Monday, April 20, 2009

4.0 Week 1 (Mostly rain)

So I am guessing everything is posted from this weekend since most matches were rained out including SWAT v. Garland (we hope to make up in early May).

Flight A:
TBar took out fall playoff participant BH/Helterbran fairly easily with the only win coming at line 2 singles for BH. Colao/Martin winning at line 1 v a good doubles team was impressive but not sure if this shows more of a step back for BH or a step forward for TBar. Maybe a little bit of both but nothing mind blowing here. If anything I think it shows 2nd place is more wide open than I thought here. Hackberry and OC have the roster to jump up and contend in this flight with TBar. 1st place is all but decided but the rest will be very tightly contested.

Flight B:
Oakridge v. CC was rather close but in the end it shows as a 4-1 win for CC. Oleg had to face Hans which is no treat and he fell i n 3 sets along with 3 other matches that went to the 3rd set TB. BH/Bartlett got off to a strong start taking on the Village B team which struggled especially at doubles. Don Buford looks to be back in good form with a good win over Khaning who has a lot of talent. If Buford can stay on track this team will be dangerous because they have many options at doubles. I expect them to contend all season long.

Flight C:
Royal Oaks put up a good showing as a new 4.0 team but fell to the Village. It looks like most new teams they have some top talent but get somewhat thin after that. Although they have a big roster so there may be some hidden surprises. The Village will make noise in this flight especially if everyone stays healthy and they can keep up at singles. High Point got off a strong start with a 4-1 thumping of OC/3. Not sure what to make of this one but starting out with a win is always good and if Harrigan stays at singles (hint hint) they will be tough to beat. Go get'em guys! The most impressive or depressing result was the sweep put on by Brookhaven/Pearlman over new team Collin County. I know some of these guys have bounced back and forth from 3.5 and I have a feeling come June they will be back at 3.5 (maybe that is what they are working on) if they continue to have results like this. Nice win for BH, I expect more good results from them.

Flight D:
Thorntree had a good debut sweeping doubles which was good since they were swept at singles. This is not a bad LBH team but Thorntree will have to improve at singles if they want to contend in this tough flight. LTF started off the season strong with a 5-0 sweep of Stonebriar, new singles player Vahdat started off the season with a woodshedding of Moomjian (6-0, 6-0) ouch! And yes Eddie is back and didn't drop a set along with the rest of the team. Springpark also had a good outing with a 4-1 crushing of Stonebridge, and they added a new player..........drum roll please..............Jonathan Marcus. Jonathan if you needed a place to play you could have called you didn't have to go to the dark side. (OMG)

I will post something later in the week about week 2 which for most will be week 1.


  1. Jonathon is our new Gene Davis. In case you didn't realize how good Gene is, he won L1 singles at 4.5 and L1 doubs at 5.0 this weekend.

  2. So what you are saying is you won sandbagging captain of the year last year. I know we would never let an out of level player on our team.

  3. I would have felt guilty if he were self rated. I don't know any captain that would turn down a great computer rated player.

  4. It may be time to bring back the anons.

    The anons will let you know that everyone is sandbagging and even though Gene was computer rated it is was not fair becaues he was better than their players.

    Actually, it is the first time I have seen a Computer Rated player as clearly the best player in the league.

  5. Just kidding Jim. We would take him even if he was a self rate. Unfortunately you have to have a couple of players like him to compete at sectionals.

  6. The anons never left. I have no idea who you are coyote - so sign your name please.

  7. If Keith is hot now it's the first time in his life.
    Speaking of ringers is Bob the only captain in the state to have DQs two years in a row? Better be careful Keith you may be next, you keep up those singles skills. I guess you were just so relieved not having to carry Brouer. Seriously though, great performance.

  8. The temp is getting above 80 degrees which means I'm done with singles for the season. Jason I see you have crossed over to the dark side. I thought Freeman was bad enough, but now your playing with Branch. I thought he only let good 4.5's on his team.

  9. I just keep stealing people's team numbers. I figure I'll be back down at 4.0 in no time.
    As far as joining the dark side. I decided to try to play for all the most hated captains in the state. I've played with Red, Freeman and Branch, I figure I'm about half way done.
    Really my hope is to play on a team with the great Brouer and Robinson and then I can retire.

  10. You could have accomplished that if you joined me instead of Branch. Next season.