Wednesday, September 19, 2007

4.0 Week Two Recap

Flight A:
So LB Houston looks to be cruising right along with another strong victory while Bob’s High Point team inched pass Canyon Creek. Brookhaven got back on track with a solid win over Eldorado. Stonebridge got their first win by beating the Village team . One match has not been reported and that is the other High Point team who played the other undefeated team (Hackberry) so it will be interesting to see the result of that match which should show who the 3rd contender in this flight is.

Flight B:
I got to see some of the Springpark match at High Point and they were rather dominant save although some of the matches were close especially singles. Springpark lost a few solid pieces from their sectional team of last Spring and although they are 2-0 I am not sure if they feel they are as strong as last season. The Lakes is showing that last season was no fluke even though they lost their captain and best player Mike Richardson they still are putting up good scores and are sitting at 2-0 with Springpark. Greenhill is also back on track to their old ways and make up the 2-0 trio in this flight. Greenhill doesn’t meet either team for awhile so they will have a chance to find their way so this race could get intriguing. There are four 1-1 teams and looking at their rosters compared to these top three teams I am not sure if they are experienced enough to make any noise and in this top 2 finisher league they 0-2 teams are in a win or go home format as of this weekend.

Flight C:I guess I underestimated T Bar as they shot up to 2-0 with two wins over former playoff teams. They are looking to be one of the most impressive teams in any flight so far. I could give you the rundown on our match with Lifetime Fitness but I would just get depressed. It all came down to line #2 doubles, my team was down a set and 2-5 and forced a 3rd set tiebreaker only to fall 10-5. They fought off a total of 10 match points in the 2nd and 3rd set but could not overcome a good serving Brandon Myers. Yosh a bump up for 3.5 looks very comfortable at 4.0 as well. No report on the Garland v. Brookhaven showdown, anyone know anything on this one?????? This match would show who would be joining the two undefeated teams. LB Houston got to 1-1 this week with a pretty good win over Canyon Creek. This flight is also looking stronger than expected as you look at two former playoff teams in the cellar.

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  1. New score post in Flight A: High Point/Giuhat scores close win over Hackberry and joins LB/Hicks and HP/Somubat tied at 2-0. Sorry Steve Harrigan and I couldn't make it another 4-0 High Pt. weekend, we will do better this weekend.