Tuesday, October 7, 2008

4.0 Week 6

Flight A
Not too much going on here. Springpark seems to have played no matches so maybe they will be playing three this week who knows. Or if they want to just give 1st place to us, I am totally fine with that.

Flight B
This flight is getting real interesting and this weekend it should get amped up even more. Garland takes on unbeaten OC in our 4.0 MOW. With a win they would take over first place since they have been winning by wide margins. HP/Somabut takes on the Springpark B team who has been hit or miss this year but could cause them some trouble.

Flight C
This flight is also getting very spicy with Eddie calling out Hackberry as his new favorite team and their new big fan to take out BH Pearlman for him. Before that happens in the final week team Eddie runs into another tough match with Garland who narrowly missed beating unbeaten Brookhaven. It should get interesting but Team Eddie should squeak by in this one. I like them by a 3-2 margin. Sorry Eddie no big result this weekend unless they can't bring out their best 8.

Flight D
This flight is shaping up as really solid. Yeah yeah I know I love flight D but these teams are really good and would all contend in other flights for sure. After two upsets last week their is a logjam at the top and it should get shaken up a little as these two matches happen.

T Bar v. Stonebridge and Brookhaven v. Greenhill.

Greenhill has made a believer out of me and I feel they will takeover this flight with this match. Stonebridge has a shot to take this one. TBar showed that without Shannon Grant and 1 or 2 others they are not that deep. Stonebridge has some talent in doubles and will need to grab one singles match and could make this match interesting. OK I have talked them up enough, I will take SB to get the upset 3-2 and send TBar stumbling.


  1. Carey, you are right on the money. Greenhill will beat Brookhaven and i also expect a 3-2 win by Stonebridge. All good teams but having played all of them this year already, I give the edge to Greenhill and Stonebridge is always tough.


  2. Rockettman,
    I disagree. T-Bar singles are too strong, as long as their captain can get his top two singles guys to be available this Sunday. If he can just get Shannon and Sam available to play on Sunday and sweep singles, I will then expect a 4-1 victory for T-Bar.

    Patrick Solomons is a very good player, but he would be stronger in doubles. (Just my 2 cents)

  3. I don't see Bartlett being able to beat Greenhill. I just don't think they have enough talent.

  4. San Antonio Replay this week-end.

    Any important 4.0 player going to be missing?

  5. Mark Jenkins and Noaman are two that immediately come to mind.

    I'm throwing out this prediction, that Trae B. will do well in the first round this time and not be eligible for Consolation.

    Good Luck Trae. Tim Newman is "ripe" for you to pull off this upset.

    You also have Clifford Webb and Scott Russell possibly out. I heard a rumor that Eddie promised Forrest Cowboys season tickets if he wouldn't play, so don't expect Forrest to show up in San Antonio.

  6. names in the draw who contribute to their teams:

    Cliff Webb - OC
    Scott Russell -Dirty G
    Leonard Hutchinson -Dirty G
    Noaman -HP
    Doug Voss - HP
    Trae "Sexual Chocolate" Bowman - HP
    Tim Newman - HP
    Stephen Terrell -HP
    Vince Kingsley -HP

    Anybody else?
    A lot of SomeButt there.

  7. Funny. No such offer was made but he does get to borrow my car on the weekends he plays. :-) I like our chances to win out and we are very focused on 4-1 or 5-0 wins unlike Bazan's team that makes sure everyone get's a few losses so they won't get bumped. oops did I say that out loud??? Good luck to all this weekend. Are we playing Clean Garland or Dirty Garland this weekend. Please let me know? Wish I was in Flight A or D so we could dump lines. Did I say that out loud again??? Brookhaven, Hackberry, Clean Garland, Eagles Landing, and Lifetime all in the same flight??? Hmmm 4 of top 8 teams in Dallas 4.0 in same flight? Cary are you in charge of Flight selection?? Let me know. Eddie

  8. Hackberry may be good, but they have bad loss to LBH/Parsons that got beat 5.0 by Lifetime. Hard to put them in the top 8. We will see how good they are when the pay E Landing and Bhaven to end the season. See if Eddie is a prophet or not. Bhaven, LTF, and EL are in top 10 for sure.



