Thursday, May 20, 2010

4.0 Week 6

So someone summarized this week pretty well in the comments from the last post so I will re-summarize as best as I can.

Flight A:
Interesting matches here althought nothing groundbreaking as OC takes on Greenhill. Greenhill could put an end to OC's playoff streak with this match. Brookhaven Bartlett gets to take on the mighty Somabut team this Sunday as well. This would be interesting without the automatic bid for BH.

Flight B:
Not too much to get excited about here as teams are still shifting around in this flight, our match v. Garland is the one with the most impact, I expect a good match from this group.

Flight C:
Still seems as if Garland and Gleneagles are just hanging out for the time being until July, but their opponents this week do have a pulse so they will need to at least bring out their B+ games.

Flight D:
Stonebriar v. Greenhill. This match will go far to show how the top three in this flight will finish. I think Stonebriar has a chance but I have to think Greenhill will prevail.

Flight E:
Upset minded Canyon Creek takes on JCC and can take command of this flight with a win (didn't think I would be saying that this season).