster left this so feel free to comment:

Here is the 4.5 preview. It always comes down to Team Branch and Team Conway (I think this team is now Feldman)- unless their players decide to start tanking matches to keep some rating. I noticed this morning that they may have aleady started since Team Feldman already lost a match.


  1. I did notice the Feldman loss although when you give a default bad things usually happen. Also the Brookhaven thumping of Kirby's team was impressive. I know the High Point team doesn't dominate at 4.5 but usually finishes middle of the pack so to be swept like that was a good win for BHhaven. I also thought the Boverman roster was interesting, are there 50 members on this team, sign me up to just in case I am free on Sunday afternoon.

  2. shocker to see Feldman fall to 0-2 this year but they will show up when the chips really count in the spring.
    Royal Oaks as I stated in other thread has some top flight players, but they put out a weak team against a good team and get beatdown 4-1, with Rauschuber being the lone winner. Still waiting on Week 2 result for Oak Creek Branch, but in 5.0 Branch continued his free-fall back to 4.5 losing 0,1 to Vu Le.

  3. I also was watching to see how the Branch team did. Seems to be a lot of late score posting this week. I have two matches within my flight that haven't posted at 4.0 which is kind of annoying when you are trying to see what to do with your lineup for the weekend. Aren't we supposed to post within 24 or 48 hours??? That is a "good loss" for Rusty. He should be 4.5 in no time.