Tuesday, May 1, 2012

4.5/ 5.0 update Week 3

Some interesting developments so let’s do this in 3 parts:

PART 1: Week 3 key matches at 4.5

Brookhaven/ Bartlett vs Lakes/ Way

I doubt Lakes can win a singles line so they will need to sweep dubs which will be tough.  Likely matchups:

Singles 1: Paul du Toit vs Blake Whitaker – Brookhaven wins straight sets

Singles 2: Billy Roberts vs Matt Fanhauser/ Mike Richardson/ Ed Vercelli – Brookhaven wins straight sets

Dubs 1: Ellis & Myers vs Oberg & Pollock – Lakes in very close 3rd set breaker

Dubs 2: Roger Anderson & Andy Ludwig vs Welwood & Jannesh – Lakes in close 3rd set breaker

Dubs 3: Jeff Williams & Todd Feldman vs Fess & Sinclair – Brookhaven wins in straight sets

Brookhaven takes it 3-2

Royal Oaks vs Brookhaven/ Harlee

Likely matchups (this one is more tricky):

Singles 1: Molina vs Dave Wittington – Royal Oaks wins

Singles 2: Shawn Wooley vs Tom Adcock – Royal Oaks wins

Dubs 1: Adam Webb & Nathan Lawrence vs LaSelle & Ramos – Brookhaven wins

Dubs 2: Craig Bell & Jason Moore vs Yermakov & Boissevain – Royal Oaks wins in 3rd set breaker

Dubs 3: Vogl & Durten vs Chris Ryan & Malcolm Renwick – Royal Oaks wins

Royal Oaks wins 4-1

(A little birdy told me Bailin may be out of town…..)

PART 2: 5.0 update

There are now 4 power teams!  There is a war this season for the sectionals berth.  Some great tennis is out there for those that are interested in the real thing – FOR FREE!  Fair Oaks have some strong players and on Sunday Stitt and Schuldberg put on a doubles clinic!  Culley of GlenEagles shows week in and week out why their 4.5 team will be a factor every week.  That guy is a strong 5.0 forget 4.5…..

Greenhill have the playoff spot locked up thanks to a win in the fall but are hard-pressed to keep pace and the Village team are always tough.  One of these 4 teams won’t be in the playoffs (if I understand the format correctly – top 2 plus fall winner?) at this stage that looks to be either Village or GlenEagles. 

PART 3: new 4.5 rankings

1. Brookhaven/ Bartlett 3 & 0 - dominant so far – Lakes this week is first real test
2. Lakes/ Way 3 & 0 – cruising but likely to see their lack of depth (depth doesn’t mean having a big roster it means fielding 5 strong lines!) come up short vs BHaven this week
3. Lifetime 3 & 0 – Featherstone & Hill are dominant at singles but they need to see the big Swede start winning if they are to be a real factor against Brookhaven’s strong dubs later this season
4. Royal Oaks 2 & 1 – big loss to Garland keeps Garland alive but these guys have a QT spot locked up and didn’t have their best 8 available
5. Oak Creek 3 & 0 - Their toughest match is behind them - cruisin towards Cities
6. JCC 3 & 0 - cruising through a weak flight; 5/12 vs Village will be their only test
7. GlenEagles 2 & 1 – After further reflection I don’t know where they get their 3rd win from at QT or Cities?  Culley & Fair are almost guaranteed as are Brownlee and Brown but then what?
8. Somabat 3 & 0 – 1 more easy week and then the fun starts: still have Bartlett & Lakes ahead
9. Brookhaven/ Harlee 3 & 0 - haven't played anyone yet but short at singles
10. TBar 2 & 1 – getting back on track but still have Bartlett & Lakes ahead
11. Garland 1 & 1 – bounceback win vs Royal Oaks keeps them alive and ranked but now must get back in race with some dominant wins over weaker teams

Dropped from rankings: Village after losing to Fair Oaks

Honorable mentions: Greenhill/ Allen & Fair Oaks both at 3 & 0 but the real opponents still lie ahead