Sunday, April 26, 2009

3.5 Week Two - Results!

3.5 A
"The Huff-Whines' Boys" continued winning this week without dropping a line.
The purloined Chris Jones made his debut this week with a impressive 6-1, 6-1 victory.

Lifetime Squeeked out a 3-2 victory over JCC.
LT was a 3rd set tiebreaker at line #2 singles away from receiving the Epic Fail of the Week.

The First real match of the 3.5 season is next week when Lifetime takes on the Mighty Glenn Strohl and Brookhaven @ Lifetime fitness.

3.5A Team Standings

3.5 B
Durrty Garland Debuted this week with a impressive 5-0 victory over Greenhill.
Westlake squeek out a victory over Canyon Creek.
Westlake's weakness at singles is begining to be revealed.
Sam Grand Continues to look like they maybe a threat.
Flight B heats up next week when Westlake takes on High Point.

3.5B Team Standings

3.5 C
Flight leader, Greenhill beat Brookhaven 3-2, The Stein Bros dropped both singles lines but Greenhill dominated in doubles,
Canyon Creek made it look easy vs the Lakes winning 4-1.
And Fretz continued to win downing the Village 4-1.
Looks like this division could get interesting with CC, GH, Fretz, and possibly OC all capable of pulling out a win over each other and everybody else.

3.5C Team Standings

Next Week :
Brookhaven @ Lifetime
Westlake @Highpoint

Let me know your predictions.......


  1. Flight 1

    Looks like Ratdick is feeding his team steroids. They are destroying their competition -- closest game this week was 6-3, 6-1 or is it the 6-4,6-0 match. Either way, they are slaughtering everyone.

    Lifetime showed their vuneralbility and Chan & DeMetsenaere get beat??

    The Lifetime/Brookhaven match is the match of the week for this flight. Looks like Lifetime edges them out though. Mitterer Strohl fell to the mighty Bennet Arcaria team in the Brookhaven tournament. That's a doubles lock for Lifetime. Brookhaven doesn't have strong singles players and they lose it by losing both singles.

    Flight 2
    Garland is in this flight. Nothing else needs to be said except they are durty.

    Flight 3
    zzzzzzz....looks like CC has this locked.

  2. I expect to see GH, Fretz and CC each take at least one loss,

    I think this division will come down to matches and sets to determine the playoff eligible teams.

    the big matches are loaded towards the end of the season,
    Oak creek has added 4 players and may be looking to right their ship.

    This may turn into the most interesting Flight.

    Flights A&B will get locked up pretty early in the season.

    Who ever loses between Lifetime and Brookhaven this week will be shit out of luck

  3. To ANON1 Please find a new nickname for me the one you are using has worn out and is just disgusting just like you and your comments. There are no steroids in tennis. I just let my team read all your comments about us. That alone is their motivation so keep up the good work and we"ll keep crushing everybody thanks to you.Stick to Grandpa or just say that I suck as a player as stated previously.

  4. Grandpa -

    No offense. Just an observation on the strength of your team. I hope that your players don't rely on Anon's comments on the blog to get motivate....I highly doubt it.

    Can't say you suck as I have not seen you play. I'm not that kind of Anon.

  5. Grandpa Ed has to be the most sensitive moron on this blog!! No one can say anything with out this guy crying. LOL that he uses these minor comments for motivation for his team. Haha

    LTF pulls out a squeeker! How does Chan and Demenstaere lose on line 2 doubles?? So much for Demenstaere being a ringer for LTF, the guy cannot even win on line 2 doubles against JCC with a solid partner like Chan? A better question is how is this guying playing 4.0 doubles?? LTF/BH will be a good match, but LTF should pull it out imo.


    A) either Huffines or LTF
    B) Dirrty!!
    C) Greenhill

  6. I think I got it .....
    "the Huff-whines"

  7. Is it just me, or does the DicklessRat look like the guy that used to do the bitter beer face commercials? Ratcliffe, just do us all a favor and shut the hell up would ya. And when are you gonna put yourself in the lineup so you can get your ass kicked and hurt your team some?

