Monday, April 12, 2010

3.5 Week One Approaches - Is Excitement on the Horizon, or just a "Watered Down" Level

3.5 gets underway this weekend. Does anyone on the blog care?

The teams are mainly comprised of the "left-behind" 3.5ers and last year 3.0s mixed in with a gob of self rates. I will make an initial assessment of the flights and then we can see what level of interest there is in the discussion.

Flight A - Garland Sisk. Need I say more? He already has 19 on the roster and players from all over the city. I see 5 self rates so I am sure there is a ringer or two in there somewhere. I really don't see any other teams in this flight causing him to lose sleep. JCC Mellman has some decent players and Mellman has been captaining for sometime, but I don't see them threating GTC. LB Houston Tinner is now back in the picture being bumped from 3.0. Brookhaven appears to have their B team in this flight. Greenhill has a team but most of the players have losing records. I am already starting to yawn....zzzz....

Flight B - Brookhaven Alzuro has seemed to gathered the more respected players from the club with a mix from his last year's 3.0 team and 3.5 team. No real standouts or ringers but the season is early. High Point Vincent are several players coming from Bender's 3.0 team from last season and thus I would imagine they should fare well. Gleneagles and Stonebridge have stacked their rosters with 19 & 18 players, respectively, yet there are only 7 matches to be played. I see nothing in either of those teams getting their players post-season play. Village is back but think Brookhaven and HP will fare better. Wild Card - Las Colinas as the new-comer with 8 self rates. You never know but I doubt there is anything there.

Flight C - High Point Bender - as with Sisk, speaks for itself. Appears to have the stronger of his talent from last year's 3.0 and added a few 3.5 left behinds. Not too many self-rates yet but it is early. Oak Creek I have to mention, not because of any depth of talent, but because they added Thomas Mus to their roster (last name on the roster)which comes from the Fall City Champs and thus gives this team the golden ticket to the QT, regardless. Garland has another team but I can't imagine there is much talent on it as Big John would have them playing for him. The Four Season is a new-comer to the league and has a record breaking 10 self rates. Welcome to the new 3.0. (I say that because that is the only level you would expect to see that many self rates on one team.) Who knows what they have but have to admit that the players who get to play their matches there are lucky. Beats GTC !!

Don't see any exciting matches until the post-season with it coming down to Bender and Sisk duking it out in the finals. Just made my job easy.....


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