Monday, April 20, 2009

3.5 Week One - For Real!

3.5 A
This Flight held to form,
Both Lifetime and Oak Ridge won easily, 5-0,
Oak Ridge's win included a 6-0, 6-0 win by accused sandbagger Enrique Molina,
First the sandbagging acusations, then they steal Chris Jones from Oak Creek, and finally they give the finger to Oak Ridge county club,
Watch out for Oak Ridge (or should they be called Huffines now?), they maybe this year's new Durty Garland.
Brookhaven squeked out a win also, I think they may be left on the outside looking in.
3.5A Team Standings

3.5 B
This flight also held serve with wins by Westlake and Highpoint.
Highpoint look dominate in doubles, but is still struggling in singles, dropping line #1 and Sutherland going to the 3rd set tiebreaker on line #2.
HP need a singles ringer or sandbagger bad, maybe the Oak Ridge boys can lend them one of their spares.
Sam Grand also posted an impressive win, but with a roster of only 10 players they will not be able to keep it up.
Next week - The All New Revamped Durrrrrty Garland make their debut!
3.5B Team Standings

3.5 C
Epic Fail of the Week
Fretz defeats Oak Creek 4 -1
Old Custy Oak Creek dropped 3 out of 4 third set tiebreakers to the Young upstart Fretz team and may have seen their playoff hopes disappear.
Greenhill put in a strong 5- 0 win, even with out sandbagger Zack Stein in the line up.
And Canyon Creek had a strong showing as well.
3.5C Team Standings


  1. Marc, 1st let me set you straight.We did not steal Chris Jones from Oak Creek-At the time their lack of roster size and 2-3 players on 2- 3.5 teams had him asking 1 of my players about a team switch to our team. After checking how this could be handled correctly the transaction took place.Also the lack of playing conditions at Oak Ridge forced us to look elsewear. Again remenber we have all computer rated players so please stop with the sandbagger CRAP. Look to all the self-rates for sandbaggers those are the ones to watch out for!!!

  2. I'm am an OFFICIAL Journalist.I'm not on a team,
    I am a unbiased reporter,
    I will be calling them as I see them every week.

    I'm sure this will not be the last time I ruffle your feathers, Grandpa!

    As to the use of the term "SandBagger"I'm taking the term back!

    If you are called a sandbagger it should be taken as a compliment to your supreme talent.

  3. RE: Chris Jones
    I heard a different story.
    Perception is reality ;)

  4. Marc, I think you know me pretty well and I hope you're not calling me a liar??? Whats the story you heard for all to hear?? I would like to know who told you what so we set this straight!!!! This was Chris Jones decision to switch teams I only did what any Captain would have done to strengthen his team if a player wants to join his team. I believe what I was told and proceeded to sign him!!!!! As a Journalist you should investigate the facts before reporting them. Grandpa Ed

  5. The anon experiment is working like a champ! After a long awaited first week of league play, all we get is a self proclaimed Granmpa and a moderator going at it. Let the anons back in they'll reveal the truth about Jones and anything else that needs to be out there. Suck it up and put the anon button back on before it's too late......

  6. The Epic Fall is not the fall of Oak Creek, but rather the fall of the anon.

    Bring them back!!

    This blog is boring

  7. To All the old ANONS. You can still post but you will have to have a name and e-mail that will allow your idenity to be found.So whats the problem??? Can you only make all the nasty comments and accusations without your idenity??? The is better off with Tennis League News then what it had turned into. Most people now think it's better now except all the Namecallers. If you got something to say let's say it!!!!

  8. I can't believe that Oak Creek blew it week 1!!! How can they be over rated? they have a good team!!!???!!! I guess they were.

  9. Nice pic Marc. Its describes it appropriately. serious train wreck happened DAY 1!

  10. This blog is great??? Almost all the post are from Ed. You tell me Ed how is this blog better and that people like it better? All we get to do is read your boring post!

  11. It does not help that Oakridge raided Oak Creek and took one of their best players away!

  12. Maybe you don't get it. The Blog SUCKED before the Anon's went away.

  13. Anons would not reveal the truth about the Chris Jones deal, they would just fabricate and speculate. Who wants to read an argument between two unknown participants. I would much rather read this argument between Marc and Ed. Keep it up.

