Thursday, June 17, 2010

3.5 Season Rap

I leave you this rap
to ends thing up;
and to summarize which teams
will fight for the cup.

I said it before
and I'll say it again;
the competition in 3.5
has gotten real thin.

My Flight A predictions
were right on the money;
with Garland taking first
and leaving others looking funny.

Flight B - I missed
with Brookhaven's blunder;
So hats off to HP
and the Village-just 2 lines under.

Flight C another given
with Bender on top;
and an end-of-season gift
to Bent Tree for a QT spot.

Oak Creek joins the QT
with the Fall's hall pass;
but that's all the post season they will see
so they better make it last.

City will come down to the two
of Sisk vs. Bender;
and most likely dueling again
as the Sectionals contender.

So that's it for me
as 3.5 comes to an end;
best wishes to all
and may the best team win.


  1. I agree with you however I also think that HP vincent could grab the wildcard spot to sectionals.

    They can beat the QT team
    They can beat the fall wildcard team
    They can take lines from either bender or sisk's teams ?


  2. Nice work cpt fantastic! Lol....looking forward to the playoffs.

  3. Oak Creek, the Fall winner just goes to the QT. From that, only one team will go to City. City will be comprised of the 1st place in each 3 flights along with the QT winner, which most likely will be the Village.

    Sectionals MAY be taking 2 teams from Dallas. The winner of City, and then potentially, a Dallas-wild. In order for that to be HP Vincent, they would have to beat Sisk or Bender to steal their slot. While they have a solid team, I do not think they would be able to beat either of those teams. Hence, HP Vincent won't be playing at Sectionals.

  4. I must say this season of moderating the 3.5 blog by capt. fan was pretty weak! First you wont even use your real name like the other moderaters do, so you must be ashamed by your efforts (for good reason). Way to just "mail it in" all season... at this rate we might as well do away with the 3.5 blog altogether.

    Either show up and try or quit tanking with your blogging skills!

  5. I think Capt Fan did a pretty good job. Let's face it, he probably would have posted more if there would have been more support and/or interest in 3.5.

  6. 7:53 A.M Anon -

    I created and maintain a hidden identity so that I can do my best to OBJECTIVELY comment on teams and players, even if it is about myself, my own team or others I know.

    Secondly, I did not post each week as 8:32 AM Anon pointed out - participation has been dismal and I am not going to monopolize blog space to report on things that evidently others aren't interested in.

    In terms of my blog skills, I have contributed on topics outside of 3.5 such as tri-level, off-season discussions, etc. (and usually have appropriate pictures I might add).

    If you go back to April and read my Week 1 post and predictions, you will see I gave Garland flight A and also mentioned JCC being a contender. I clearly missed flight B and admitted so, but did mention HP-Vincent as the next contender. Got flight C correct as well but failed to mention Bent Tree.

    To wrap up the season, all I was doing was repeating what I had said before, so I thought it would be fun to "wrap" up the season with a "rap".

    If you are such a master blogger, and think you have better insights and understanding of the system and how it works, why don't you step up and take my place. I will gladly had it over. Of course, we will expect for you to share with us your name, Anon.

  7. Cap. Fantastic,

    U did a great job all round.
    I tried to help raise the post count however most of the time it felt like I was talking to myself.

  8. anon June 17, 2010 4:25 PM

    You may be right however you never know, stranger things have happened when the pressure is on than a 3-2 win over a top team by one that is not given a chance.

    HP vincent's only loss in the regular season was to the village and that came down to a match tiebreak.

    Ever wondered my HP lost BOTH lines of singles to players that were not that great ?

  9. There is only one "A" team in 3.5 this year _ and that's Garland/Sisk. We expect to beat Bender's team 5 - 0. Just wait and see!

    Bender's team is maybe a "B" level. While the rest of the 3.5 teams are "C" level this year.

    3.5 does suck but it will be fun to play at Nationals this year.

  10. Dallas should do reasonably well at 3.5 sectionals. The rest of the state looks weak. Garland/Sisk might actually have a shot at nationals this year.

  11. Austin, NETX and Jason Freemans's 3.5 team in Houston will all be very tough. But Big John's team has as good a chance as anyone.

