Tuesday, April 28, 2009

4.5 Week Three

This is a very exciting weekend for the 4.5 division. All of the top teams are battling each other for positioning, which could give us some insight into potential playoff matchups. Which teams will shine and which will falter?

4.5 A

Featured Match: OC/Branch v. OC/Feldman

Defending fall champs vs. Defending spring champs. A lot of history between these two teams but I'm not sure that Todd's team has quite come together yet this season. No real pressure for them whereas Rusty knows this is a must-win for his team to be able to secure that number one spot. Bovermann could quietly move to 3-0 with a win this week, which could put them as the only other undefeated team besides the other OC winner. That would only happen if Royal Oaks loses, which I don't see happening. T Bar has a chance to reestablish themselves as a contender with a convincing win.


Branch over Feldman 4-1 (Not sure anybody but Vik can pull out a win)
Collin County over Stonebridge 4-1
T Bar over Hackberry 4-1
Bovermann over Village 3-2 (Interesting to see how these matches will turn out with a lot of doubles experience on these two teams)
Royal Oaks over High Point 4-1 (Who gets the 1? Maybe Kanevsky.)

4.5 B

Featured Match: Huffhines v. Brookhaven

Two playoff teams from last season square off in a battle of undefeated teams. Somebody choked away a third-set tiebreak to lose to Brookhaven last season so the team will be looking for revenge. I expect every line to be close and the match to go either way. I bet you can guess who I'm predicting to win though. A lot of great matches in this flight this Sunday though. I was very impressed with the Lakes' lineup last week and I think they could beat almost any team if they are that strong consistently. I thought Springpark would be a contender but they haven't shown it so far. I don't think High Point should sleep on them though. If Springpark puts out a smart lineup (Hint: Luis in singles), they could actually win one. All of these matches I think could go either way.


Huffhines over Brookhaven 3-2
High Point over Springpark 3-2
Lakes over Greenhill 3-2 (Strong singles players on both sides should decide it).
Juhn over T Bar 3-2
DFW over LB Houston 3-2

Anybody who wants to discuss these matchups or any late roster additions, feel free to chime in.


  1. Ah oh Corey finally picked us to win one (we've gotten no love so far this season). We'll probably loose now. Thanks man you jinxed us. We only win when you pick us to loose.

  2. Branch 3-2
    Huffhines 4-1

    Good matchups this week.
    Huffhines tries to extract revenge for the fall fade.
    OC Feldman tries to show they can compete w/ Branch for city champs.

  3. I am looking forward to the RO match, I hope Greg can play but maybe not so we will have to figure out where we can get the "1." Mr. Rothwell please send your bottom 8 just so the match will last longer than 30 minutes.

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  5. Nice to see that Feldman has added a couple players to his roster presumably for this week. I'm assuming he will bring the best available but being in the playoffs already gives him the option to sit back. If he brings his best it should be some good tennis and a lot of fun for those playing and watching. I guess after this week we should have a better idea of what the playoffs might look like. Good luck to everybody today assuming the weather holds off (knock on wood).

  6. so....who won the big match?

    RO took us out by the bike racks and well you can check the scores. I see them pushing the top two teams. They are very tough and deep and some of there guys looked a little rusty today and I know they can only get better, nice bunch of guys as well.

    The young kid that played with Rothwell, Andrus I believe, he is very solid although my guys did push them to a 3rd set TB. I had to leave during the 1st set so I didn't see more than 5 games.

  7. Nice job Corey and team. Keep up the good work.

  8. Feldman didn't bring all the big guns so OC took it 5-0. Vik and Gene had a good match with Gene winning 7-6,7-6. Royal Oaks will definitely be a contender with their big matches coming the last month so they should be able to knock the rust off by then. I'm too lazy to look myself, when is the Noel - Nguyen match? Overall it was a good day of tennis and I met some more good people. Glad the rain held off again. Cary, can you and I play singles when our teams match up, I'm thinking about trying out my left handed game :)?

  9. meoouch! I think my team would revolt if I put myself at singles in 4.0 or 4.5 and even 3.5 if I had a team at that level.

    Let me know what doubles line you are in and maybe I can play you, if I can get in the lineup that day, not looking good so far.