  14. Enrique went double bagel,
    I'm surprised that has not gotten somebody in that flight up in arms.

    But Holloway looks like he's a doubles tomato can.

    Enrique would have been better off help your 4.0 guys out on Saturday.

  15. It's bad form to bail after signing up on a team,

    It's very Jonathan Marcus,

    It's not like OC didn't have enough players to make roster or anything like that,

    Clearly he was looking for a team to ride into the sectionals.
    I don't think he's tight with any of you guys,

    You get what you pay for with these hired guns.

    Loyalty is priceless.

  16. Marc, Don"t mention Loyalty didn"t you play for Oak Creek and now play for a Flower Mound Team?? As far as a friendship with any of my players Chris Jones met a few of my players at tournaments and became friends. That"s how this whole thing started.At the time Oak Creek had only 10 players with 2 of them also playing on fort worth teams. Not a very big roster at that time. As far Enrique Molina is concerned he will play some 4.0 matches when he is able too. I don"t feel that I did anything wrong except make my team stronger. For anyone who doesn't like it THAT"S TOO BAD!!!!

  17. Don't question my Loyalty Old Man.

    I was just at Oak Creek Sunday watching the 3.5 match,
    I practiced with them last Weds.

    Do you think Chris could pull that off?

    Think about that Grandpa.

  18. OC BL or BS BL, you're up to the same old tricks as before; just trying to stir up more shit.
    I removed myself from the blog due to all of the anons and I heard that they were gone, so I came back for another look-see, but I guess they were you all along, as what I read now is what they were saying and trying to do before. YOU WERE/ARE THE ANONS that caused all the uproar, but under your name this time.

  19. Chris is a stand-up guy and he did what he felt was right for himself. You have no right to question someone elses decision where to play or how to play. I would not compare Chris to anyone else.

    Chris needs to be loyal to Chris. Tennis is an individual sport. This whole team is nice but it is still Chris on the court.

    Chris has a great chance to go to sectionals with a talented team like Oakridge (or what ever is the new name).

  20. Yep Marc I might have to side with the old dudes on this one. Chris played 4 matches with OC in the FALL league, I don't think he is required to play there until he dies.

    Had he registered for the team or just verbally committed, I really don't know the particulars but either way why not play where it is the most agreeable for yourself. I have had people come and go from my group and I still get along with them.

  21. Marc,Who cares where you practiced or what match you watched. You are still not a member of Oak Creeks Team that"s the bottom line.

  22. Ringer Alert:
    Jesus Fonseca - Garland

  23. maybe if he had won a match at open I would agree but let's give him a little bit before that label goes out on him.

    I played Greg as well and got one game and was close to getting 3 games off of him.

    Getting 4 games on Gilson is solid though.

    Playing up doesn't necessarily mean all that much unless you are winning at the next level.

  24. But Self rate 2.0?
    Come on,
    This guy should know where he belongs.

  25. This blog is now officially a joke! Why dont Ed, Coredog, FMBL, Carey, and Prather just send each other emails and discuss what they want with each other and leave the blog to the anons or people who may or may not want to post a name? That way they will never be offended by what might be true, part true or not true at all, who really cares???

    You guys are WAY to sensitive!!!

  26. Why don't the dumb ass anons just start their own blog and stay away from this one?

  27. Did someone mention Chris Chris?

    /baby arm

  28. Good point David!! Nobody is making you read this Bag o donuts.

  29. Hey Coredog, nobody was making you read the old blog either! You remember it right? Before the season even started and 500 posts! Now the season is going and 12 posts mostly from the the same "grumpy five"!!!! You know the who you are the thin skins!

  30. I stopped sucking face with Brooklyn long enough to look over your sorry ass matches this week. Looks like another pretty boring early season week with none of the big boys playing against each other yet.

