Tuesday, June 8, 2010

4.0 Week 7

At least I think it is week 7... I have been meaning to post something but as my team can attest I have been out of the loop for a little but thanks to them for posting a strong result this past Sunday without any help from me.

The season is winding down and still other than flight C everything is up for grabs so the next two weeks should be "hotly" contested. Sorry I couldn't help myself on that one.

Flight A:
The flight of death has really shown to remain very strong although HP/Bob's thumping of Greenhill trimmed this down to a 4 horse race. The MOW for sure is Garland v. Brookhaven. Will Brookhaven bring their best or relax knowing they are headed to the playoffs. I am picking Garland either way, I just think they seem to be having the type of season that surprised me a little and I don't see any reason for it to end now. OC Smith is off this week and faces HP next week to try and save their playoff hopes. HP has tricky DCC team which can be trouble at times but has not quite lived up to last season 's results.

Flight B:
Not much to talk about this week but last weekend was very important in this flight as Lifetime took down Brookhaven and the SWAT team swept TBar to move up into a tie for first with Lifetime and make next weekend's match between us very important. Brookhaven will have to sit and watch and post a strong last match and hope the loser will fall past them.

Flight C:
ZZZZZZZZZZZZ. I guess the snooze isn't on full sound because although Garland clinched when the schedule came out, the race for 2nd is actually very tight with Gleneagles controlling their own destiny but there are 3 teams with 3 losses right behind them that could all move up and take over that spot.

Flight D:
Lakes controls their own fate for first place but does face off against Stonebriar next week. (MOW?). They do have to get past HP who upset Stonebriar in the rain delay match. Greenhill has righted the ship after the Lakes loss and just has to sit and wait to see if they are QT bound or not.

Flight E:
This flight has tightened up in the race for 2nd place. The JCC v. Village match has not been posted yet but would clear up things a lot. This flight actually finishes up this weekend and the top four teams are all still in the hunt for the top two spots.

Good luck to all, well almost all....