Tuesday, April 14, 2009

4.5 Week One


Featured Match: Oak Creek/Branch v. T Bar

Two playoff teams from last fall clash in the opening week. This should give us an idea of how competitive T Bar will be this season, and if any team will be able to challenge Branch. If T Bar were to pull the upset the rest of the season will be much more interesting. In other matches, Feldman and Royal Oaks should cruise. Bazan has as good a chance as ever to get a win this week against an improved Village team. Collin County or Bovermann could emerge as a darkhorse with a convincing win this week too.


Oak Creek d. T Bar 4-1
Feldman d. Stonebridge 5-0
Collin County d. Bovermann 3-2
Village d. High Point 3-2
Royal Oaks d. Hackberry 4-1

4.5 B

Featured Match: Huffhines vs. Springpark

Not quite the featured match of the other flight but the only matchup between two above .500 teams from last season in this flight. The rest of the matches should not be competitive either. High Point v. T Bar could be interesting to see where both teams stand. T Bar has been labeled as the B team but I think they could be a contender.


Huffhines d. Springpark 3-2
Greenhill d. LB Houston 4-1
High Point d. T Bar 4-1
Lakes d. Oak Creek 4-1
Brookhaven d. DFW Hilton 5-0



  1. I was excited about your post till i saw the prediction, aw man. Does it help that I was orignially in the lineup but have since been replaced that might get us from 2-3 to 3-2.

    I will be interested to see how the OC v. TBar match goes as well. We face TBar in week 2.

  2. Vik,

    I think what would upset Corey the most would be to sign up for my team.

    Sounds like a good idea to me anyway.

  3. If he signs up on your team, I'll change my prediction to 3-2.

  4. Sounds good, sending the team number to Vik now. Oh wait no email address, gotta get that Kern guy on board and maybe a couple of Dibuas too, then would you have us at 4-1 or maybe 5-0

  5. Will somebody post the results of the Oak Creek/T Bar match when it ends? I'm really interested to hear the outcome. I believe it is at 1 p.m. at Oak Creek.

  6. Pound puppy,

    HP Aces defeat Village 3-2 and we didn't even have to use Vik.

  7. I was correct in my predictions of the top matches in each flight. We squeaked by 3-2 and Oak Creek won 4-1. I told you your team could win Cary. Looks like match vs. Branch was winnable for T Bar. A win without Huffman or Wescoup is not good for the rest of the league though. Scary.

  8. So much for Gene Davis being a bench warmer for OC Branch. I thought T-Bar would put up more of a fight - but looks like another Spring of Branch dominance.