    I do think you've done a good job with the blog. Thank you!

    But your comment: "I created and maintain a hidden identity so that I can do my best to OBJECTIVELY comment on teams and players, even if it is about myself, my own team or others I know." -> is ridiculous.


    I admire the other posters that are not afraid to stand behind their comments. - ANON

  13. I love to see that GTC Guy is back in full force boasting up Garland. If the self-rates on Garland's team are that good, they would be playing on Sisk's 4.0 A team. Hell, he just added 2 new players to his 4.0 A team's roster and I see they self-rated 3.5. Pretty cheap if they are playing college. That's what they will need to beat Bender 5-0. Sorry, but that just isn't going to happen.

  14. This year Bender's 3.5 team is mostly 3.0 bump ups with a few self-rates _ that are not as good as his returning 3.0 guys. If 3.5 wasn't so depleted Bender's team would have finished in the bottom half of the league. Who is going to win matches for him at DCC besides Neiman? Maybe Bill Kaiser? Maybe Bill Toney? Come on!

    Bender's past success cannot make up for having inferior players in 2010. In fact, HP/Vincent may be the better of the HP teams. No way Bender can compete with Big John this year at 3.5.

  15. Who is the best in the QT?
    Village, JCC, Oak Creek or Bent Tree?

  16. QT will be in this order:

    1st - Village
    2nd - JCC
    3rd - Bent Tree
    4th - Oak Creek

  17. GTC lover - you are clueless. If that is what you think Bender's team is made of, then you are in for a big surprise.

  18. Hate to say it but Sisk's 3.5 team is better than his 4.0b team and it isn't even close.

  19. I know the players on both HP 3.5 teams. And I think Bender made some very poor decisions. There are at least 3 or 4 guys on the HP/Vincent team that are better than a bunch of guys on Bender's team. Bender's team is solid but they will not be able to hang with Sisk's 3.5 team this year.

  20. QT
    VILLAGE should be the favorite. With Jonathan Patrick & Peter Moir they have have the best singles in the QT. Peter Moir beat both Nick Walton & also beat Brett Baker. Both excellent players. J. Patrick lost a few he should have won but is still an excellent player. He beat Jonathan Marcus in 2007 and has improved since then. Village also has Tim Skipworth who is excellent both sgl & dubs. Village will be hard to beat.

    JCC is fairly solid top to bottom. Their doubles are strong; singles just fair. They won 71% of their doubles lines this year but only 57% of their singles lines. Their best doubles duo of Platt & Fishman will give them 1 sure line every match. But can they win a singles line against a good team?

    OAK CREEK Has 2 strong singles players with Chris Church and K. Gopinathinnair. But their doubles are weak, winning only 48% of their doubles lines this year. I don't think OC can beat either Village or JCC.

    BENT TREE is competitive but had little chance to win the QT. Art Smith and Ryan Craig are both fairly good singles players. Traeger & Manson are pretty good in doubles. But this team lacks depth & firepower.

  21. Bender does not make poor decisions. You are like a neophite Jedi questioning the decisions of master Yoda. You are just still clueless.

  22. 2:04 pm Anon- so what you are telling me is you know all players on Vincent's team, Bender's team, and Sisk's team??? Impossible. If that is the case, maybe you should take over as moderator for Captain Fantastic.

    So who are 3 or 4 Vincent players that are better than Benders??

    I would say you are on Vincent's team but then stating that Sisk's team is better than Bender's tells me something different.

    Who do you play for ?

  23. QT
    Village 2 - 1
    JCC 2 - 1
    Bent Tree 1 - 2
    Oak Creek 1 - 2

    Garland 3 - 0
    HP/Bender 1 - 2
    HP/Vincent 1 - 2
    Village 1 - 2

  24. Except for MAYBE Berco Neiman, there is not a single player on Bender's roster that could make the top 10 on our Garland team.

