Friday, April 24, 2009

4.0 Week 2

So this week went by fast but after skimming through the matches there isn't much sizzle this week and even the matches pending rain rescheduling weren't that great. We are making up v. Garland on 5/3.

Flight A:
Hackberry takes on HP/Bob and might actually keep them awake since they have some solid players at doubles. If they can grab a singles line then who knows this might be a good match. Our MOW is TBar v. LBH/Jones. I know Tbar looked impressive but this LBH played in the DCC last year and played very well, they have lost two solid players but added some new blood as well. I am picking LBH to win this one 3-2.

Flight B:
I only see one match that is interesting and that would be Stonebridge v. Lakes. Of course I am interested for my own reasons (we play the Lakes on 5/2) but I think the winner of this match will be a contender and the loser will have a tough time jumping up the top in this tough flight.

Flight C:
Not too much to keep me awake here but I am still curious to see Royal Oaks' results v. Greenhill, if they lose here most likely the rest of the way is just for fun and it will also be interesting to see if Greenhill is going to continue in the their winning ways without two big guns that have moved onto 4.5 (Kevin Windham and Fernando Contreras).

Flight D:
Not much sizzle here either but maybe a slow boil as OC takes on Garland/Brueckner. Steve's team may not be loaded but I think they have some talent to keep OC interested and may just push them more than they expect. Lifetime takes on LBH/Au and should win but I don't think this match will be quite as easy as the last one where Team Eddie didn't drop a set.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention some interesting additions to rosters in the last week.

Team Bob hits 20 players with Deviney and Tran. Willis is a good guy and a pretty solid player too. Vinh had solid results in the past as part of the Collin County teams that did well, he will help in singles.

OC adds Daryl Myrick who can play some singles and very solid at doubles which only makes them better.

Greenhill added Rob Bliss and Patrick Solomons who came from other teams and might help out at singles as John is probably looking to get some help for Enrique.


  1. Is the weather suppose to be better this week?

  2. Flight A
    T-Bar wins again, not much has been reported.

    Flight B
    BH/Bartlett Wins again.
    GTC's A Team won easily over CC
    Lakes take down SB
    Village take down Huffhines.

    Flight C
    BH/Pearlman lost to OC/2. Interesting result, I would not have picked that one.
    GH/Arnette take down RO 3-2.
    Village Johnson probably becomes the flight's favorite due to BH losing and they probably beat GTC/C Team.
    HP/Harrigan defeat JCC.
    Collin County team is struggling... mightily.

    Flight D
    OC beat GTC/B Team easily and stays undefeated.
    SP defeated another SB team to stay undefeated.
    Gleneagles beat the other SB team.
    Nobody ekse has reported.

    The biggest wow of the reported scores is OC/2 beating BH/Pearlman. I would have never picked that.

  3. Sorry TBar I am off to a bad start but I will gladly pick against you all again if it helps you. I guess I overestimated LBH and underestimated how great their 3 bump ups would hurt them.

    Greg you are right the BH/Pearlman loss is HUGE. That isn't the OC B team that is the C team, you would have to ask Don for sure but just knowing those players, not that they are C level players but they have purposely kept the teams small to insure playing time and this on paper is the weakest of the 3. That is a amazing win, congrats. Could HP rise to the top in this flight, 3 HP's in the DCC?????

  4. The blog is dying. Bring me back before its too late.

  5. HP/Bob = Wow! This team would go better than .500 in either of the 4.5 divisions. They're so strong and so deep it is almost unfair and the 2 new guys on their lineup yesterday, Featherstone and Weymer, are strong 4.5 players forget about 4.0. Don't expect to see them more than 1 (TBar) maybe 2 times at most before season end for obvious reasons....they beat very strong players on our team handily yesterday.

  6. Nice exaggeration. They are both quality players, but not top 4.5 players. They lose at practice all the time. I'm assuming you have never played a top 4.5 player, or you would know the difference.

  7. Lifetime wins 5-0 again. Still has not lost a set on any line.

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  9. As said before. We are all playing for 2nd!

  10. The experiment is a failure. Bring back the anons. They make the blog funny.

  11. I bet the Lifetime 3.5 team would beat the 4.0 team.

  12. Another big upset this week, Garland C team beats Village who I proclaimed as a possible fav to contend in this flight. I am off to an awful start in my predictions so far this season.

  13. we have come to expect that Cary so i wouldnt worry about it.

  14. Cary,
    Maybe you should switch gears and talk about the results and stay away from the predictions.

  15. Big talk from Black Panther... What team are you on? Can't wait to play you and we will see about all that talk. As for HP Player, you are a fool. See you at the DCC if you can get in the line-up.

  16. You are going to come out just to watch me play in the DCC? That's nice of you. Too bad your team won't make it.

  17. Are you kidding me. Who is going to beat us in our Flight. I will be in shock if we drop more than 2-3 lines all season let alone to one team in our flight.

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  19. What teams have history of beating lifetime??? We lost to Springpark 3-2 at DCC last year. They have no one to replace Davis.
    So who else has history of beating Lifetime??? come on Panther you are talking out of your rear a little with that comment.

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  21. Lifetime couldn't win with the team they had last year, and they lost their two best players. Forest and Takashi were the only top 4.0 players they had. The rest of your team is average at best. Why do you think Lifetime will do any better this year? Please don't say because Eddie is back. He is only slightly better than average.

  22. Lifetime has at least 2 additions to the top 8 from the team they had in the fall. Takashi did not play with Lifetime in the fall. Lifetime has a total of 6 new players that add greatly to the team. Just keep watchin the scores and from the trees. Just keep your eyes off the married women at the pool.

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  24. Oh let's see. You lose Forrest, Eric Harris and Cleve Walker and add Eddie Hill, yeah you're right, that is an Upgrade.

    What was I thinking??

  25. Eddie Hill is 2-0 without dropping a set at line 1 and 2 this spring. Check tennislink before you talk.