Sunday, May 9, 2010

4.0 Week 5

4.0 Week #5

I haven't posted in so long the blog made me log back in. Strange...much like this season as I have commented before I feel like 4.0 is even more new than I thought once the massive ratings change occured in December. I know many of the same names will still linger at the top but I think there will be many new names and faces playing this summer.

But onto Week 5 and hopefully we don't get rained out again since many haven't finished their week 3 match (like my team).

Flight A
High Point should continue to roll and play some "close" matches. Just kidding Bob. :) CC v. Huffhines, sorry can't come up with anything for that match, wake me when it is over. I do think there are two good matches here as Dallas CC takes on undefeated Greenhill, Mr. Arnette has benenfited from not losing any players to 4.5 but DCC is a good team and I fear if they can get out their best players that Greenhill may just fall from the top of the standings. OC v. Brookhaven should also be interesting although not sure how much BH cares about winning, for them they finally get a chance to play all 20 players on the roster which in the end may help them as in years past they have been shorthanded in the playoffs. I like OC to take this one close.

Flight B
Hmm. Not much to talk about here, I like LTF, HP and Garland to get wins in lopsided fashion but the one interesting match will be Brookhaven/Pearlman v. TBar. These two teams are hanging out at the top but after this match one of them will be on the thin ice in a very tough flight. Obviously there will be a team in here with 2 losses that will advance to the QT but I would rather get that 2nd loss in the final week of the season than this week. I am going to go with Team Burt on this one but it will be close.

Flight C
ZZZZZZZZZZZ. I tried to find something here worth mentioning but I just don't see it. Seems like 1st and 2nd is almost already decided in this flight.

Flight D
Uhhh. yet again I am trying to figure out something interesting to say here. Lakes, Stonebriar, Stonebridge and Greenhill should win this week. I have to say I am shocked at the 0-4 start of Stonebridge, I really expected them to do well this season but hopefully they can get on the board with a win this week. I am curious about the comment that had HP beating Stonebriar, that would be very interesting and probably make Greenhill very happy.

Flight E
This flight will most likely get decided this week as the Village plays Canyon Creek the only slight contender that could change the most likely top two finishes of Village and JCC. The rest of the matches here seem rather inconsequential.

No wonder I haven't written anything lately, seems like the season was over before it began and how did I end up in the only flight that seems to be have more than 2 contenders, oh well at least it should be interesting.

Good luck to you all this weekend!