    2. HP/BAZAN




    6. THE LAKES



  10. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    OC continues to be snubbed

  11. I guess you run your mouth and lose matches, that make you #1.

    You & Eddie must have graduated from Terrell Owens University

  12. Lifetime has the best team and everyone knows it. You may not like it but it is the truth. Best thing about this is that it will all come out in the City Finals.

  13. HP Bazan #2 really??

    Also you can go ahead and move both Garland/Sisk and HP ahead of Pearlman. This Garland team is far better than the one Pearlman squeeked by last weekend.

  14. Lifetimes indv. match record is 16-4. Gar/Sisk is 20-5 HP/Baz is 17-8. Bhaven/Pearl 14-6. HP/Soma 17-8. considering the line-ups that have been in place thus far and toughness of the schedule. I would stand by those Midseason Rankings.

  15. bazan's 24th playerOctober 7, 2008 at 1:32 PM

    U know, we have dirty garland, sluty garland, so if we run w that line of thought, then the other garland must be virgin garland.

    Its getting crowded at the top. I don't ANY brookhaven team in the top 10 though.

    Dirty needs to be in the top 4 or 5, and OC will get respect if they can win this weekend. Somabut has been crying line up issue ever since they played u, so we will find out this weekend about u. Until then,no such luck for respect.

  16. Bazan's 24th is an idiot. What does what you just said mean? Speak english please!!!!

  17. Bazan's 24th PlayerOctober 7, 2008 at 2:08 PM

    fine. its a blog. u dont have to go back and make it perfect.

    I don't SEE ANY brookhaven team in the top 10 though.

  18. I aparently need full disclosure on which Garland team is which. Last Spring the 3.5 team was "Dirty Garland". That team is now playing 4.0 minus its best 4 players and is now known as "Virgin Garland".

    The old Garland 4.0 team, which is the team struggling in "C", lost McKinney to 4.5 and several of its best players to the Sisk team - is this "Slutty Garland".

    Then there is Sisk team in Flight B. This is the best players off the 3.5 national team along with a few of the strong players from the other Garland team plus some new recruits - I will assume this is the new "Dirty Garland"

    Do I have that straight?

  19. Let's just start with the fact that there are no "Virgins in Garland"

  20. So which team is Gay Lifetime,
    Which one is Bi-Lifetime ?

  21. there is only the #1 Team in Dallas Lifetime!!!

  22. So which one is it.

    OC1. Don't get no Respect Oak Creek


    OC2. Should still be at 3.5 Oak Creek

    I forget which one is which?

  23. Don't hate on Lifetime. They will represent Dallas well at Sectionals

  24. Dirrty Garland is the 3.5 Sisk team that got bumped to 4.0. The better Sisk team. Has the original "dirty" 2 players Flora, Courtney, and the Captain "dirrty" Sisk himself. Forever known as just Dirrty.

    Slutty Garland is the other Sisk team. They are known as "Slutty", because they are so damn Easy, laying down and giving up all their lines without even pretending to hold out. In fact, many members seem to regularly show their "0" face on Sundays.

    Virgin Garland, has neither Dirty or slutty members on its team, so they are "Virgin" of any of the Sisk regime. They should not feel guilty for wearing white on Sundays.

    The 3 teams of Garland:

    Got it?

  25. boy i am so confused!

  26. The only 2 players that were considered out of level by some from the original Dirty 3.5 sisk team of last season were Flora and Courtney (Sisk was the "ring leader" or captain)

    That is why the name carried over to that 4.0 Sisk team of this season.

    If you don't get it now, I can't help you.

