Tuesday, April 6, 2010

4.0 Week #1 - Let the Games Begin

With the sheer amount of teams in the 4.0 Div it's a bit intimidating to do a write up for each division. So I will take them one at a time. (And if Lucky Thunder would like to jump into this post and help me out that would be great.)
Let start randomly with Flight B

JCC/Tanguy vs Bye
T Bar M/Brown sv Garland 2/Sisk
Brookhaven/Pearlman vs High Point/Bazan
Canyon Creek/Heflin vs Eagles Landing/Woolley
Lifetime Fitness/Arcaria vs Fretz/Chen

Interesting match here with HP vs Brookhaven, Cary's team has some good 4.0 players who managed to avoid the bump up in Bowman, Tuorto and Gomez. But can you ever really pick against the team that has the league coordinator on it?
T-Bar has a nice thick team and usually does well.
Lifetime and Fretz are both chocked with 3.5 bump-ups and only have 10 players on each team and 10 is not enough for the long haul.

Next Flight A...
High Point/Somabut vs Bye
Brookhaven/Bartlett vs Fretz/Albrecht
Oak Creek 3/Smith vs Canyon Creek/Broach
Greenhill/Arnette vs Huffhines/Prather
Dallas Country Club/Sillers vs Garland/Brueckner

Somabut's team looks pretty solid but still needs some depth,
Bartlett should give Bob a good run in this flight.
Both Oak Creek and Garland have some nice pieces on their teams, but need more players.
Those should be your top 4 teams in this flight.

Next Flight C....
Garland 1/Sisk vs Bye
Eldorado/Hampton vs Springpark/Doyle
Royal Oaks/Brauer vs Greenhill/Kayser
Gleneagles/Fults vs Oak Creek 1/Smith
LB Houston/Parsons vs Village/Gordon
Since 4.0 is the new 3.5, it's going to be tough to dethrone the "King of 3.5" John Sisk.
He has put together what I surmise to be the "Best" Dallas 4.0 team and should take this fight easily.
My Dark Horse in this flight is Gleneagles, I look for them to finish 2nd.
Flight C - Garland. End of conversation.

Next Flight D....
High Point/Jameson Bye
Oak Creek 2/Smith vs Greenhill/Morrison
Stonebridge/Muniz vs Stonebriar/Moomjian
Hackberry/Myers vs Huffhines/Ratcliffe
Lakes Tennis/Foy vs Springpark/Femrited

This is BMo's flight. Greenhill has been the pre-season pick of may on this site. Oleg and Bergeron are good singles players and they have some solid doubles options, but I'm not quite sold on this team yet. A big question here will be how well BMo can manage his personnel. StoneBrair has a deep team with some nice players, and Caras has a win over Oleg. Look for these two team to battle it out for the #1 spot.

Last Flight E ...
Canyon Creek/Ferrell vs High Point/Entrekin
Village/Johnson vs Northwood/Moir
Samuell Grand/Robberson vs Eldorado/Browning
Westlake/Davis vs JCC/Schachter
This is the most open flight, early indicators point to JCC being the head of the class, but Ferrell has show good captaining skills in the past and the ability to recruit. We will just have to wait and see who steps up here.

Well we are finally done, best of luck to all the teams.
Have fun, play fair, and be safe.