  25. You guys are still worried about Berco??!! HA!! He is the # 3 or 4 singles player on the team!! Wake up Garland !!!

  26. #3 or #4 bs----we'll see how many times he plays, want to bet the majority?? If he's not in singles, bring him to doubles and see what happens. Lol

  27. Garland 3.5 has much more talent than either HP 3.5 team. It's not even close. Garland can win the DCC w/o even playing their best players. But can they beat Austin & San Angelo at Sectionals and make Nationals?

    The only drama at the DCC will be which team can grab 2nd place. 2nd place also wins a spot at Sectionals. That should be a good battle between the two HP teams.

  28. If Berco Neiman is the 4th best singles player for Bender then Bender's team can punch its ticket to nationals.

  29. --------------SO SAD---------------

    IT was sad when High Point Berco Neiman's mom had to coach him to win his line vs. Oak Creek.

    It was also sad when high Point gave their match to Bent Tree so BT could finish 2nd.

    They must be buddies or something: such as Whitney Houston (sorry Whitney fans) and crack, Jessica Simpson and Chicken of the Sea, etc. Join along Dallas w/funny friendships

  30. QT is better for all with 4 teams

  31. That's right. Oak Creek was such a HUGE contention. Let me see. Oh, HP won 5-0. O.K. Let's look at lines. Mmmm, Berco did have a tight 1st set losing 6-7, but then won the 2nd set 6-0 and easily took the tie-break. Line 2 singles was 1-1, Line 1 dubs 4-1, Line 2 dubs 2-1, and Line 3 dubs was 2-0. Oh, and it was all computer rates. Shut the F up Oak Creek, you don't stand a chance in the QT.

    Bent Tree will make the QT more interestting and earned their right to be their taking their lines by a default, beating Bender himelf at singles and pulling out a 3rd set tie-break on dubs. Go Bent Tree !!

  32. --------------SO SAD---------------

    IT was sad when High Point Berco Neiman's mom had to coach him to win his line vs. Oak Creek.

    It was also sad when high Point gave their match to Bent Tree so BT could finish 2nd.

    They must be buddies or something: such as Whitney Houston (sorry Whitney fans) and crack, Jessica Simpson and Chicken of the Sea, etc. Join along Dallas w/funny friendships

  33. Quit whining Oak Creek pussies

  34. Can we get a 4.5 thread?

    Royal Oaks

    Winner: Royal Oaks

    Royal Oaks/Rothwell

    Winner: OC/Branch
    Wildcard: Garland/Noel

  35. I cant believe you idiots dont know why Sisk put some of his 3.5 self rate jr. college players on his 4.0 team... now if they get bump up to 4.O next season they will be computer rates at 4.0 vs. self rating at 4.0 and betting bumped to 4.5...

    Sisk is playing all of you amatures like a violin and you just dont get it. Also you really thing Bender lost in that singles match without tanking? You really are dumber than you look!

  36. Anon -

    You are the one that is dumb. If you are a self rate, it does not matter what you rate at, it is dependent upon what level you are playing at. The system considers you with no rating, and so will calculate one for you based on who you are playing and the results.

    His 3.5 self rates that he added to his 4.0 team could have rated themselve as 2.5s if they wanted to. If they are beating other top level 4.0s, and play in the post season, they can easily be bumped to 4.5 by year end with the rest of the team. With post season play in City and possibly Sectionals, they will most likely get Benchmark ratings and not be eligible to appeal.

    No violin playing here stupid Anon.

  37. Two words for you moron! Score management!

  38. Geeezz, such nastiness against Oak Creek. I personally know the Oak Creek guys and since they had an automatic "in" into the playoffs, there was a focus on getting everyone a chance to play versus winning every match.

    I know that goes against everything you cutthroat bastards believe in but if not for Bender throwing the match against Bent Tree, they would have been in clear 2nd place.

    With their top 8-10 guys playing the QT, they are likely the 1 or 2 seed. We will see in a few weeks.

    Also, any fool can see Bender puts himself in a couple of singles slots each season to keep his 3.5 ranking. I don't mind that, but to do it along with a doubles line default and throw the match against Bent Tree is just chickenshit. At one point I considered him a shrewd competitor, but that match showed he is a slimy weasel that deserves no respect at all.

