Tuesday, October 7, 2008

4.5 Week 5

So Flight A seems to have a lot of solid teams which lends this flight to some great matchups each week and this week is no different.

Brookhaven v. Hackberry should be a solid matchup of two 3-1 teams with playoff hopes now that Team Branch has dropped back a little bit.

Greenhill v. Northwood should be a good one as well and let's see if Corey can keep his team focused after their huge win last weekend. Greenhill is 3-1 and with a win here could really throw a wrench in the mix.

Also the OC/Bovermann v. HP/Loose match is pretty much an elimination match since 3 losses in this flight is a kiss of death.

Flight B
Corey said everyone in this flight sucks and he could beat you all left handed. Oh I am sorry he told me not to post that.

There are still three unbeatens in this flight which should start to change soon but so far it is hard to pick a strong winner out of those three High Point, Royal Oaks and OC/Feldman. All have good things about their teams but out of the three OC/Feldman might be the best equipped.

This week has our MOW as High Point/Pham takes on previously unbeaten Lakes. For those of you who jumped off the Lakes bandwagon after their close loss to Royal Oaks you can get back on after they score the upset this weekend over High Point. Yep Lakes takes this one 3-2. If the Lakes loses though I think it will be too hard to recover for them.


  1. Corey can beat everyone left handed. He is just that good.

  2. Nancy has the team to beat in the fall!

  3. 9:33 why are you so hateful?

  4. Corey has a good team.
    My guess is that it will be a little different when Spring comes around.
    Just a hunch.
    Good job this fall though!!

  5. not hateful tough love

  6. Corey thinks he is "picked on" by people on this board. But when he says stuff like:

    "...I also wanted to rub it in the face of the vast majority of people who picked Branch to win." (after a fall win vs. Branch)

    And says critical things about other teams, he completely brings it on himself.

    I mean, show a little humility and don't get so carried away with a win in fall league.

    I don't know the guy but he seems like he might have been a regular rider on the short yellow bus while growing up.

  7. Nancy does seem to have some issues

  8. Corey wasn't bragging or rubbing it in. He and his team got a good win this weekend and he is proud. So what if it is the fall, let the guy be happy and pump his chest a bit. He is not hurting anyone. He is a nice guy who just wants to be the best. If my score keeping is correct, as of today, HIS TEAM IS THE BEST 4.5 IN DALLAS. Corey's team will be the top 4.5 team in Dallas for the next few years - Get used to it.

  9. Hey Anon at 6:45AM, how many actual 4.5 playoff teams have you seen play? I assume it is very few since Corey's team finished 4th out of 4 teams in the spring playoffs.

    They have some very good players but depth is the key. No team other than Branch has proven to have enough depth...yet.

  10. you don't need depth, depth is for losers. You need 3 good lines of starters to win at city and sectionals. Depth is for the Dallas Mavericks and it got Avery fired, last i checked. If you win 3 lines, you win. They have 3, maybe 4 - VERY good lines that can compete with any team in the state. Who cares if those 3 lines get tired, they can rest on the plane ride to nationals. GO Nancy

  11. "They have 3, maybe 4 - VERY good lines that can compete with any team in the state."

    Tap the breaks there kiddo.

  12. Keep fall in perspective. Corey's team is improving but if 4.5 city was replayed with the same four teams, they would improve from 4th to 3rd. No way they beat Branch's spring team. No way they beat Royal Oaks and their top 3 lines. When someone asked a couple of days ago if Corey's team beating Branch's team was a passing a torch, it was. Only problem was it was not the tourch they were referring to. It was the torch that moved them passed TBar, OC Feldman and a weakened Royal Oaks team. That is all. They might make sectionals in 2009 but that will mostly depend on what Royal Oaks gets back. The fight is going to be for 2nd place.

  13. Why do you think Corey's team would move up to 3rd if they replayed cities? Who did they add?

    Feldman added a very strong singles player who has yet to lose a match. Also added at least a couple of strong doubles players.

    Tbar has about a zillion people on their roster...do you know who those people are? Why would they just randomly add people if they weren't players?

    Given that this is fall and it is often tough to field a team each weekend, results and final standings mean less.

    So as one of the previous posters stated - "tap the brakes"

  14. Branch uses the Fall to tank matches and keep other matches close, so I wouldn't get too carried away with Corey's team beating them. Branch's fall scores are always suspect.

  15. exactly what most good teams/players do

  16. I love how everybody says the fall means nothing. Nobody was saying that last season when Branch, Somabut, and Sisk all rolled through. By the way, all three of those teams made it to sectionals. I'm not claiming to have the best team in Dallas, but the fall only means nothing to the teams that don't win.
    My team has added a couple of players this season, but the other three playoff teams from the spring have dropped off quite a bit. Any arrogant comment I make on this blog is a joke, nothing more. You will be hard-pressed to find another captain or opponent to say something bad about me.
    Of course the fall is far less important than the spring, but it's still tennis. But as I pointed out earlier, winning the fall has been a good precursor to success in the spring.
    Success in the spring will have a lot to do with what teams can keep their rosters intact, and add those 1 or 2 5.0 players who never lose to get those playoff wins.

