Wednesday, May 19, 2010

4.5 Halfway

It’s been a few weeks since we have had a 4.5 thread so here is a quick note to hopefully encourage Racer X to give us a revised top 10 (well the 9 after Branch):

Fight B

I continue to be surprised by HP/ Nguyen’s poor results. What is going on with Adam Blumberg? From a solid 5.0 record a few seasons ago he can’t get a win now at 4.5. He’s a very very good player so I wonder if he’s carrying an injury….

Las Colinas on the other hand pulled off an impressive win over Lakes and with Brookhaven are now in command of the play-off spots in this flight. Brookhaven have yet to be tested but the second half of there schedule is where the serious teams are. Maybe High Pt will show up this week or continue to sandbag?

Garland/ Sisk play Las Colinas and could cause some chaos in the standings if they continue to build on their recent success. O’bannon at singles may be a lock….

I’m picking Brookhaven and Las Colinas to make it to the play-offs based on the first half results.

Flight C
A big win for Lifetime over Greenhill this past week makes the fight for the QT berth very interesting in this flight now and could well come down to their match on 6/12 vs Royal Oaks. I expect they will take out an erratic Juhn team in their next match. I don’t expect any hiccups from Garland/ Noel from here on in. Their toughest matches are behind them. Only Greenhill may cause them some concern in the last week.

Greenhill however need to win out to get into the playoffs and that means beating Juhn, Royal Oaks & Garland – a tall order!

Based on the first 5 weeks of action I’m taking Garland/ Noel and Lifetime (yes, they will pull another upset over Royal Oaks) for the QT

Flight A


Racer X?