Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Week 5 update - 4.5 rankings

1.      Lakes / Way 5&0 – Still to play TBar & Somabut…..

2.      Lifetime 5&0 – Easy win over the Hack; Still have Brookhaven & Royal Oaks to play

3.      Royal Oaks 4&1 – Lifetime this week which will go a long way to determining if a third team from this flight goes to the playoffs

4.      HP/ Somabut 5&0 – Thumped Brookhaven’s interesting lineup and only have the Lakes ahead – definitely the surprise team of the season so far!

5.      GlenEagles 4&1 – since their week 1 slip-up they are starting to look like play-off contenders again

6.      Village 5&0 – Well we have to take these guys seriously now.  Solid 4-1 win over a good JCC lineup.  They now have the inside lane to Cities and should finish first in their flight – biggest mover of the week  up from #12 last week

7.      Oak Creek 5&0 – Very close win over an average Greenhill team.  Scratching out 3-2 wins pales in comparison to GlenEagles blowing out everyone 5-0  

8.      Garland 3&1 – Essentially eliminated Brookhaven from playoff contention with a 4-1 win although 2 of those were in 3rd sets.  Now need some convincing wins to get the edge in tie-breakers in case Lifetime lose to Royal Oaks and all 3 end with 1 loss

9.      TBar 4&1 – Another win, albeit a close one.  Still to play Brookhaven & Lakes

10.  JCC 4&1 – surprising loss to the Village and really it wasn’t very close.  Should still be a lock for QT but I guess the other teams are taking these guys more seriously after their great fall and start to this season

11.  Brookhaven/ Bartlett 3&2 – Without some of their key players and a with another interesting lineup these guys are now all but eliminated from play-off contention despite a deep and talented roster and still have a motivated TBar team to play - biggest drop of the week down from #4 last week

12.  Brookhaven/ Harlee 3&2 – Once again lost both singles lines despite signing up Hall who may be one of their better singles players of recent seasons.  A little late unfortunately and they are now unlikely to see play-off action