  17. Corey - when you say - "the other three playoff teams from the spring have dropped off quite a bit."

    royal oaks may have dropped, but feldman and branch added a top player each. who did they lose.

    and don't forget about Brookhaven adding LaSalle and Ramos and that line can beat any line in 4.5 tennis. Brookhaven may be the team that everyone is forgetting about - they are tough.

  18. corey - this is a 4.5 league, why would you say that you try to add a couple of 5.0's to your team for next year. was that slip or did i miss something. not following, sorry.

  19. shhh, don't wake up Brookhaven. Yuri still nursing a good bottle of vodka. keep him down.

    what ever happened to that anon hack wanting to move from 5.0 to 4.5 where he thinks he will easily dominate? where u at bubba?

  20. this is not a 4.5 league when it counts. to go anywhere you are a 4.5 team with 5.0 players.

  21. that's cheating - nice sportsmanship. comments and attitudes like that ruins the game of tennis and league. just play your appropriate league.

    it's pretty simple. if you are beat me, you are a 5.0 - if i beat you, you are a very talented good 4.5.


  22. that one is funny

  23. Nancy's team is for real and i think they'll be the best next spring as well.

  24. Anonymous 3:58 PM

    Please get off your knees and make sure to use your bib to wipe off the excess.


  25. Oh, gee. Rusty lost one player. Only the best player in the 4.5 league. Walt Williams, have you heard of him?
    I'm not as familiar with Feldman's team because they weren't and still aren't in our flight but isn't their roster only 12 or 13. I know they had more than that in the spring, so they must have lost someone. Viktorin will help them a lot but they are not exactly rolling through this season so far.
    As far as the 5.0 comment, every winning 3.5 team has 4.0 players, every winning 4.0 team has 4.5 players, etc. I was the only playoff team not to have any players bumped to 5.0 last season and we finished last in the DCCs. What does that tell you?
    The goal is to have players that start the season at the appropriate level, and through practice and match experience are better come playoff time. We have seen many examples of this with players coming on strong in time for playoffs i.e. Defeo, Blumberg, Harvey, etc. I don't believe people were arguing that these players were out of level after their first few matches.
    One more thing, didn't Lasalle and Ramos already lose this season? Brookhaven is always tough, but they too lost their best player from the spring (Carl Sechen). That was a guaranteed win for them every time out. They no longer have that.

  26. Corey - you may need to look slightly deeper at this issue of Fall league. I'm not on Branch's team but let me just take a wild ass stab at what he might be doing.

    I would bet that they believe that Fall league is nice to win, but not the main objective. Doing too well in fall could mean a year end bump. They have 2 primary objectives:

    1. Insure that they keep their high 4.5 players rated as 4.5's. This will require a loss or two - or keeping the scores close in a win.(Kiron, Sleazak, Stone, Clark, etc). Although we don't know the exact formula, we do know that the USTA computer looks at the differential of total games won vs expected # of games won based on the pre-match ratings of the players (out to the hundredths - ex. 4.35). The computer doesn't look at who won, it is games won that matter.

    2. To get any self-rated 4.5's a computer rating at 4.5. This will lower the risk of dq and/or bump up in spring (Smith).

    So how do you best accomplish these two goals? It appears that Branch is continuing to get more creative in his approach. This years recipe seems to be:

    - split your team into two teams (Ken Loose now has a team and took some players) so it is easier to spread the losses around yet they can still keep the matches competitive and have a chance to win the overall match each week.
    - Play 5.0 matches and lose, making sure you don't win many games (remember, you just need to win fewer games than the computer expects based on the ratings match-up)
    - Have any players that are very close to getting bumped, sit out (Williams).

    Meeting the 2 objectives is the first priority. If by chance that they can win the fall league in the playoffs, that is nice but not the primary objective.

    Corey - you have a nice team but you should be taking notes from Branch, not spouting off after beating his team.

    Just a thought.

  27. Also not on Branch's team - but here is something else to note.

    1. There is not a team in Dallas that wouldn't love to have the free pass to the DCC in the spring granted to the Fall winner. Obviously spring is more important, but some people sound like sour grapes when they say this entire season doesn't matter at all.

    2. Manipulating lines and putting players in positions where they may not be as dominate is fine, but losing on purpose, even if its just a few games is poor class. I personally would never do that and hope no one on my team would do that. I would hope every player in the league is playing to win.