    Actually as of today I have no conflicts so we will try and not give Rusty a bye week on 5/17 (as coyote called my team)

  10. Nice calls guys, but Greenhill rebounds against the Lakes after stumbling last week!

  11. As I've said, when Greenhill has those two guys playing singles, they can compete with anybody. Huffhines v. High Point is the same weekend as the Tyler Major. Should make it interesting. I believe that is June 14. I really think there are a lot of teams in the hunt now in our flight because there are a lot of teams with solid singles players that are hard to beat.
    Brookhaven will need to get there big singles players back to compete, even though Chris Ryan played very well yesterday. I was surprised how many of their top players were not there.
    Jason, you were right. I jinxed you guys to a loss. What's the hold-up on the Oak Creek scores? I know Branch won 5-0 but I would like to see the lineups. Gene over Dustin is a good win, but I don't think Dustin has made it back to top form yet since the offseason.


    Flight A

    1. Branch
    2. ROCC
    3. Feldman
    4. T Bar

    Flight B

    1. Huffhines
    2. High Point
    3. Brookhaven
    4. Greenhill

  12. Team Branch with the woodshedding yesterday. Team Feldman learns that fall season is for the pretenders.

    Agree with the rankings. Lakes not getting the right guys out to play cost them.

  13. I'm not ready to write off Feldman's team yet. They had no incentive to win this match because Rusty's team will be in the DCC no matter what. I don't know what Todd's lineup was but I have a feeling it will be a lot stronger come playoff time.

  14. I agree with most of what your post CoreDawg. Vik will be better come playoff time but hopefully so will Gene. Feldman will look completely different come playoff time. I'm looking forward to the Noel-nguyen match to see if your rankings are correct.

  15. Now how strong could Feldman's line up be if the Old Buffalo was playing line 2? Ihihihih

  16. Branch once again shows why they will go to Nationals. Feldman doesn't stand a chance. Huffines will be a tough opponent for Branch in the playoffs. Huffines singles looks to be ok but they will need to sweep doubles. Judging by their doubles lineup they have a chance.

  17. Not sure when the last time Branch's team went to Nationals... don't you mean Sectionals?

  18. I do get tired of hearing about teams making it to Nationals and Sectionals. I've been playing league tennis for 8 years and I haven't made it to Sectionals once. Not in tri-level, combo, mixed, or men's. If I don't make it in one of those this year I don't know what I can do. Try to get moved to 4.0 I guess.

  19. CoreDawg do you think you would make Bobs 4.0 line-up?Just kidding. Making Sectionals is a lot of fun and you get a whole new perspective of the level of play. We won't mention Sectionals any longer until you make it, so you won't feel bad.
    Feldman definitely has a chance and I would be very impressed if Huffines sweeps Branch in doubles.

  20. I talk about it all the time, but I'm really getting tired of saying it myself. It really seems like a lot of work for little reward. I just think some people don't realize how lucky they are to have gone to Sectionals many times or even Nationals. But I do think something should be done to stop the same people from going to sectionals over and over at the same level. Sorry Keith and Steven :)

  21. By the way, us sweeping Branch in doubles is funny. We did beat them two out of three in the fall but that was with a creative lineup from me. I do think my top 8 is the best it has ever been but I'm not sure how it would fare against Branch's.

  22. This is a 4.5 thread. Please don't mention lowly 4.0 players, and I have only been to nationals once if you don't count mixed. By the way my team did better than Kern's at nationals.

  23. If you're only a lowly 4.0, you shouldn't be reading 4.5 threads and I'll compare records anytime you would like. I know, I know, I'll never be as great as Brouer's partner.
    CoreDawg, if you bumped everyone who went to Sectionals it would get ridiculous very quickly. Often times you need to make Sectionals numerous times until you can even make the semis.
    By the way if you are ever giving a presentation, make it interesting enough that people don't sit on their phones reading blogs.

  24. I could never compare records with the Great Jason Kern. Just getting beat by you was an honor.

  25. You crack me up. Start your own 5.0 thread.

  26. I actually have no problem with Keith and Steven going to Sectionals a lot because they seem to have some mystical power over the USTA computer. Keith is undefeated in 4.5 again so far this season but he will somehow stay 4.0 or be back in 4.0 by Spring 2010 I bet.