Monday, June 14, 2010

Ft Worth End of the Season

The Ft Worth Men's League will be wrapping up this week.
In a questionable decision by the league Coordinator there will be no play-offs in 3.5 or 4.5.
The winner of the 3.5 (Winner: Southlake Smashers 2nd Place: TCU Toads) and 4.5 (Winner: TCU Luningham 2nd Place: Southlake) regular season will advance directly to sectionals and the second place team will receive the sectional wild card if available.
(Also, 4.5 had the asinine "Pre-season" matches that did not count towards anything)
In my mind this does not help Ft Worth at all in terms of being able to compete at the sectional level.
These teams will miss out on valuable experience playing multiple matches in play-off format and in the heat.
Fort Worth league already starts a month before Dallas, now these teams will take almost a month and a half off then show up at sectional and get fleeced.

Ft Worth 4.0 will have their play-off this week end at Arlington Tennis Center.
The top 4 teams from each of the two 4.0 flights qualified.
These 8 teams are divided into 2 round robin flights.
Flight A
1 Shelingham
2 ATC Hammers
3 TCU Cowtowners
4 Denton Country Club

Flight B
1 Old Gang
2 Flower Mound LJP
3 RTC Flores
4 TCU Armadillos

Out of Flight A I see ATC coming through, Shellingham has really been leaning on 4 or 5 players all season to get their wins, I see it catching up to them here in the play-offs.
In Flight B, The Old Gang ATC will be hard to beat, they seem to be there every season and their players seem to always avoid the bump (Guess it helps then your Capt is the league coordinator, conflict of interest?)
But Flower Mound has a deep team and is upset minded. I'm sure as always, it will come down to some 3-2 wins and some third set tie-breakers.

Go Tennis.
Fort Worth, Out!!!