    3. I don't know Corey or his team, but 18-2 in any season is pretty impressive. At the same time, it isn't over until it's over. New England did lose the super bowl last season.

  28. First of all, let me be very clear about one thing, I am not on branchs team.


    Damnit, i forgot my second point, but i would like to reiterate, that i am not on branchs team.

    Thirdly - anyone need a QB - i got Jake.

  29. Corica - Walt/Yao did not leave Branch's team. He was suspended for taking Human Growth Hormones.

    His suspension will be lifted by spring.

  30. you can keep Jake. I need WR's

  31. I am on Branch's team (that's right, I admit it).... what accusations to manipulate the ratings... sounds like we stayed up all night and passed out assignments on what each player could do and what they had to do...personally I am assigned to go 3-2 this season while never winning more that 6-3 6-3 and my losses must be in doubles with players we perceive to be a higher risk... we even talked half our players into forming a second team... that way we can lose to them on purpose (maybe they just wanted to play more tennis and with a roster of 20+ you do the math)... as a player (not captain) of team Branch, I have to confess the secret to success...we have been accussed of ratings manipulation in every possible way (some very creative ones I must admit) but we have found the holy grail of ratings (and one y'all have not even accussed us of).... we have actually learned how to hack into the USTA computers...Branch should be one of those heroes people on that show Heroes with his computer skills... not only has he messed with the computer ratings, he has manipulated the taxes he pays and incredibly enough our fantasy football league- there is no way he should be 3-2 with that roster

  32. OK, I admit, I am not on Branch's team but I do play QB in the NFL and that sorry SOB drafted me (illegally) in the 4th round pick this season. What a career downer for me - i have yet to take my baseball cap off yet.

    While I could certainly start on most teams, Branch has secretly kept me in the closet hoping to trade me late in the season when other QB's start getting hurt - like McNabb or Brady for instance. This is unfair and a manipulation of the rules. While other captains were picking tightends, kickers, and defenses, Jack-ass Branch was picking a QB that he KNEW would probably not play and only be used for trade bait. I say if you are not going to play someone, you should not be allowed to draft them until the 7th round. Anything less than that, tears the spirit of the league into shambles.

    I feel like this is manipulation and cheating. When Beavis Branch signed me, he promised that i would get to play if i recovered from Tommy John surgery and could do better than that EYE WART growing Drew "hates his mother" Brees.

    I have been left with no other recourse than to jump on this blog and air my frustration. I have also filed a grievance with Tosha to see if she can help.

    Yes, our fantasy team is winning and making the rest of that sorry league look like beginners, but it's the way Shmuck for Brains did it. He even manipulated a couple of other captains to let him borrow their draft sheets that night, bc he was too cheap to buy his own, and then turns around and beats those two captains like CHIMPANZIES the first two weeks of the season.

    Corey, I am glad you beat those guys this weekend. Be LOUD AND PROUD - you deserve it.

    Jake Del"homes"

    Would a captain please step up and make Crap for Brains an offer - i am dying on his team. And don't insult me, with a decent offer - you better make it good one or he will continue to let me rot on the bence. Make an OFFER.

  33. I offer you Terry Glenn

  34. I offer you Obama's Momma.
    Go McCain.

    Seriosly - I will also throw in AR Hacker.

  35. If you aren't manipulating the system now, you aren't winning next August, plain and simple.

  36. that's why we are hacking into the USTA computers. Much easier than tanking

  37. Where do you think Nancy stacks up against the top 4.5 singles players in Dallas? Obviously not as good as Ron Morrison, but maybe top 10???

  38. I ran the numbers. He is #11

  39. As for the points about Branch, I am 99.9% sure that it was not his idea to split his team in half. The guys that left were unhappy with their situation and decided to form their own team.
    2nd, Walt did not want to play this season. I've had numerous conversations with him and Saturdays are just a bad day for him.
    3rd, it's obvious that Branch is not taking this season as seriously as they will the spring. But every player at the match last Saturday was trying to win, and we came out on the winning end (barely).

    The problem for Branch's team or any team that doesn't win the fall is that they don't have the luxury of hiding players during the spring, like Branch could have last season. You can't risk leaving your best players out when you have to win.

    I fully expect to have some players bumped to 5.0 the way we're going. I will not ask any of them to lose games, sets, or matches; and I will not manipulate the lineups to help them lose. If that's what it takes to win then I guess we will never win. At the same time, if we have an opportunity in the last match or two to help a weaker team get into the playoffs over a stronger team, we will take advantage.

    P.S. I would love to see a ranking of the top 4.5 league players in Dallas. Might I suggest Viktorin, Branch, James, McCord, and others.

  40. Corey,

    Your list seems to be focusing on best singles players.

    Would you not put your very own Jones, Mason, Fair or Young up for consideration otherwise?