  39. Yep....had Cuevas in a doubles match and put himself in on Bender

  40. High Point,

    Is COACHING allowed in QT play as well as the regular season?

    Andre Agassi

  41. Again, QUIT WHINING Oak Creek. You made the QT because you had 1 guy Tomas Puss who happened to be on the fall winner's roster. It is an extremely dumb rule to give you guys a free pass to the QT. Count ur blessings _ you dont deserve to be in the QT at all.

    Players & teams that head into the playoffs whining usually have no chance. This year will be no exception.

  42. I 2nd 8:17am poster about a 4.5 thread. But I think TbarM wins QT. Everything else right on point.

  43. High Point,

    Is COACHING allowed in QT play as well as the regular season?

    Garland 3.5 Team

  44. Definition of INTEGRITY for you 3rd Graders

    in·teg·ri·ty   /ɪnˈtɛgrɪti/ Show Spelled[in-teg-ri-tee] Show IPA

    1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.
    2. the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished: to preserve the integrity of the empire.

  45. Is the 3.5 thread now the catch all?

    We have 4.5s wanting to post their info on here. We have neophites asking if coaching is allowed. And we have going on.

    At least there is more traffic now then there has been all season.

    So now I ask we step up the discussion. Let's talk specific players on each roster. Who has what. Who are the threats on each of the teams. I don't just want to hear about Sisk and Bender. Give me the low down on the Village, HP Vincent, JCC, and Bent Tree.

  46. Hey 3.5er -

    Back to a comment you had early in this thread. You give the impression that HP Vincent lost BOTH of their singles on purpose??? Why would they tank their matches with City and QT in question? It wasn't until the last week when the Village lost their last match 1-4 that put HP Vincent in 1st.

    What are you saying??

  47. Best Team at QT --> Oak Creek
    They have 2 excellent singles players in Chris Church and Krishna G. Chris lost only 1 match (3rd set tiebreak to Berco Neiman) while Krishna was undefeated.

    They have some good doubles players including Manuel Anaya, Bob Meyer, George Holland. Bunches of other guys are decent as well so they'll have good depth. I think they have more good players than the other teams so they should win the QT.

    I dont care for their captain, Marvin Reader. I played him last year and he is a big baby. He captains the 3.5 team but is rated 4.0. But he is tanked his 4.0 matches big time trying to get back to 3.5 for next year. He is 0-7 at level 4.0 including some tanked losses against very weak players. He has all the integrity of a John Sisk.

  48. Oak Creeker -

    All that said, my bet is that they still lose the QT.

  49. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz=3.5

  50. What a match Federer had today! Classic! I predict Nadal loses only 7 games tomorrow.

    -Pete Sampras

  51. Why do you guys waste your time talking. The best 3.5 out there is the British Ninja. He's been messing around and playing, he can step it up at will. Get ready.

  52. I would be shocked if T Bar wins the 4.5 QT. I just think they have fallen off quite a bit this season compared to last. They were the beneficiary of the easiest flight, minus Branch of course. Royal Oaks is the clear favorite in my opinion. Las Colinas probably has the edge over both teams in doubles though.

  53. I see David Megert just won the East Texas MJ.
    Beat Donnie Davis in the finals...
    Lucky sisk has depth in his singles.

    Anyone know how many of Sisk's 21 players have played enough regular season matches to even play in city?

  54. ANON June 21, 2010 5:42 PM

    They were supposed to split singles and win line 1 & 2 doubles.
    I guess that's what happens when you loose both singles & line 3 dubs in a match tiebreak.

    Village has no depth so that is why HP vincent is straight into city & not them.

    Never good to have players win every match they play especially as lop sided as many of the singles matches were.

  55. Of Sisk's 21 player, 20 have qualified to play in the post season. 6 are legit 3.5 players while 14 have 4.0+ ability and are playing 3.5. If this team played 4.0 they'd be in the top half. 3.5 DCC is all over. It's just a battle for 2nd place.

  56. Yeah, maybe in 4.0 Flight E !

    That says nothing.

    Looks like anything can happen in Singles.

