Friday, April 16, 2010

4.0 Week # 2

I don't know if you Jerk-Asses noticed.
But I went 15 - 1 in my picks last week, Suck on that!

That exhaustive write up last week took me 3 days.

I don't have that much time this week so here is the down and DuRRRRRty.......

I had not notice last week but since there is and odd number of teams in Fight E their first match is this week.
So everything said last week stands.

Flight A
Somabut will make his debut this week,
Dallas CC was victimized by a very strange DQ.
Brookhaven showed that they ned to be taken seriously in this Flight.
Winners this week...HP,GH,GAR, and HUF

Flight B
HP/Bazan needs to bounce back this week if they have any hope of keeping pace.
Garland's "B" team also took a big hit last week but should bounce back vs CC
Brookhaven had a statement win vs HP last week.
This weeks winners HP, GAR, BH, and EL

Flight C
DuRRty Debut this week vs GH/Kayser
Winners this week...GAR, GE, RO, and LB

Flight D
BMo rolled last week, should be the same story this week.
Can anybody step up to challenge them?
Winners this week...SB, GH, SB, and LAK

Go Tennis!