Monday, April 20, 2009

Week One 4.5 results

Here are the 4.5 results from Week One:

Flight A

Feldman's team rolled as expected without dropping a set. In the feature match, Oak Creek beat T Bar 4-1, but two of the four wins were third-set tiebreaks. Interesting lineup for Oak Creek. Makes me wonder who was available. Maybe they were saving Gene for the spring season. Bovermann and Bazan squeaked by with close tiebreak wins. Royal Oaks was unimpressive in its win, proving that the sandbagging may be over for them. All in all, no big surprises with the two Oak Creeks in the driver's seat.

Flight B

High Point and Greenhill both rolled in their respective matches. Greenhill dominated 4 of the 5 lines, possibly emerging as a true contender, or exposing LB as a bottom-feeder. Time will tell. My team squeaked by Springpark 3-2. I think with a different lineup Springpark could have beaten us. Very happy with a win there. The Lakes rolled over Oak Creek/Juhn, but not as easily as I would have thought. Biggest surprise this week was with Brookhaven barely beating a perennial last place DFW Hilton team. Ken Moraif losing 1 and 3 is a huge surprise though so maybe DFW has some talent. But very questionable lineup for Brookhaven which makes me wonder.

Half the teams are undefeated and I'm looking forward to next week.


  1. The blog is dead. Turn anons back on. All we have left is Corey talking to himself.

    Don't sleep on RO. Some sneaky adds there. 2 18 y/o supers and a 5.0 bumpdown will keep them in the mix.

    OC saving Gene? For 3 setters w/ average 4.5 guys?

    Now that rosters have filled out, where is the 4.5 prediction thread?

  2. Love the Mookie Wilson handle. I should sign up Oddibe McDowell but I'm too lazy.
    I agree Royal Oaks is not to be written off. Anytime your throwing under 20 supers out there you are going to be a force, especially when the heat comes. They have an easier early schedule, so you may not see their true guns until the last three weeks.

  3. Didn't I already do the 4.5 prediction thread a week or so ago?

    Royal Oaks is not impressing me unless they add a couple more players.

    I don't think anybody would call Gene's opponent an average 4.5. I heard that match was a slugfest. I do think OC was a little weaker than I thought.

    I do not miss anons. I would rather have a civil discussion among 10 people than a name-calling contest between 100.

  4. What are thoughts on the next week's High Point/Greenhill match after both went 5-0. I would suspect that whoever comes out on top there may have an inside track for Flight B. Also interesting that HP has several ex-Greenhill players.

  5. I am all for anons but two or three keep saying the same thing over and over and over and over.

  6. I would expect High Point to win because they have more depth but if Greenhill brings its top 8 they can win. Their biggest problem in the past has been inconsistent lineups. Griggs and Howard should be a very strong singles combination.

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  8. Cory, Playing conditions at Oak Ridge forced us to switch to Huffhines which should be good for everybody. David Prather's 4.0 team has switched also. Our 4.0matches are on Saturdays at Noon. My Teams 3.5 matches are on Sundays before yours at 12;30. Hope to see you there.We have 3 home matches 5/3,6/21,6/28. The last one against Lifetime Fitness.

  9. The only one we will see you is May 3rd then. Every other home match for you is an away match for us. I'm happy with Huffhines so far though.
    Good luck this season.

  10. Look at Corey starting to show his hand.

    A new ringer has been added to the roster

  11. I don't know what you're talking about sir. There are no ringers playing USTA events.

  12. Great sign Coredawg!!!!!!!!!