    David Megert beats Donnie Davis, but loses to Chris Church pretty handedly both times they played. I see Donnie Davis beat Chris Church in a tight match. Nick Walton breezes through his matches and then loses his last 2? Tank jobs?? Who knows. Just goes to show it is all about match ups and anything can happen on any given day.

  57. Davis is 1-1 heads up against Meggert. Davis beat him in Abilene final.1st and 2nd have been decided who goes to Sectionals.

  58. Hey anon last night at 5:56pm, thanks for the kind thoughts on Oak Creek. I agree. And you are who?? Sounds like you might be on my team!! However the dis on Reader is only partly right.

    I am a big baby when I lose, but I sure as hell haven't tanked anything in 4.0 (because of that very reason). Maybe me or my partners just suck at doubles!! Please share who the "weak" players I faced were.

    And the "integrity of Sisk" comment, is that a compliment or an insult?? :)

    This is such a happy and friendly place to hang out.

  59. Pete Sampras was wrong. Nadal lost 9 games.

    How uterly ridiculous for Oak Creek to get a free ride into the QT.

    This was based on 1 player, Thomas Mus, who was on the Oak Creek roster in the fall but did nothing to help the team. He had a 1-4 record and was not allowed to play for the team in the playoffs.

    It's totally ignorant to award a free pass to a fall team with ONE backup player returning. What ever happened to common sesnse?

    Really, how dumb are the DTA league administrators?

  61. Marvin Reader is a fag who has obviously tanked 4.0 matches all year long against weak players to try to play down at 3.5 next year.

    Now this asshole is complaining about us qualifying for the QT. The she-men from Oak Creek got spanked 0-5 by Lakes and also 0-5 vs High Point. We beat Lakes 4-1 and we beat HP 3-2. Yes, HP had 4 guys playing at the Plano open and had to default a line. But we won the other 2 lines fair and square. Which was a lot better than the pathetic Oak Creek 0-5 loss to HP.

    Yes, we did get upset 1-4 by Oak Creek early in the year when many of our top players were out of town. But we'll get our revenge at the QT.

  62. >>Yes, HP had 4 guys playing at the Plano open and >>had to default a line

    Had to default a line. ok if you say so..
    Every line you won was given to you by HP moron.

  63. Only one team in the 3.5 QT does NOT deserve to be there . . . OAK CREEK

  64. Actually, Oak Creek is the only team that deserves to be there. The rest had to play their way in.

  65. the mature thing to do would be to congratulate all the teams making the qt. not to cry about bent tree making the playoffs. marv reader is a real jerk. but you all already knew that.

  66. No one cried about Bent Tree making the playoffs. I'm sure the other teams are happy to have them there. The orgiginal complaints were about HP/Bender throwing the last match of the season and those comments seemed to come from more than just Oak Creek.

    The crying has come from someone on the Bent Tree team (at least it appears that way) foul-mouthing Oak Creek and their captain. Really dude, grow up.

    Congrats to all that made the post season. Good luck in the playoffs!!

    HP did not throw the last match. The match was totally meaningless for them. 4 of their guys decided that it would be more fun to play in the Plano tourn _ and who could blame them. With work, travel, injuries, etc HP had only 6 guys available that day. They had 1 excellent sgl player and 2 strong dbls teams. Bender was no match for Ryan but the old guy was playing hard. And we beat their best doubles team of Cuevas & To for our 3rd point. Those guys are very competive and they played hard every point. You wern't there and you dont know what you are talking about.

    I'm sure if 1st place was on the line HP players would have played the league match rather than the tourn. And who knows how that turns out . . . But that wasn't the case. So tough crap.

    What's the real problem ... is your trailer leaking? Can't afford to play at a nice club like Bent Tree?

  68. Hold on hold on
    let me refill the soda and popcorn
    Ok ... Continue



  70. One poster (mulitple posts), Marvin Reader, complains about HP defaulting 1 line. Yet this scumbag has tanked ALL his 4.0 matches (0-7) so that he can play down at 3.5 next year. I'm sure he will feel like a big shot next year when he's beating up on inferior players. What a sicko! Just the perfect guy to be complaining about others. We will crush the Oak Creek fag men at the QT.

