Tuesday, April 14, 2009

3.5 Week One

I don't see anything too exciting here in Week one.
But I will try to pick something out of each Sub-Flight.

3.5 A
Since the sandbaggers at Oak Ridge are taking on the perennial 3.5 palukas of the appropriately named Hackberry CC I will pick:
Lifetime Fitness/Kaiser vs. High Point/Entrekin
As the match to watch.
I don't see anything on HP's roster that can challenge LT but it should be interesting to see who LT lines up.
3.5A Match Schedule

3.5 B
Durty Garland pulls a week 1 bye, so we will have to wait another week to crucify John Sick on the self-raters cross.
Match to watch:
High Point/Jameson vs Canyon Creek/Gable

Canyon Creek has a deep team and a generally tough at home, but this one will be at HP.
This one could be tight.
3.5B Match Schedule

3.5 C
A.k.a the boring sub-flight
match to watch: None

Unless some other team can step up to the big boy table there won't be much to report until the last week of the regular season - OC vs Greenhill.
3.5C Match Schedule


  1. Week 1 PreDickShuns:

    Hopefully this will give you little grumpy old men something to argue about besides sandbagging, and geritol vs. metamucil.

    Flight A:
    Lifetime Fitness bagels Highpoint
    Brookhaven trounces JCC/Mellman
    LB Houston squeaks by DCC
    Oakridge pummels Hackberry

    Flight B:
    LB Houston limps past Stonebriar
    Westlake wallops Oak Creek
    Highpoint handles Canyon Creek
    Samuel Grand slams Greenhill

    Flight C:
    Oak Creek dominates Fretz
    Gleneagles over Lakes in a close match
    Greehill spanks Village
    Canyon Creek schools Brookhaven

  2. Keep an eye on Canyon Creek in Flight "c". Favorable schedule should have them rolling early. Play both Oak Creek and Greenhill at home in June.

  3. aNYONE HAVE ANy INSIGHT INTO THE Dallas Country Club team?

  4. All I know about DCC is that they have 16 self-rated players. They must not be very good or else Sisk would have got to them first.

  5. I'll say it,


    This blog has died since anons went away. Nothing anons say is that bad. So what if they call players sandbaggers, or chokers, or whatever else about tennis. I do agree the personal attacks about one's family need to stop, but for the most part those are very rare. Bring the anons back, and get some life back into this blog!!!

  6. It's not about what was said,
    It's about the same motherfucker saying the same thing over and over again,

    Cary did the right thing by exercising some control over this bitch.

    It maybe slow in the beginning,
    But it will pick up once there is something to talk about.

  7. Anons are back !! Just need to set up a profile guys. Not that hard.

  8. FYI, Last day to sign up for the Brookhaven tournament next week.

  9. Who wants Arcaria to suck it, that's just wrong.

  10. I am just saying that the lard ass needs fewer trips to the buffet, and a few more trips to the treadmill. He could be a 4.0 if he could actually run and get to a ball.

  11. He could change his screen name from Arcaria to BagO'Donuts. Everyone would still know right away who's handle it was.

  12. What about your screen name, very nice. Easy to call people out when you are probably a fat biatch yourself. And since you're posting in this section, I'm assuming you are a 3.5 or a wannabe. I'll put my money on Arcaria against your sorry fat ass anyday of the week, singles, doubles, whatever. But my guess is that you'll never take that bet, wonder why.......

  13. FYI- The Oak Ridge team has switched their home base to Huffines Tennis Center in Richardson.Better facilities.GOOD LUCK to all teams this spring season!!!!

  14. I will see you there Ed. What time are you playing today?

  15. Greenhill Kayser beat Village 5-0

  16. Wow Arcaria, the anons are back.

  17. Did anybody see John has a 2.0 player? That guy must be terrible. Or not.

  18. Today was the start of League play and it was a very exciting start for everyone. Good luck to all.

  19. Put the anons back already, this is pathetic. First week of the season and all we get is El Macho telling us the seasons starts this week. Put the anon button back on there before this blog dies all together.