Monday, April 13, 2009

4.0 Week 1

So finally the season will get underway this weekend. I am still sticking with my thoughts a few weeks back but I am sure there will be some surprise teams emerge as the first few weeks of the season get underway. Unfortunately there are not that many great matchups this weekend so unless an upset occurs it should be business as usual.

Flight A:
Bob has added to the army and got Dencil Johnson to sign on to help them out, that should make them more of a threat than usual in later rounds of the season. But no real test for them until the DCC and if I read our packet right we are rooting for Bob to have an undefeated season so there will be a round robin playoff in July. There are two interesting matchups in Flight A this week Brookhaven/Helterbrann takes on TBar M. These are the two of the three teams along with LBH that are most likely in contention to make it to the postseason. I have a feeling TBar M will squeak out a win but it will be close. LBH has a match against one of the Springpark teams so I will be curious to see how they perform but I expect they will do well.

Flight B:
So I guess the best matchup this weekend will be the SWAT team v. Team Durty Garland. I expect a very tough first match. I don't want to post a prediction but I do predict a good competitive match on each side. Oakridge is getting interesting mainly because Prather seems intent on having 30 players on the team so they can only improve, right?

Flight C:
This flight seems to lack some starpower but that will most likely produce some great matches week in and week out. This week we get to see how tough the Royal Oaks crew will be and they get a test playing the top Village team who has some strong doubles play. If RO rolls here it could announce them as a team to contend with. Brookhaven has the new Collin County team who has some solid players and might push them a little.

Flight D:
Alright Eddie, is Flight D good now? At first glance it looks very tough but there is a big drop off between the haves and the have nots. Thorntree is a little mysterious and FAR but not sure they will be a contender (but thanks for joining). OC, Spark and LTF are the clear favs and "should" all win this week but I have a feeling one of the other 6 teams will emerge and make this real interesting.


  1. It looks like Bob S has assembled another very strong team. He's a great recruiter and guys like to play for him.

    I think the 2nd best 4.0 team this year may be Cary's SWAT team. Should be a fun season!

  2. Taking away anons will kill this blog.

  3. Wow look at all the tennis talk. I'm sure glad the anons are gone.

  4. The nice thing about taking away the Anons is at least you can tell now if it is the same annoying person posting versus 15 different people. I like this a lot better. Think of it as you now have the ability to form a personality - even if you are anonymous.

  5. I agree. At least it is the same Anon voice over and over... so you other Anons .... SUCK IT!!!!

    And by the way. There really isn't any tennis talk until the season gets started.... THIS WEEK!!!

  6. Any Eddie Hill Sightings lately?

    Still playing left handed?

  7. The blog will not be as fun without the anons. Not many people will give their true opinions if they can't be anonymous. The blog is already getting boring.

  8. Right now, there is no shit talk that can be talked. Bob S is number 1. Everyone else is competing for the wild card spot.

    Of course, there is a serious drop off of talent after Bob's team. I think all the other teams suck after that.

  9. Keith,

    the anon thing is an experiment so all you that complained get to typing so you can justify this new change.

  10. My 2 cents on the anon thing.
    It should not matter at all,
    By signing up for an account you don't have to divulge your Identiy.

    But most people are just too lazy to follow through with the sign up process.

    And I'm sure some of the assholes that hang out here are not going to get an account just to see if you cave or not,

    Stay the course Cary,
    It may be a little rough in the beginning but it will be worth it in the end.

  11. Well mark Ted Bundle down as one who don't know shit from sardines.

  12. I am just saying there is a serious drop off in talent after HP. In the playoffs last season, only 3 lines were dropped. And STRONGER this season with those 4.5ers added.

    As far as the ANONS... stay the course Cary!! I could not take even just one more bitching about M Getz - let alone 200 boring ass comments about the guy. I could care less if he is a cross-dressing transexual who doesn't have the common courtesy of a reach around. I don't have to read 200 comments about it now.

    At least you know if its the same person over and over saying shit.

    If the ANONS weren't so DAMN LAZY, they would just take the 10 seconds it takes to sign on and get an account. THEN it remembers you from then on so you don't have to continue to "re-sign" in.

  13. Thanks Ted for the comments. I think I am already liking the new system and I had many people personally ask me to change it but never had an anon personally call me or email me or see me in person and say please keep the anons so this seemed like a logical step. But enough about that.

    Yes Bob's team is pretty tough but strange things can happen. I think this team is about even with his team from last Spring as far as talent and that one was probably better with Jean, Dan Keller and Hai. Getting Keith and Steven back was huge, without them who knows what we would be saying.

    Luckily due to the fact we have such a large contingent in Dallas there are two spots to sectionals so I just want one of them and I don't care if Bob gets the other one in fact I would be openly rooting for both of us to make it.

  14. I think Somabut is at least as strong this year. Dan and Jean are huge losses but I understand they have better singles players this year. They can go deep in doubles too. I think SOmabut has the strongest team but you are right in that strange things can happen.

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  16. Bob always has a good team, but who are his singles players? They should win Flt A with only some competition from TBar and BH.

    Cary's team is a slight fave in B over BH and Stonebridge. Have you recruited another self rater to replace Steve kent?

    Flight C looks like either BH with new ringer Rivera or Greenhill.

    Flight D is all Eddie all the time.

  17. I talked to google to see if there was a way to keep off anons and anyone from Springpark but unfortunately it isn't possible. Sorry to all of you.


    yep Bob seems not to care too much about singles and usually figures something out. Brouer could win against most at this level in the city and I am thinking one of the newbies might take that on. I don't think Dencil plays singles and he is still DQ eligible so probably not a wise choice at singles along with the new guys. Luckily they don't have to win but as I mentioned I hope they go undefeated for the regular season so there is a round robin, I think most would like that, am i right?

  18. Good Luck everyone this weekend if we actually play:)

  19. Somabut can play those new guys in doubles until he has to play them. They will have a match history well before playoffs.

  20. If you are one of the 2 best teams you want a rr. If not, flighting adds some luck. We're just playing for 2nd or 3rd in our flight

  21. Wow! TBar take out BH Heltebran 4:1. I thought they'd be strong but expected a closer match between those 2 teams today

  22. Only improving is what's it's about