Thursday, April 22, 2010

4.0 Week # 3

There were a lot of team who could not manage to squeeze their match in last week.
So there is still much to be determined in the flights.

Flight A

Team Somabut played their first match last week and won 5 - 0 including dropping a double bagel bomb at line #3 doubles.
This week they will be taking on a tougher opponent in Garland/Brueckner, Garland lacks depth but they have potential to pull an upset here and make things interesting.
This weeks winners: BH, HP, DCC (the 5 man Wrecking Crew), and the OC.

Flight B

After taking a week one loss to TBar Garland will be out for revenge vs Lifetime.
This match looks a lot like the the 3.5 city play-offs from last season, I'm picking Garland based on team depth, but Lifetime is capable of rolling out 3 lines that can win. We will see if the BigUnit can come up big this week.
This weeks winners: GAR, TBAR, FTZ, and BH

Flight C

Garland 1 will get their first match in this week vs the Village.
Everyone else is competing for 2nd in this flight
this week's winners: GAR, GE, LB, AND RO

Flight D

The Lake get their chance to prove that they are for real this week vs Greenhill, the odds are small (10 to 1?) but you never know. The Greenhill team added a "Nikolay Frolov" who appears to be a self-rate, anybody have any information? Rattcliff takes on Stonebridge in his continuing effort to be competitive, Sorry Ed I don't see a win this week.
This weeks winners GH, SB, SP, and HB

Fight E

The red-headed stepchild flight.
I really don't know what to say, JCC looked ok last week? I don't know.
Winners: JCC, ED, CC, and VIL
Go Tennis!