Wednesday, September 19, 2007

3.5 Week Two Recap

Most all of the scores have been reported and here is what happened flight by flight.

Flight A:
So Canyon Creek and Gleneagles continued their winning ways. They may not have played any strong teams yet but have taken care of biz against the opponents in front of them. After Oak Creek’s big win last week they had a little letdown against JCC and just squeaked out a 3-2 win but they are still undefeated along with Westlake who I am guessing had a bye this week. High Point/Bowman got back on track with a 5-0 drubbing of the Lakes. I have to say looking at those top 5 teams that there will be a few good teams not heading to the playoffs this fall.

Flight B:
So Hackberry came up huge and knocked off Stonebridge 4-1 and all four wins were in straight sets so I guess Hackberry is for real. Garland slipped by LB Houston who may have taken a step back but did score a win over Jacques Delira at line#1 singles. Brookhaven started their season with a good win over LB Houston/Daly after having week 1 off. High Point/Forte got into the win column taking care of Stonebriar who joined the LB Houston teams at 0-2 at the bottom of the standings. I am curious with some of these close matches how much longer there will be an undefeated team in this flight. I have to say Hackberry is looking the most impressive so far, that win over Stonebridge was very strong and Garland’s wins were not nearly as impressive.

Flight C:
Greenhill is the only team at the top with 2 wins since Lifetime and Springpark have a make up match from last week. My team started off with a close win even with a default but we run into Greenhill this week and that will be a tough match. Springpark’s win over Oak Ridge was very strong and shows they are a force to be reckon with. I was impressed with Oak Creek 2nd team, they have a few very good players. I played our default singles line for fun and played Shaopeng Sun, I won 7-5, 6-3, he is a very tough player, he hits with pace on the forehand and has a good serve. I predict he will not lose this year. Too bad that doesn’t count towards my record then maybe I could play 3.5 in the Spring. Still interested to see how Lifetime does in this flight, a win over Canyon Creek doesn’t show that much but I will be interested to see how the makeup v. Springpark goes since they look to be strong as well.


  1. "I played our default singles line for fun Too bad that doesn’t count towards my record then maybe I could play 3.5 in the Spring."
    No Offense, But for the rest of us
    WTF are you talking about

  2. My team had to default line #2 singles and we didn't know until a few minutes before so I offered to play against the OC singles player since I was there and had my tennis stuff with me. I was saying by that close result it kind of shows I should probably still be playing 3.5 instead of 4.0. Hope that clarifies...

    Shaopeng actually outplayed me entirely even though I won, I guess you could say that about most of my matches though.

  3. Guess the real question is why you have a 3.5 team, When you are playing 4.0,
    Wife and Kids don't want you around or something?

  4. good point. Unfortunately my wife does want me around which is why I never get to play NTRP tourneys. I sold off one 3.5 team to Trae and Leonard but the other group didn't have a captain and I tried to combine with Stonebriar, OC or another High Pt but got not takers. I probably won't show up to but one or two matches unless they are in 1st place then I will be there to take all the credit.