  8. Got to love how Dirty Sisk managed the scores with his self rates!! All of them won against way inferior competition with scores of 6-3 or better. He even hid his best singles player in doubles, what a slime ball!!

  9. anon 2 what would this "best" player get out of crushing inferior competition. Would you be excited if this guy just double bageled his way thru the season at line 1 singles.

    Doubles is sometimes more valuable as LTF is already learning.

  10. It is so he does not get DQ'd. They are sandbagging and managing the scores.

  11. Anon2 is absolutely correct. Doesn't take a genius to figure out that Sisk and BitterBeer Face are the same low life cheating sacks of shit.

  12. Week 3 Predictions

    Flight A

    Huff-whines 5-0 over Stonebridge
    LTF 4-1 over BH
    LBH 3-2 over HP
    JCC 4-1 over Hackberry

    Flight B

    Garland 5-0 over LBH (4-1 if they throw a match with one of their ringers)
    Sam Grand 4-1 over OC
    Westlake 3-2 over HP
    Stonebriar 3-2 over CC

    Flight C

    Greenhill 4-1 over Lakes
    CC 4-1 over SP
    Fretz 4-1 over BH
    OC 3-2 over Villages

  13. To Ugly Anon & Ringer Alert, It"s nice to have both of you jerks back!!!! It's fun responding to all your insults.That"s not me the beer face guy because I don"t drink beer.To Ringer Alert Get your eyesight checked. Check match #1 against Hackberry in which I played. I will only play as needed because of my strong team. But If you let me know when your playing I'll try to make sure I play so you can try to kick my ASS. But your probably a self-rate with a big mouth on a Crappy team. To FM/BL Thanks for the new team name. To Ugly Anon If there is one MORON on this blog it"s got to be you.You are a real IDIOT!!! Is ANON2 really Marc Klamecki?????

  14. If you don't drink Keystone, then you must be sucking on something damn sour. Or perhaps you've been sucking off your sandbaggers a little too hard?

  15. Congrats to the Bennett/ Arcaria team. We fought hard but you guys were better doen the stretch. These guys are a class act. That was the best match we have been in for some time. Good luck this season. ( If you ever want to join Brookhaven let us know. )

  16. Is it Grandpa or Grumpy? I am confused on which one is his nickname?

  17. It takes a mind of a captain(Bazan) to think of another. I'd rather win close in singles and strengthen doubles. Armchair CPT doesn't know shit about team tennis. PROOF DeFeo/Delira nats run, how has DeFeo done in 4.0 singles? DEPTH AND TALENT IS KEY!

  18. Grampa's team is strong full of great guys who chear for each other and love playing tennis. Way to go Ed.

  19. Sisk,
    You hid defeo so he would not get DQ'd and busted him out in the playoffs. Don't tell me you are trying to strengthen doubles, you are trying to hide and manipulate scores of your self rate ringer. Defeo was a self rate 3.5 who in less than a year has dominated at 4.0. You know the guy should have never been a 3.5, same with Flora, Courtney, etc. You are captaining, but it is so you hide these guys that should never be at the 3.5 level in the first place. You do not want them to get 3 strikes.

  20. Anon 2; There is no doubt that Sisk is doing it, but I think his argument is that if you can't beat them, you have to join them. Even with guys like Defeo, he got his ass kicked at nationals. So if your aim is to go back to nationals and make a run at it, you have to have the self rates, sandbaggers, etc. in order to have a shot at winning. Unfortunately, the system sucks and isn't designed to prevent this sort of thing, so if I was ultra competitive and wanted to make a dent at nationals, I would be forced to do the same thing so I could join all the other cheaters. I don't agree with it, but I guess it's the way it is.

  21. Thanks Glenn. It was a very fun, competitive match, and alot of great points. Look forward to seeing you this weekend at our team match!

