Tuesday, September 25, 2007

4.0 Week Three Recap

Flight A:
So in the A flight the High Point teams continue to roll along although Somabut’s team gave a default and had a doubles match come down to a 3rd set tiebreaker. Looks like they enjoy living on the edge this season. The Giuhat team is hard to figure, they have a different lineup each week and just keep finding good combinations to win. LB Houston had yet to report their matchup with Hackberry which should have been interesting. Stonebridge and Canyon Creek moved to 2-1 with good wins this week and remain one loss behind with hopes of joining the top group soon. The remaining four teams (Brookhaven, Eldorado, Village and Greenhill 2) were probably eliminated from the playoffs this weekend. With only two getting in with 1 loss is just about guaranteed but with 2 or 3 you are in need of a some type of miracle. This weekend will decide a lot as the two High Point match up in a battle for 1st place supremacy and also LB Houston battles Stonebridge. So it is possible there will just be one unbeaten team after the weekend concludes. Best of luck to all of you sounds like some good matches, I will try and swing by after my match and catch the High Point battle, anyone know a time???

Flight B:
So the big three continued to roll along with the Lakes racking up individual wins left and right. Springpark and Greenhill also kept pace with good wins. Unlike flight A these undefeated teams don’t meet each other until 10/20 when the Lakes and Greenhill will tackle one another. So these flight will continue to be a wait and see as 6 teams already have two losses and the new Stonebriar takes on Greenhill this weekend so barring a big upset there this flight will really be lopsided. I think Stonebriar could pose some problems if they bring their best lineup. Ryan Caras is a strong player (former 3.5, yeah right) who can give some troubles to Greenhill in singles but he is also a strong doubles player along with Gaines. I can’t wait to see the result, I have to root for the former 3.5 guys to give this flight some intrigue and score the upset over Greenhill. GO SB!!

Flight C:
Hmmm. Somebody hasn’t posted their scores, no names but I think you can guess. I am really curious to know since I am playing them this Saturday. Ok no secrets it is Brad Bartlett’s team. Curious to know how the Garland rescheduled match is coming and also the JCC match. But for the scores we do know Lifetime Fitness has jumped to 3-0 with a close win over a previously undefeated T Bar team. A good win that further shows they one of the top teams in this flight but I do think they lack depth but they make up for it in quality of players at the top. Garland improved to 2-0 with one match pending, it was a close win over LB Houston which brought them back down to earth after their week 1 destruction of the Village. Brookhaven Pearlman got on the right track as they took out a Canyon Creek team that is falling on hard times. My team won 4-1 over the Village and improved to 2-1 to stay in the mix. I took on Michael Bebb at line #1 doubles (he beat me at 3.5 two years ago) and this time he beat me at 4.0, so in 2010 I hope to beat him at line #3 doubles at 4.5. Some interesting matches will be played this weekend including my team taking on Brad Bartlett’s group, I think the matchups will be interesting and more importantly should provide some direction for both of our teams. Garland and Lifetime have winnable matches but must continue to stay focused with bigger matches looming including my team v. Garland on 10/6. Lifetime won’t see another undefeated until November so they must stay consistent knowing they will have two tough matches to end the season.

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