Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mid-Year Ratings - Who get's bumped?

Mid-Year ratings will be out in a few weeks.

After the big move in December how will that impact Mid-year adjustments?

Mid-Year only accounts for league play. Mixed and tournaments only count for year-end ratings.

They normally come out before the QT, City and Sectionals so those only count for year-end.

Let's get started 4.5 bump ups to 5.0:
James Warner (TBar)
Nicklaus Clifford (Lifetime)
Kevin Durten, Mike Kelly, Justin Huffman, Paul Kiron, Dustin Viktorin & Chris Slezak (all Oak Creek Branch)
Chris Bell (Royal Oaks - probably won't but should never have self-rated at a 4.5!)
Craig Bell, John Ponder & Chris Walters (Royal Oaks)
Carl Sechen (BHaven)
Jean Nguyen (HP/ Nguyen)
Hans Oberg & Scott Pollock (Lakes)
Andy Xu (Garland/ Noel)

4.0 to 4.5:
Masayuki Tada (HP/ Nguyen 4.5!)
James Taylor, Sam Shichijo, Mike Pearson, Thuan Duc Nguyen(HP/ Somabut)
Bobby Smith, Bill Mattes (BHaven/ Bartlett)
David Downs, Nick Toth, Brian Morrison, Robert Wertz, Bill Hopping (Greenhill/ BMO)
Blake Wittacker, Blake Sinclair (Lakes)
Mitchell Fix, Michael Reiman, Justin Lutes (JCC)
Vijay Singh & Both Odulios (Garland/ Breukner)
Zack Courtney & Leonard Hutchison(Garland/ Sisk)
Trae Bowman (HP/ Bazan)

I am sure there are more but I am losing focus..... help?

I'm sure someone would also like to start a bump-down list?