    Flight A
    Stonebridge easily over DCC
    Lifetime Fitness bagels JCC
    Huffines also bagels LB Houston/Hunter
    HP/Entrekin squeaks by Hackberry

    Flight B
    Garland cruises over Greenhill/Folz
    Westlake easily defeats CC/Gable
    Samuel Grand over LB Houston/Daly
    Stonebriar stomps OC/Reader

    Flight C
    Gleneagles narrowly over Springpark
    Fretz dominates Village
    CC/Lenehan takes down Lakes
    Greenhill/Kayser schools Brookhaven/Hogan

  31. Thanks for your predictions Andy,
    I'm going to limit myself to one 3.5 post a week,

    We all know who the teams that matter are,

    It's kind of a was of energy to blog about Gleneagles vs Springpark

    But when there is a big match, I'll be there.

  32. The USTA is a joke. Allowing someone to self rate themselves a 2.0 to join a 3.5 team after playing in open tournaments is just a pure joke.

    I know the USTA is about making money and "making it easy" for people to register so they can play. But when it comes to leagues and self rates, they really should go back to having self rates get rated by a pro. If someone is so desperate to sand bag, the will have to get real durty and pay for it.

    I wonder if our friend Tosha in Austin cares about this crap. You have to admit, it is quite lame by the player standards, and quite lame by the captain. I guess some will do anything to go beat up on some average tennis players so you can make it to Nats.

  33. If you want to see what a blog with anons looks like, go to the houston blog. Nobody wants this to turn into that. Plus, Cary did say this was just a trial period. He may decide to change it back.

  34. Jesus Fonseca is not an open player. He is an older man with tons of energy. Good serve and goes after every ball. 4.0 probably but not an open player. Beatable by one of the 3.5 sandbagers.

  35. If Cary changes it back, I will get off again. All of the crap that was so unnecessary needed to stop, but there are still those who can sign in and do it too; it's better now.

    Now that BS BL has introduced the Ft. Worth stuff on here, no one should worry when Mike Getz has something to say or anyone else not from "Dallas". Tennis is an international sport and any person wanting to talk about tennis should be allowed to speak.

  36. is he the guy that beat Oleg?

  37. AS usual the ANONS.don't know what they are talking about.The supposed 2.0 player did not beat Oleg at the scrimmage he beat Molina 7-5 6-3.Oleg lost to Terry Wickman another self-rate.Wickman also defeated lifetime #2 singles player 6-1 6-1.

  38. Computer asked- played High School? No. Played College? No. Teaching Pro or played professionally? No. "Suggested rating for this player 2.0" Take it up with the Judge.


  39. It was 7-6, 7-5 vs Molina give credit to Molina playing against my open player. Come on!


  40. Sisk - if your guy had half of a brain when self rating, he would see the drop down boxes and see other options besides 2.0. When self rating, use the NTRP General and Experienced Player Guidelines.

    2.0 There is no definition.

    2.5 "This player is learning to judge where the ball is going although court coverage is WEAK. Can sustain a short rally of SLOW pace with other players of the same ability."


    ...and he beats Molina, Oleg or whoever he played. He really thinks he should be a 2.0 ??

    This is purely you guys rubbing in the fact the you know how to manipulate the system, have no integrity what soever, and are a bunch of pathetic sorry ass losers!!!

    ....don't need to ask the judge on this one. Guilty as charged.

  41. Saw Molina play this weekend. That guys wears two ankle braces, a knee brace, tape on the other knee, a wrist brace, a tennis elbow brace, and a mouth piece. Who knows if there was any other non-visible braces. My goodness, this guy is one brace away from a body bag. And not sure what all the hype is about, he is an average 3.5 at best.

  42. I agree. I don't know why Molina is winning either. Two busted knees, Two busted ankles, busted wrist, busted elbow. Come on he should take up basket weaving instead of tennis. With all those braces it is a wonder he can even move around the court. It should be easy to beat him. Hit the ball to one side of the court then push the ball back to the other side. You know he won't be able to move that fast.

  43. Carry let the anons post again. It would make this more entertaining.

  44. What is really going on with the players out in league play. I am sure there are some good surprises or gossip about players besides Molina wearing enough gear to play professional football.

  45. Who is the team to beat? Garland/Sisk may still be the front runner.

  46. Carry let the anons post again. It would make this more entertaining.