Monday, May 17, 2010

3.5 Mid-Season Update

You are not seeing weekly posts at 3.5 as there seems to be little interest (20 posts in the past 4 weeks), there is little excitement, and the blog appears to be dominated by interest at the 4.0 level.

As the season crosses the half-way point, precedence is forming for the top 2 spots in each flight, with the 2 leaders in each flight currently standing undefeated. This weekend should add clarity in two of the flights as to who most likely will be going to City, and who will be headed to the QT. ( I told you this is unexciting if I can already claim who those teams are half-way into the season!)

Flight A - GG leads the way. No, that's not for Gordon Gecko, it's for Garland and Greenhill. These teams battle it out this weekend and the winner should take 1st in the flight, with the loser securing a spot at the QT. JCC could be a spoiler should they keep their record unblemished from here and beat Garland the last week. But that is a tall order and I just don't see it happening.

Flight B - High Point - Vincent (aka Bender "B" team) and the Village are neck and neck with HP edging out with a 1 line win. They also battle it out against each other this weekend and as in flight A, the winner will go to City with the loser heading to QT. Epic Fail here is Brookhaven Alzuro with a 1-3 record. I thought they would have done much better than they have. Goes to show you can't tell anything at the 3.0 level these days....excuse me...the 3.5 level (Freudian slip).

Flight C - High Point -Bender has only dropped 1 line, and that is from the old man himself. Bent Tree has 2nd place but has had a few close matches giving them what I would call "non-convincing" wins given the teams they were against. They are also closely followed by the Lakes and Oak Creek with only one loss each. This flight could get real interesting for 2nd place as Bent Tree still has OC and HP to play. Either of those teams could be a spoiler. The OC plays HP this weekend, and if handed a loss, gives them 2 strikes. The Lakes only have one more tough match agains HP in 2 weeks. If they lose, this would be loss #2 for them, and depending upon the results of the Oak Creek v. Bent Tree match, could end up in a 3-way tie for 2nd place with it coming down to lines lost.

So there you have it. Four weeks of drama with 3 weeks to go all summarized in a few paragraphs. This weekend will reveal alot and Flight C appears to have the most excitement.

Comment if you like. If not, I guess I will see you in a month......