Tuesday, September 4, 2007

4.0 Fall Season Preview

4.0 Fall Preview

So I am happy to be back playing at 4.0. I appealed last time but decided not to this time even though it was a hard decision. I enjoyed playing 4.0 and even though my first two teams at 4.0 got off to rough starts I hope we have some bigger firepower this time around.

As I got the flight assignments they seem fairly even dispersed even though I ended up with two teams that made the DCC (BH/Bartlett and CC/Madison) as well as Burt Pearlman’s team who was in the QT but I think a tough regular season is invaluable, my 3.5 team last year was in an easier flight and it was hard to be ready for tough matches when you have been crushing teams in the regular season.

With that said I would have to say the toughest flight would be Flight C followed closely by Flight A and the wide open flight would be Flight B.

Flight C: As I mentioned there are 3 teams in this flight that advanced to the postseason last plus a good T Bar team and an LB Houston team that just missed out on the postseason in the Spring. Lifetime and Garland have some experienced players on their roster that should be tough and the same can be said for the Village. I am not familiar with the JCC team and luckily I don’t play them till towards the end of the season so I can scout a little better. Then there is my team, we will be awful so feel free to default two lines to give us a fighting chance. But seriously I feel good about my roster but after writing this paragraph I know every match will be contested but I am excited about that.

Flight A: Bob’s team is the clear cut favorite since he is bringing back just about everyone from his Texas runner-up team from Sectionals and if it wasn’t for an amazing team for Houston they would probably be preparing for Nationals. I think the other High Point team headed up by Adrian Giuhat will be a strong contender as well. I see a few other strong teams that should cause problems (Brookhaven, Greenhill and LB Houston). The remaining teams have some questions marks but have had some past success and could pose some problems for these top teams.

Flight B: Not to put pressure on the captains in this flight but if you would like to win this flight it is there for the taking. I do see Springpark as a clear favorite for the top spot but has lost a few players including one by a mind-blowing DQ at Sectionals, if anyone can explain that to me I would love to know what happened. After that I see Greenhill being a favorite but not overwhelmingly so which means these other teams that all carry at least one if not more 3.5 player have a chance to do well in this flight. Maybe I am just pulling for some of my High Point former teammates but I think Steve Harrigan’s team could be the one to break out of this flight.

Best of luck to all of you as we start our season this weekend.

See you on the courts…


  1. Here is the 4.5 preview. It always comes down to Team Branch and Team Conway (I think this team is now Feldman)- unless their players decide to start tanking matches to keep some rating. I noticed this morning that they may have aleady started since Team Feldman already lost a match.

  2. Early returns are in (High Point 4-0) on the weekend...more to come later