Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall v. Spring

So I see a few postings about the Fall v. Spring so I thought I would post it up as a topic until we get some weekend results and since their isn't any great MOWs this week anyway.

My two cents is in Dallas it is obviously different than other places because their is a tie-in to the Spring season. In my experience if you have a team you like it is a great oppurtunity to prepare your team for the Spring season and know what you have going into that season and if you get an auto-bid even better.

I think for teams that aren't in the running it is easy to say it doesn't matter but I like having the Fall like it is because most all the teams are into it and care about their results. We have not had that many defaults save for a couple of teams and ours was on accident and last minute.

When I first put a team together I really wanted to win the fall before we made a run at Spring 2007 but as we got near the end of our season I knew my roster was not strong enough so I was rather happy to shed some players and reload for the next season and not have to think about retaining 70% of my players. Now this year I feel the exact opposite, save for one player I want to keep all my players and add Eddie Hill as a lefty sub at singles for 2009.



  1. It is good to have a link from fall to spring. But it would be much better to give the fall winner a spot in the QT not in the DCC. That way a fall winner would still have some incentive to try to finish first in their spring flight.

  2. If you scout a good player or have one on your team already it's pointless to play them in the fall and then lose them for the spring when it counts,
    Unless you use the fall for tanking So get busy Noaman, Forresst, Ect..
    You better start tanking if you want to be 4.0 next year.

  3. I agree. it should only be to get in the QT which is still a big incentive. The Fall is a great time to get folks prepped for the Spring.

    I've always wondered if the Fall scores really factor into the Year-end ratings or not; because from a system perspective, the Fall is the 2009 season and not 2008 so it would require doing a multi-year equation. I'm sure it is just cumulative but it is interesting that we are already classified as 2009.

  4. Yea, that bugs me too. Why is play in Sept - Nov, 2008 considered fall 2009?

  5. I had never thought about that. I hope it counts. I mean i don't care either way. :)

    I agree with the thought of just being guaranteed a QT spot that way if that team isn't that great in the Spring they still have to earn their way to the DCC.

    but of course we can talk about that rule for the following year.

  6. 8.5 mens Combo Sectionals

    Ft. Worth 2-1 over Dallas

  7. I like it. It gives you a chance to experience with your not as best players. So, you can have some of your almost great lines playing in tough matches to see how they do.

    Plus, otherwise, it just takes all the incentive out of winning in the fall if they can't go all the way to City right off the bat.

  8. I like how the winner can play God. Once you win the fall you would be foolish to do nothing else but to finish 3rd in the spring.

    Why would you want to have better competition in the dance?

    Knock one out without even playing against them. Less teams coming out of the qualifer bracket.

    I would never suggest individuals would tank their matches, but you might see some interesting match ups for the big games.

  9. I agree. If and when we win the Fall, I feel my team would have earned the right to manipulate matches as we see fit in the Spring. Regardless of what people say, winning the whole enchilada is not easy, even in the Fall and the winner deserves something substantial.

    Even when we sweep our flight, it is no guarantee we will win the Fall playoff.

  10. If the fall winner was guaranteed a spot in the QT _ that would be incentive enough to try to win the fall. Also would provide SOME incentive to play hard in the spring to make City

  11. The QT is not incentive. The team that wins the fall should already be good enough to make the QT - so this is not incentive at all.

    The whole point is if you win the Fall you should not have to worry at all on your lineups each week as you are guaranteed a DCC slot.

  12. for a lot of teams, like Corey's -they will not make the playoffs in the spring unless they win the fall, so they have to win the fall. That is why Corey is having so much fun this fall winning. The fall playoffs are kind of like that tournament that they play for College Teams (65- 128)who do not make the Big Dance in Collge Basketball.

  13. Dont agree that QT spot is no incentive but respect your opinion

  14. My team made the playoffs last spring and this team is better than that one.

  15. You can't stop yourself from opening your mouth can you Corey?

  16. Just the facts sir.

  17. I agree w Cory on this one, although, I would not put my name behind it openly.

    You can basically knock someone right out of the QT, as only 1 team will advance out of the QT if you simply don't win your flight and just auto advance to City.

    You want less quality teams to have to beat in city and increase your chances of winning the whole city or taking the Wild Card to get to Sectionals.

    The incentive is completely there to not do well in the spring after winning fall, give some guys a chance to play some tough matches that you wouldn't trust otherwise to test their mettle so how they would do in a real dog fight for them.

    Its a no brainer. Win City in the Fall, finish 3rd in your flight in the Spring.

    Keeps just 1 team to advance to the City against you. That is plenty of incentive to win the Spring and rightfully so. Makes Fall that much more important.

    Obviously you should be good enough to win Fall and Spring, so you have to do everything you can to manipulate the odds of winning again in the spring as best as possible, as matches do start to come down to 3-2 wins in the City.

    wouldn't you want to play a lesser quality team in the City match up?

  18. As I have already established, none of the posts in this thread were from me. I would love to win the fall, but I have a feeling I might regret it when I lose 3-5 players to 5.0, which I'm almost sure will happen if we manage to win in the playoffs.

  19. "Coredawg" strikes again.

  20. Who is the real Corey then? I am lost! Damn it! I even called him by his real name! I meant who is the real Nancy?

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