Monday, September 10, 2007

Week 1 in 4.0 and 4.5

I would include the 3.5 teams in this recap as well but they are notoriously slow score posters so I will hold of until tomorrow.

4.5 :
As noted the Oak Creek teams got out to a quick start and looks like the top two teams from that Club are in the same flight and will get to battle it out for 1st place. In the other flight Brookhaven came out with a large win and the 3rd Oak Creek team was letdown by that player called DEFAULT, I hate that guy, he never wins any of his matches. Fair Oaks and LB Houston also scored strong wins (4-1). The upset was the aforementioned Oak Creek team that lost out to Royal Oaks who oddly enough was on the "not enough players signed up" email from Jane the day before roster deadline. Good win!!

Flight A went according to plan with the favorites winning although Bob's team squeaked by 3-2 and threw in a default. Hmmm. Bob I would have scrapped my team and joined you (just kidding team, or am I?)

Flight B was headed up with the remainder of the Sectional wild card from Springpark starting off the season with a big 5-0 win. Steve Harrigan's team scored a strong victory as well as the Lakes who showed they are still a force to be reckoned with. The surprise may have been the brand new team out of Stonebriar, not to be confused with the Stonebridge teams, as they beat out an LB Houston team. They have some good 3.5 moveups and it will be interesting to see if they can make noise in this wide open flight.

Flight C (my flight)
It was nice to start off the season with a win. We clinched the match and then my match got pushed to a 3rd set tiebreaker, I would love to say we let up and could have won 4-1 but our opponents played well down the stretch and thanks for the ice cold beer. Pearlman's team still looked good I know he had some roster issues and we matched up well at singles so it turned out well for us. Lifetime Fitness took care of biz over the JCC team somewhat easily except for line 1 singles. Garland overpowered a Village team and had some very convincing singles wins.
Brookhaven/Bartlett represented the lone BH victory this weekend and it was a good one over a good LB Houston team.

Hard to get to excited or depressed over week one results but with only two slots in each flight a 2nd loss puts teams in a spot where it is no longer their destiny whether or not they advance.


  1. Do any Dallas-area folks have any chance at making some noise at Sectionals this weekend in San Antonio?

  2. I expect Eddie Hill to make the final or win at 3.5 as an unseeded player. He has won all the tourneys he has entered this year and had a great league showing as well. Jonathan Marcus has had some good results as well but in a long tourney I am not sure he won't run into someone consistent enough to handle his power

  3. Eddie Hill will have to get through Freeman to win this one. They have not been in the same tournament yet. It should be a good match if Freeman's legs will allow him to get that far. He is in much better shape than he looks or acts. Also, he has the best strokes in the draw. It should be a nice match. However, Dutchover is the man to beat in a draw this big.

  4. John Kraemer of Brookhaven is the 4th seed in 3.5 singles.

    I would say watch him as well.

    In 3.5 dubs, area teams - Williams/Dennis seeded 2nd, Adamcik/Palasota seeded 5th, and Parkinson/Tims seeded 7th - are all contenders in 3.5 doubles

  5. Sounds like some Houston folks talking about how great Dutchover and Freeman are. I agree they will put up a good fight but I don't see Freeman or Kraemer beating Eddie. I do think Ismael has a shot at him. Siby Varghese who played on one of my 3.5 teams went to a 3rd set tiebreaker with him and plays a very similar style to Ismael that might be match worth watching. John is a good player but he can be beaten with someone who has power and patience.

  6. Those sound like good dubs picks I have noticed good results from those teams. Freeman and Berilgen looks like a good duo as well if not worn out from singles. Watch out for Ohl and Hess from Dallas.

  7. The Royal Oaks upset over Oak Creek Feldman, is not overly surprising. Joey Molina is legit 5.0 player who will probably not lose a singles match to anyone in league. If the team could play their best players they could stand-up to anyone. Also addition of Joe Rauschuber, who is arguably another 5.0, could make thingas interesting but they have not depth.
    Interesting to see Huffman got an appeal back down to 4.5, he will dominate again. Oak Creek Conway added some top line players in Jimmy Walker and Clint Sumrow so they are gearing up for another run in 2008.

  8. sorry for bad post, actually it is Oak Creek Branch who added Sumrow/Walker. also expect Branch back for Spring season as he has managed to lose (tank) enough matches ate 5.0 this year.

  9. with such a new site there are no "bad" posts yet so feel free to post bad, good or indifferent posts