  22. I thought Lifetime was supposed to be so great, but they did not take care of JCC very easily. Looks like another over rated Lifetime team.

  23. Hey Arcadia,

    How come you lost to that fat, slicing piece of shit in Ultimate Tennis?

  24. Anon2,
    If you are not Corey Noel or my wife, you have no clue what I'm thinking.Harvey didn't play in the dcc. Courtney absent from State. Defeo didn't play singles until Nats, who wins in singles, Jerry vs Glen? You don't know crap! YOU HAVE TO BE ROCK SOLID TOP TO BOTTOM AND DEEP. We got smoked by the PUERTO RICANS. I MIX IT UP. If all my 4.5+ superstars got beat at Nats, is that Carribean team really a 3.5 team? Courtney got a BAGEL! The Puerto Rican singles only lost to each other, nobody else in tournament play. Different standards? Do you think the top level 3.5 players are the standard 3.5 players? Pull your head out of your poopoo! Superteam not feasible, Loyalty to team is key!


  25. Very true John, there's really no way here in the states to do what the Caribbean team did. Their rules must be set up to let players of that caliper slide.

  26. The 3.5 Posts are owning the 4.0's and 4.5's,

    I just want to thank you guys for being extra verbose in the post-anon era.

    Just my 2 cents I would rather have 50 thought out posts (whether I agree with them or not), than 500 posts that are just nonsensical.

  27. Hey Marc,
    Not sure what happened that match. the guy played good with all of the slyce junk that he hit out there. I am not sure if he played over his head or what because I had never seen him play before, but he played very well and beat me. You are not kidding though with that slyce crap, forehand, backhand, etc! Oh well! Hey can you email me at

  28. its such a small area, that they can collaborate to keep their guys artificially low rated. You have 20 teams, there's not going to be a group collaboration to have every high end 4.0 play at 3.5

  29. When and where is the LTF - Brookhaven match ???

  30. 3pm at Lifetime or if it rains 3pm in the Brookhaven Barn.

  31. This blog has always been 3.5-dominated Marc. Including anons. Plus there are a lot more 3.5s than 4.5s. I'm not sure why the 4.0 threads aren't bigger though because that's the biggest division.

  32. Congratulations to all the Dallas area 3.5 players that went to Corpus and played so well!
    Ron Whitson, Grapevine, beat Gil Flores, Mansfield in the Finals. Gil beat Mark Coates, Arlington, in the semis and Mark got revenge on me for beating him in the Mercedes. Obviously the windy conditions in the Metroplex had all of you in fine shape to deal with the gale force conditions in Corpus and hopefully no one contracted Swine Flu. Congrats to all.

  33. 3.5 Observations!

    Big win for LTF, 4-1 over Brookhaven in the match of the week!

    One of flight C favorites, Canyon Creek, losses to Springpark!! Train Wreck of the week!
    Although Springpark looks to be a contender.

    Huffines wins a close one in Flight A!!

  34. huffines did not have their strongest line-up. so, the 3-2 "closest" win is meaningless unless they keep repeating the same result week after week.

  35. What would be Huffhines strongest line-up?
    I know Enrique didn't play but how many that played this week are in their top 8?

  36. To Average 4.0- My top 10 would be as follows- Chris Jones,Oleg Yaremenko,Enrique Molina,Larry Reitzer,Sam Bert,Micky Carr,Mark Anderson,Larry Lipsie,Bill Moore,Ed Ratcliffe. So only 5 of the top 10 played.

  37. Lipsie, Reitzer, and YOURself, you better have something better up your sleeve gramps.

  38. Thanks Gramps!! Like we really needed your top 10, especially when you only start 8 each week. You had 5 of 8 in the lineup. I agree with the previous post, having those 3 in your top 10, you are in real trouble. Putting yourself in the top 10 is like LTF having Kaiser in its top 10, and Kaiser is better than you!! Haha

  39. Who is the best player on the Huffines Team?

    This Blog has really gotten boring. Bring back the Anon.