Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Week 6 update

New 4.5 Rankings:

1.      Lifetime 6&0 – Take down Royal Oaks last week! Only Brookhaven/ Harlee remaining with their tricky doubles lineups…. With Lifetime’s solid singles look for the 3-2 win and to lock-up a great regular season and Cities berth.

2.      HP/ Somabut 6&0 – Cement themselves as a force with a clutch win over a tough Lakes Lineup definitely the surprise team of the season so far!  Only the last place LB Houston team remain ahead this week

3.      GlenEagles 5&1 – another 5-0 win last week!  Technically an elimination match this week against Greenhill but I expect a 4-1 or 5-0 win for GlenEagles

4.      Lakes / Way 5&1 – Lost to Somabut this past weekend and have an elimination match this week against TBar

5.      Royal Oaks 4&2 – The comfort of that Fall victory and automatic berth into QT makes their regular season somewhat irrelevant but were considered contenders to win this flight and now have 2 losses…… it’s “tough sledding” getting through QT AND Cities! Still a huge threat in the play-offs with great depth of talent & experience

6.      Village 6&0 – Another week and another Village win.  Must beat 3rd place DFW Hilton this week to clinch spot in Cities.  That shouldn’t be too tough. 

7.      Oak Creek 6&0 – Finally a convincing win (albeit against a team of 4.0s)  Last match vs SpringPark should be a formality 

8.      Garland 4&1 – Thanks to Lifetime beating Royal Oaks now have QT spot locked up assuming they can take 3 wins off each of Hackberry & Lakes/ Peterson – outside shot at Cities if Brookhaven/ Harlee beat Lifetime and Garland win all 10 remaining lines…..

9.      TBar 5&1 – Another close win and now an elimination match this week against Lakes will determine who goes to the QT

10.  JCC 5&1 – Looking to pounce on the Cities spot if Village slip up against DFW

11.  Brookhaven/ Harlee 4&2 – Final match vs Lifetime may impact play-offs if they can pull out the upset.  Technically still in with a remote shot at making the play-offs but need a lot of help

Dropped from rankings (ie irrelevant) Brookhaven/ Bartlett – sorry lads….. will the Brookhaven teams now start talking about combining their best players to create A & B teams next season?

Likely QT teams:

·         Royal Oaks (Fall winner)

·         Garland (Flight A)

·         GlenEagles (Flight B)

·         JCC (Flight C)

·         TBar or Lakes (Flight D)


·         QT winner (GlenEagles/ Royal Oaks?)

·         Lifetime (Flight A)

·         Oak Creek (Flight B)

·         Village (Flight C)

·         Somabut (Flight D)

5.0 update:

Not much to report with some scores still to be posted.  The Fair Oaks vs Village (postponed due to Mothers Day) & Fair Oaks vs Greenhill marquee matches will take place in the next few weeks and these will determine the play-off teams with GlenEagles on 2 losses now on the outside loooking in and needing help.  They may sneak into the picture if Fair Oaks are able to beat both Village and Greenhill but that will be tough as Village in particular are heavily motivated to win out in order to make the play-offs.

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