Friday, April 24, 2009

4.5 Week Two

Some more interesting matchups this week but none of the big guns are battling each other it looks like.

4.5 A

Featured Match: High Point/Bazan v. T Bar

Not much of a feature matchup but I figure this is a must-win for T Bar to stay in the hunt and Bazan's team could prove to be a contender with a win here. High Point barely squeaked by in week one and they face a much stiffer test this week. Branch, Royal Oaks, and Feldman may not lose a line between them. Hackberry and Bovermann battle in what should be the closest match of the flight. I predict it will come down to singles in this one and I think Hackberry is just a little stronger in that category.


T-Bar over HP 4-1 (sorry Cary, but last time I picked against you it worked out for you)
Branch over Village 4-1 (doubles should actually be pretty competitive)
Royal Oaks over Stonebridge 5-0
Hackberry over Bovermann 3-2
Feldman over Collin County 4-1 (not sure where the one comes from).

4.5 B

Featured Match: Lakes v. Huffhines

I'm not going to list my team in the featured match every week but this week it's obvious. The Lakes team was a playoff contender last season and this is a match they need to win to be in that position again this season. Greenhill v. HP is also a close match to call but I actually think Greenhill could win this one. Brookhaven and Sprinpgark should win easily and T Bar and DFW could be a toss-up too.

Huffhines d. Lakes 4-1
Brookhaven d. LB 4-1
T Bar d. DFW 3-2
Springpark d. Juhn 4-1

Upset Pick: Greenhill d. High Point 3-2. Greenhill rolled last week and their singles one-two punch will be tough for any team to handle, assuming they are in the lineup.

As long as the rain stays away it should be a great weekend of tennis.



  1. Let's hear some results. Hopefully the rain will hold off until tonight.

  2. I'm going with HP to take down Greenhill. HP is going to have a good year. Let's hope rain holds off.

  3. Looks like CoreDawg's team won in fine fashion at 3-2. Good call...almost a 4-1 right?

  4. I was close. Wasn't expecting a 12-10 TB loss at line 2 doubles. Good call Jason. I wonder how much impact Griggs playing in the Brookhaven tournament had on his match with Keller.

  5. Tbar played very well. I wish I would have had our best lineup available (but such is league tennis) I really don't think it would have mattered anyway, maybe we would have got a 2nd win.

    Will played awesome and Scott is a very smart player. Jean and Greg had a very good match and just about the longest although by the score you wouldn't know. Jean is very talented and moves great for a 6 footer.

    I obviously will have a better idea who is better between TBar and RO by next week but TBar looks pretty solid and I know we didn't see everything they had to offer.