Tuesday, September 11, 2007

3.5 Week one recap

So all but one 3.5 match has been recorded and there was definitely some interesting action out there this past weekend. My team had a bye so I gorged on Sunday brunch and then made friends with my couch and watched football but thanks to those of you who got out there and played 3.5 tennis and the wind and impending rain storm. Welcome back to Fall tennis in Dallas.

In Flight A there were two major thumpings done by Canyon Creek and Gleneagles who must have had plans in the early afternoon as they disposed of their opponents quickly or didn’t care for my comment about being “middle of the pack” teams. Westlake scored a close victory over Chandler’s Landing in a closer than expected match. Oak Creek scored a good upset over High Point and I have already taking some ribbing over my lock prediction on High Point. I can handle the ragging so bring it on. Any of you who have played me in the past know I can be obnoxious on the court so feel free to lash back. I love it!!

In Flight B Garland got off to a strong start with only a strong upset from Andrew Sutherland stopping the sweep. Lifetime Fitness and Stonebridge also scored big with opening weekend sweeps. Hackberry had the biggest win in the flight by taking out LB Houston that was not expected but Hackberry has shown promise in the past so who knows what they could do here.

In Flight C the new Oak Ridge announced their arrival with a 4-1 win followed up by Greenhill Kayser with an expected win and the Oak Creek B team taking advantage of some defaults to get a good win over Rick Lyon’s team. Lifetime Fitness had not posted when I went to press but I am thinking they won their match but as noted before I could be wrong. My team had a bye so don’t blame me for not posting a score.

I looked forward to starting with my team this coming week, hopefully we can make some noise in the C Flight.


  1. "Oak Ridge"
    Where's That At?

    Prediction are going real well so far,
    Why don't you go down the 3.5 team by team and give us team record predictions so we can have a good laugh at the end of the season,

  2. good question I have no idea where Oak Ridge is, maybe in the Mesquite area???

    And who knows if I get bored at work today I can make some season record predictions.

  3. I started trying to predict and what the heck I will predict it but as you know league unlike most sports is difficult because we don't always have our A lineup out in order to get people playing time, conflicts, injuries, etc so these are my best guesses, I didn't post the bottom half because I didn't feel that would be right.

    Flight A (This is a tough flight I think all of these teams could finish on top)
    Oak Creek 7-1
    High Point 7-1
    Canyon Creek 6-2
    Gleneagles 6-2
    Westlake 5-3

    Flight B (I feel confident about my top two here)
    Garland- 8-0
    Stonebridge 7-1
    Brookhaven 6-2
    Lb Houston Wisdom 5-3
    Hackberry Myers 5-3
    Lifetime 4-4

    Flight C (Hmm, hard to predict when I am in the mix but oh well, notice the three way tie, not uncommon last season we landed in a 4 way tie)
    Lifetime 8-0
    Oak Ridge 6-2
    Greenhill-Kayser 6-2
    High Point 6-2
    Springpark 5-3
    Oak Creek 4-4

  4. I hope my comments didn't have anything to do with the 7-1 prediction.
    Thanks for the credit though

  5. No not at all I would have picked you all to go undefeated but I think there are too many quality teams in this flight for you all not to slip up one week. I know you have some good topline players but like I mentioned the one week you don't have them all available and you play a deep team like CC or Gleneagles that could cost you all but I am sure you guys will finish 1 or 2 in the flight. Yikes I hope that prediction from me isn't a curse....:)