    We'll just pretend for one moment that you give a damn.

    There needs to be some minimum # of players, maybe 5 or 6, returning from the fall to award a QT spot. Awarding a QT position based on 1 player is crazy.

    Here we have team A that won the fall 3.5 and a totally different team B getting the benefit. That's not fair and flys in the face of common sense.

  72. Reader did not tank those matches---he is just horrible. He had no business getting bumped up. If Don Smith were the captain, that team would have been better off.

  73. We all know that's you Marvin and yes you tanked the matches. You denial is lame.

  74. Bob,(Yes, we know it's you) I have posted one other time and admitted it. Nice try. Don't be such a sorehead when you are called out on your tactics. If you read the original Rap, you will see that the moderater called you on it in there too. (or do you think i'm the moderator?)

    And by the way, I agree with John K that the rule sucks that allows a team to get an automatic bye into the Spring playoffs if they return 70% or is it 55%?)of their ELIGIBLE players. With 14 of 15 guys on Don's awesome fall team getting bumped up, Thomas Mus ended up being 100% of the eligible players. However, it did allow me to provide a lot of playing time to a lot of different guys without worrying about making the post season.

    Oh, and keep on whining about me tanking in 4.0, I can only assume that means you think I'm an awesome player. The compliment is much appreciated!

    Thanks to the supporters, boo to the whiners and detractors! I'll try to stay out of this until after the playoffs.



    Well, its nice to see our tanking gay Marvin Reader come clean. Looks like he posted about 8 or 9 times. (Incl a few posts trying to apppear to be someone else.) Doesnt like HP/Bender defaulting a line against BT. Doesn't like Berco's mother either. Lots of complaints & lots of whining!

    Spring 09 he was 3-1 in 3.5 league play.
    W 6-2, 6-1
    W 6-1, 6-3
    W 6-2, 6-0
    L 5-7, 6-3, 1-0

    Spring 10 he is 0-7 at level 4.0 with lopsided losses against weak 4.0 players

    Reader is a 4.0 level player captaining a 3.5 team (which he cant play on) obviously tanking matches so that he can play down next year. His mother must be very proud!

  76. "Every line you won was given to you by HP moron." - Marvin Reader

    You comments are insulting and you are a disgrace.

    HP defaulted one line against us and maybe not all their best guys were in the line-up. But we can only play the guys that show up. We played hard and all their guys played hard as well. Bender came off the court soaking wet and with a red face. He played all out but was over matched. Jack & Jason played a great match and beat Cuevas & To 6-3, 4-6,1-0. Both To & Cuevas were clearly upset about losing. Again everyone on both teams gave a strong effort. We had quite a few family & friends watching the match at Bent Tree. It is insulting for you, who was not at the match, to sling mud. We are just as deserving as any other team to be in the QT!

  77. Reader.....wake up! If Bender wanted to min that match,he puts Cuevas in singles and he can lose on the #1 dubs line. Get a clue dude!!!

  78. anon 5:00 am: you are the biggest idiot on these boards and that really is saying something. You claim Reader is tanking his 4.0 matches since he had a 3-1 3.5 record in the fall. I dare you to find any recent 3.5 bump up (computer rated, not a self-rate) who is dominating now at 4.0. The fact is that players struggle as they adapt to the new level, but I'm sure you wouldn't know this since you are probably struggling just to stay at 3.5.

  79. WHOS TANKING????
    My first post on the topic

    I love this interchange. Its like the guy that holds up a bank calling out the tax cheat.

    4.0 Marv Reader pals around with 3.5ers, captains their team, and wants to get back to 3.5. He lost a few matches at 4.0 and didnt like it. So he has now tanked a bunch of matches by lopsided scores. Will he get his 3.5 at MY ?

    I see on TennisLink that Bender plays SSR so he must be over 60. He has zero chance to get dropped back to level 3.0 - he has won too many matches. On the other hand he has lost a bunch of matches and has zero chance to get bumped up to 4.0. Why would he tank? Nothin to gain.

    Cuevas is computer rated and has won so many matches by lopsided scores he is certain to be 4.0 at MY. Losing a 3rd set TB does him no good. There is no reason to suspect any tanking of matches by HP. Seems to me Reader just has a hard-on for Bender.

