Friday, May 11, 2012

Week 4 update 4.5 & 5.0

New 4.5 rankings

1.      Lakes / Way 4&0 – nice win over Brookhaven; Blake Wittaker was the hero with a big comeback to clinch it; Still to play TBar & Somabut though

2.      Lifetime 4&0 – Featherstone & Hill continue to dominate at singles; Still have Brookhaven & Royal Oaks to play

3.      Royal Oaks 3&1 – field 8 different guys to last week but still not their best lineup; as expected they roll through singles; Lifetime looms large as the remaining obstacle but getting everyone qualified will be the focus in the other 2 remaining weeks

4.      Brookhaven/ Bartlett 3&1 – Still to play Somabut & TBar their playoff chances just took a huge hit.  duToit not being available for the Lakes was a big blow; expect a 3-2 bounce-back win this week against Somabut – should sweep singles

5.      Oak Creek 4 & 0 – top of the table clash this week vs Greenhill/ Allen; expect a comfortable win for Oak Creek to show just how week this flight is

6.      JCC 4 & 0 – showdown vs Village this week; expect another convincing win for JCC in probably the weakest flight

7.      HP/ Somabut 4 & 0 – continue to cruise but still have big matches against Brookhaven (this week) & Lakes ahead

8.      GlenEagles 3 &1 – expect them to continue crushing the remaining teams on their schedule until QT

9.      Garland 2&1 – convincing win over McKinney; need Andy Xu to find his form if this team is to be a factor in the playoffs (if they make it of course!) – big match this weekend against Brookhaven/ Harlee

10.  TBar 3&1 – Beat Greenhill 3-2 and continue their fight-back after underestimating Somabut in week 1.  Still to play Brookhaven & Lakes

11.  Brookhaven/ Harlee 3&1 – loss to Royal Oaks highlights this teams deficiencies at singles and that 3rd  line is just not strong enough to sweep dubs every week against the stronger, deeper teams.  Big match this week vs Garland

12.  Village 4&0 – QT pretty much locked up but will have a few weeks to lick their wounds after JCC beat them this week

5.0 update

On the 5.0 front there were no surprises last week but there are 2 clashes of significance this week.  Fair Oaks vs Village & Greenhill vs GlenEagles.  Expect GlenEagles & the Village to bring out their guns as a second loss for either severly threatens their playoff chances.  With these matches being on Mother's Day, however, we may see some postponements as teams jockey to get their best players available.....

Hit 'em hard; hit 'em in and call them fair!