Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dallas USTA 4.5 flight C

So obviously as a new 4.5 I do not know everyone at 4.5 and am still learning about the team and players but fortunately the usta website has a lot of information on records and past matches so I can use some of that as a guideline. The objective here is to promote some polite debate without name calling. I’m sure some of you will disagree with my views or predictions and I’m sure I will be wrong often but we are trying to get some interest going. In an attempt to avoid biased opinions, I am reviewing Flight C because it is the flight Corey’s team is in. My team is in flight A which he will cover.

Matches so far:

Heart-breaking loss for Lifetime in week 1 to Garland/ Noel! This was really close and obviously in Nicklaus Clifford, Lifetime has yet ANOTHER stud singles player to add to an already impressive list. I know a few guys on the Lifetime team and they are tennis fanatics so that small roster is actually pretty big for them as most are available every week and want to play. I expect that the rain influenced match against SpringPark will go Lifetime’s way and they will get on track. Anyway, they were unlucky to lose in week one behind strong singles - only a 3rd set breaker separated them from a win.

Royal Oaks had a bye in week 1 but rolled through LBH/ Wise quite easily in week 2. I know more of the guys on LBH/ Wise and there are some useful players on that roster but no super stars. In contrast, based on their past records, that Royal Oaks team looks salty and a team to be reckoned with.

In week 1 LBH played against the Juhn team that relocated from Oak Greek to Gleneagles. Interesting to see the tough team of Wittington and Benjamin broken-up. But they cruised to a 4-1 week 1 win. I don’t know many of their other players but Frank Vo has a solid record and this team shouldn’t be taken lightly. In week 2 they gave Garland/ Noel another tough match with a third set breaker separating the 2 teams. Garland could easily be 0 & 2 at this point but they are not and that will make them breathe a lot easier going into a third consecutive week of tough tennis against Royal Oaks. Wouldn’t mind getting this on PPV!

JCC had a bye in week 2 but had a rough outing in week 1 against HP/ Bowman who clearly should not be underestimated! Kyle & Co very nearly followed-up their opening win with an upset of the fancied Greenhill team who scraped through via a deciding 3rd set breaker 10-8 win by Griggs over an ever improving Oleg.

Greenhill move to 2 & 0 after their routine week 1 win over SpringPark.

Week 3 match-ups:

LBH/ Wise have the bye and an opportunity to get back to the drawing board and figure-out what the dubs partnerships should be and maybe if Jason should put himself out there at singles!

JCC play Greenhill and I expect a fairly comfortable Greenhill win this time. Depending on who JCC have available they have an outside chance with either Lieberman or Solomons as they are both good, but based on record Howard & Wallace (Griggs is likely out as he is playing the tourny at Brookhaven) look too strong for any of the JCC singles guys. Lutes and Reiman together will be a tough line for Greenhill to overcome but other than that I don’t see another line for JCC to scratch a win from. Forecast: Greenhill 4-1

SpringPark play the Juhn team and I expect Juhn to put in another strong performance and win 3 lines comfortably and probably take a 4th. Juhn 4-1

LifeTime and High Point will be a really good match-up but Lifetime’s singles is too strong and I see them sweeping singles and they’re good enough to get 1 or 2 lines of dubs. I think the dubs matches will all be close but Lifetime prevails – probably 4-1 but 3-2 is possible

Match of the Week will be Royal Oaks vs Garland/ Noel, as alluded to above, a third consecutive tough outing for Corey’s squad. Can they squeak out a 3rd win? If so I think they will then be on cruise control for a play-off spot until they meet Greenhill in their last week but if they lose the top guys will have to play every week to make sure to overcome those opening close wins and thereby find an edge in tie-breakers. Royal Oaks 3-2 (sorry Corey, this result will keep the flight interesting especially with RO still having to play Juhn, GHill & Lifetime)