    And I do agree with the Bent Tree players or friends that are upset with Readers comments. They won their match and earned their chance to play in the QT.

  80. @7:25 AM, good question on how the bumpups have done. A few of the notable players from 3.5 have done as follow in 4.0:

    Bennett 4 - 9
    Arcaria 7 - 6 but he 6 - 0 in the spring.
    Gerber 6 - 4 but he is 5 - 1 in the spring.
    Oleg 7 - 4 but he is 6 -1 in the spring. He has been competitive in 4.5.
    Hess 7 - 3 but he is 5 - 1 in the spring.
    Heath is 9 - 4 but 5 - 0 in spring.
    Wiley is 7 - 0.
    Clark is 5 - 3.
    Jones is 7 - 2 and 1 - 2 at 4.5 but competitive.
    Varner is 6 - 7
    Palacioz is 10 - 2
    Klamecki 9 - 4

    These are just the players off the top of my head and I am sure there are others but after the end of year mass bumpup, most did better. Many struggled in the fall but are competitive now.

  81. 7:57am for the most part validates my 7:25am post. Most of the players he points out have done well in the spring, but struggled in the fall when they were newly bumped up. Don't judge Reader's record until he has a season of 4.0 under his belt and plays again this fall. I know him and I know he wouldn't tank to get back to 3.5. The guy's way too competitive.

  82. That's Reader again trying to defend himself.

    He is tanking _ solely focused on trying to get back to 3.5. In fact he has told a lot of people that he never should have been bumped to 4.0 in the first place. So now he is trying to "right this wrong" by dumping matches at the 4.0 level.

    This guy definitely has some issues. It probably has something to do with his mother entertaining a lot of different young men when Reader was a child.

  83. i dont get it. HP defaults 1 out of 5 lines and that leads to personal attacks on their capt by another capt who appears to be tanking 4.0 to get back to 3.5. capt reader makes a bunch of anon posts & later ids himself. sounds like a soap op. whats the issue? looks like capt reader is now upset that BT made it into the QT. but readers team has already made the QT due to a unearned wildcard. capt reader must be a real piece of work.

  84. Reader's not the one making multiple posts defending himself, rather the multiple posts attacking him are obviously coming from 1 rather disturbed individual. There is help out there, seek it now.

  85. Reader still has a horrible game! A good 3.0 player.


  87. Alright. It is nice to see all of the posts, but enough about Reader and Oak Creek.

    The 4.0 players listed were the cream of the crop 3.5 players that were bumped mid-season last year. With the year-end ratings, those guys are now in the top 20% of all 4.0 players so I wouldn't be using their records.

    In no defense to Reader, there are plenty of other 4.0s out there that were bumped mid-season that have losing records. Basically if you took players from each of the bottom 2 teams in each flight, you would see most of those guys with losing records. Teams like Greenhill Kayser, Huffines Ratcliffe, Highpoint Jameson, all teams that were either in the QT or City at 3.5 last year have losing records. The only flight you don't see that in is Flight E which is weak all together.

  88. Marvin,
    CUT IT OUT. Grow up and be a man.
    All we ask is (1) quit tanking and (2) quit whining and shit throwing. Your posts are meaningless at this point.

  89. Anon -

    No you cut it out. I now see why Klamecki went to Disqus. To keep psychos like you from over posting. You must be the same guy who was posting about Getz.

    Give it a rest. Please.

    a) Bent Tree finished ahead of Oak Creek
    b) HP defaulted 1 line to BT
    c) Tanking is very boring
    d) Reader is a chronic whiner
    e) Reader has a tiny pecker
    f) All of the above

  91. Ok sports fans, it appears that Reader isnt the only tanker out there in 4.0 after a quick review here is my list of most blatant TANKERS/Wankers in 4.0

    M. Reader
    J. Bloom
    Robert Weinberg
    Matthew Sanders
    Win Purifoy
    Richard Otto
    Richard Beford
    Larry Lipsie
    Samuel Bert
    Ed Ratcliffe
    RA Narayan
    Gary Beck
    Pedro Montalvo
    Robert Kayser
    A. Boozer
    S. Decordova

    Take a look at any of the above's record in fall and or spring and see if you agree with me...