  27. The 2 teams of OC

    No Respect
    No Game

  28. Defeo looks to be just as suspect based on his playoff and 4.0 results

  29. I don't think defeo came in unrated. I think he just improved tremendously. His 4.0 results ARE very outstanding.

  30. Ah, you guy's are great!lol I have a history with the majority of these players on all three teams. I am still searching,as all should be,to improve his team! The spring is when it counts,so LOAD UP!
    slutty,dirty and nasty(not virgin)

  31. defeo self-rated at 3.5 in late May, played two regular season matches to qualify for the play-offs. He just didn't get as much attention as the other two

  32. I am not going to rehash old stuff. What is done is done. And last year. That was interesting information to know, but eff it.

  33. He still lost matches in sectionals. Was not over dominating.

  34. #2 Really? Did you mean why aren't we #1? I was thinking the same thing.

    Eddie. Eddie. I thought we were friends. We were going to give you a 4-1 instead of a sweep in the playoffs. It is on now!

  35. Sweep Lifetime Cary???? Haha. YOu guys couldn't fight your way out of a paper sack. Your team squeaks by each week and you think because you are undefeated that you should be considered #1? If you don't stop telling Kent to throw matches soon, he will forget what winning feels like and that will be BAD for your team. As much as I hate to say this, I think team Eddie is hitting their stride right now and looks good going into the playoffs.

  36. Team Eddie says this stuff every season and then there is an excuse why they always come up short.

  37. 1. HP Bazan

    2. OC 1

    3. Dirty G

    4. HP Somabut

    5. BHaven Pearl

    9 or 10. LTF Hill

  38. I suspect #3 will move up to #2 after this weekend!! That should move H.P. Somabut up to #3 and O.C. back to #5 or #6 maybe #7. With a strong win LTF could ease back into the top 8.

  39. ahhh the wiseness of the anons. I like it. See this is why we must keep them. Because of their brilliance.

  40. Cary,
    Why are you trying to call me out?? Just for that we will break out the 5-0 can of whop ass for you guys when we meet at DCC. I do agree with those first set of rankings, except might put Hackberry higher. they are good, it is a shame they blew that match against LB Parsons. Anyway, I love all the trash talk about LTF being ranked 9 or 10. F-ing Hilarious!! Bring on All comers.

    Eddie. BTW, I still have an outside chance of returning for DCC. Watch out.

  41. Hey "Looping Backhand Pirate"... I hope you put yourself in the line-up when and if you play Lifetime so they can bring the "Unlucky Thunder" on you.

  42. Lifetime will be horrible when they lose Forrest. He is their only guaranteed line. That Kennedy is good too but he could be bumped up soon.

  43. They seem to be winning lines around him

  44. So if Garland were to go heads up agains OC1. What would be the match-ups? We havn't heard much about the individual players on these teams.

  45. Sisk never plays straight up - so why bother speculating.

  46. You all must remember the original 3.5 was with VJ and others so technically all 3 teams are dirty!

  47. yep it is hard to speculate lineups especially with Leonard and Scott down at sectionals I believe. But let's just say they both bring their HP lineup:

    Defeo v. Ahner (Garland wins)
    Russell v. Kelley (OC wins)
    Phelps/Delira v. Webb/Fossler (OC wins)
    Sullivan/Hutchison v. Bayley/Vonder...(OC wins)
    Flora/Oberto v. Spinks/Hill (Garland wins)

    OC wins 3-2

    I doubt those are the lineups but seemsl like that is how it would go.

  48. Eddie in the lineup. Awesome I will guarantee a 5-0 sweep now.

    BTW, Cary is out for the season. Due to an injured tennis game. I will be in charge of nervously watching from the sidelines.

    My competition will be on the blog challenge ladder from here till November, except for maybe a scrimmage here and there.

    Still might want to play Walters if he will put himself out there in our last match.

  49. Now we know why you guys are undefeated. Makes sense now that we know you are staying out of the line-up.

  50. That was funny!!

  51. Lifetime will lose this week. Other than Forrest beating Jackson on line 1 singles. They will lose the other 4 lines.

  52. you are a retard. Lifetime will win for sure! Not sure by what margin, but definitely a win in their column

  53. Lifetime WINS! And will not drop a set this weekend. they are starting to really take shape and seem to have all pieces back.

  54. see, I told ya. LTF won 5-0 and did not drop a set vs Garland.