  92. My only encounter with Reader was when he played Tuan Quach and he complained of TQ having a 3.5game. I thought, but didn't say, as a 4.0 you should beat him right?? I thought his remarks were rude an uncalled for.

  93. Larry Lipsie - He is a solid 3.5 singles player. He has been struggling at 4.0 especially in tournaments. I doubt he is tanking matches just does not have the game to make an impact at 4.0.

    Gary Beck - average 4.0 doubles player if put with an average or above partner. put him with a weak partner and bad things will happen.

    The rest of the names in the list I have not seen play enough to comment.

  94. T.Q.? Isnt he the guy from Sisk's team that is known to be one of if not the biggest "hooker" (cheater) in Dallas league history? He either has the worst eye sight around or just wants to win so bad that he cheats! Figures he would end up on Sisk team...

  95. 708 poster is a genius__Sisk says Reader played his player TQ and anon asks if that Tq is on Sisk's team?! Genius I tell you.

  96. John, who do you think will win the QT?

  97. Oh wow, are they giving out tropheys for Q.T. now a days? Doesn't really matter does it? All I know is you will be blogging while I'm scheduling the line up for for DCC so maybe you should go work on your backhand and, for Pete sakes, do something w/ that serve. That second serve of yours looks more like a mixed doubles serve.

  98. IMO---Village will win QT. I know Jonathan Patrick and Matt Jacob, both are real good players. Jcc would be my second pick, because I'm somewhat familiar with them.

  99. Sisk, how many teams do you have now? One A team, one B team, a tanking team, and that is in all divisions just about. Speak.

  100. To the anon listing all the 4.0 "tankers". Who the hell are you? Did you get bumped and what is you record? If you did't get bumped, you are playing 3.5 which is more like 3.0 so if you aren't waxing everyone you play, you probably just all around suck and shouldn't be commenting at all.

  101. That was Marvin Reader listing those guys. Still trying to cover up his own tanking.

  102. I know a lot of those players; I don't think they are tanking.

  103. I agree. The vast majority on the list are trying their best. Marvin is always looking for a conspiracy theory.

  104. It is always an adjustment moving up a level & more so for those that got bumped because of the big reshuffle.

    It takes at least a season to try and adjust once you have been bumped. For some they are just unable to make the adjustment even after a year so the computer will put them back where they deserve to be.

  105. Many of those players truly belong a level down. When you look at the list of notable bump ups, they are doing fairly well but that list of 'tankers' were nowhere the same level of those other guys. If those guys start losing ridiculously bad, then you can call tanking.

  106. Will the real High Point please stand up?

    -Michael Jackson via the grave-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  107. Gerber is 5-5 at 4.0.

  108. Gerber is 5-1 at 4.0 this season and his only loss was in a third set tie break.

  109. Gerber, Quit posting your record on here, nobody really cares except you!

  110. I don't know who posted my record on here nor do I care, but it wasn't me. I left you 3.5 scrubs a while back and never plan on returning.

  111. Does anybody know if the QT schedule has been published?

  112. If you "left us 3.5 scrubs a while back", then how the heck would you know there was a post about you and what are you doing on the 3.5 thread to defend it. And I can tell, that is the Big Unit posting.

  113. QT Schedule:

    Friday, July 9 at 8:00 PM :

    JCC vs. Bent Tree
    Village vs. Oak Creek

    Saturday, July 10 at 9:00 AM:

    Oak Creek vs. JCC
    Village vs. Bent Tree

    Sunday, July 11 at 11:00 AM:

    JCC vs. Village
    Bent Tree vs. Oak Creek

    Good Luck to all !!!

  114. 8pm start for Friday's QT match.
    Glad I don't have to play QT as that's a late start.
    I cannot remember ever playing a USTA match anywhere near that late a start time.

  115. It's hard to see the ball at night. Playing at night changes the game somewhat. Why can't they play at Greenhill or somewhere else and start around 6pm or 6:30pm?