  41. Sorry, I think the previous post was about singles players. I would certainly put Mason, Fair, Young, and Jones near the top of any doubles list. The improvement all four of them has shown is remarkable.

  42. Corey - a little bit dis-respectful to us SCRUBS who you have to play in a few weeks. why don't you just worry about Stoner and Loose's team before you start detailing to the blog as to how you are going to lose on purpose to 'help' a weaker team get in the playoff. Are you always this PRE-MATURE when you get excited.

  43. First, I completely agree, I have no idea how Rusty got to 3-2 in our fantasy league.
    Second, I'm scheduled to lose 2 and 2 in 2 weeks and 0 and 1 the week after.
    That's according to our secret handbook.

  44. You gotta give nancy some credit. His guys are improving and they alwsy come to matches ready to play.

  45. No one is taking credit from Corey's team. They are a good bunch of guys. I think what's being said is that his best lineup against Branch results in a Branch win 10 times out of 10. No offense, I think that was proven at city's this past summer. And that still wasn't what was considered Branch's best. Branch, Stone and Kiron didn't play in that match. Look at the scores in that match. It wasn't close!!!
    Corey is a good guy and so are the guys on his team but after seeing both teams at city's they aren't competitive with Branch's best yet!! Just my opinion.

  46. In response to the 1:39 post, the key word in that sentence was if. After tonight we are 5-0, so barring a monumental collapse, we will be in the playoffs.

  47. In response to the last post, let's take a look at the match we played with Branch that "wasn't close." I lost my match 11-9 in the third-set tiebreak. My #2 team lost after one of my players threw up when they were up 5-4 in the first set. They retired after losing 7-5. Walt Williams handed my #1 team their only loss they've ever had, and he's not on their team anymore. They beat Stone and Braswell this past match.
    I also didn't have Matt McCord last season, who has yet to lose a singles match. He has wins over Kiron and Richard Wallace.
    I am confident that Doug and Jim would have beaten any other line they had, Matt could win his singles match, and Blake and Peter could have won that match. I also could have won my match.
    I think to assume we would lose 10 out of 10 times, especially when we just won the last time, is discrediting us just a tad. Branch didn't have his best lineup, but neither did I.
    Anyways, arguments like this are pointless because the likelihood of two teams' best lineups facing off is very slim. But it's fun to talk about.
    If you want to say Branch's team is better than us, there is a valid argument for that. To say we aren't competitive with them can't be argued.

  48. It's hard to put much stock in last weekend's match as Branch obviously had his best singles players playing doubles and vice versa.

    McCord looks like a nice addition though, if he's competitive with the likes of Branch and James AND the matchups fall just right I could see Noel's team pulling off an upset. Branch winning 10/10 is too harsh....9/10 is probably more accurate, which is better odds than the rest of us have had vs Branch in a couple of years.

    It will definitely be interesting to see what happens if Noel has the option of easing up on Brookhaven to avoid having to face Branch in the playoffs.

    Also - whoever said that Clark needed to "manage" his results needs to get with this decade.

  49. in response to yesterday's question re: Corey being a top 10 Dallas 4.5 player. Nice player. Nice guy but no. Let's take a look at the players that have come through 4.5 in the last 12 months (some have been bumped but we need a starting point)- Starting with the playoff teams and the pre-city tournament teams- some thoughts- Brookhaven-Sechen,

    Feldman (Vik, Feldman, Durten, maybe Champagne and maybe Zimmeran,

    TBar- probobably none but don't know the team that well- from cities results, singles not their strength-

    Royal Oaks- Phat, Molina and HG-

    Branch- 2 loses to two of their non singles specialists- Pollard, Morrison- then add their best singles players- Stone, Branch, Wesley James- plus maye Kiron who beat Molina and go back a year and there is W Williams who never really lost at 4.5 plus their new guy N Smith

    other- Chris Collins that got bumped and anybody that might be better on his own team and Ryan Snell beat him in the spring...

    that is almost 20 names off the top of my head- there are probably a couple of others that could be added- maybe Yuri or Frink, etc.

    With that being said, Corey would still be very competitive with a lot of the above people and would beat several on a lot of days.... I'd put him among the top 2-3 in captains too

    Is anyone left off or anyone be deleted?

  50. If i were Cory, i would definately tank that last match. If you do,you have a chance to win the FALL and get a new water jug from the DTA.

    IF you don't tank that final match and allow Branch's team to sneak into the playoffs, you will very well get your ass handed to you in the fall playoffs by them, when they play one of their better lineups.

    Worst than that, Branch will then probably call your line one doubles team and possibly recruit them to his team to play line 3 or 4 for his team. They need the depth, bc it gets hot in August at sectionals.

    the decision is easy - tank the final match. you have no other choice and it it is the smart thing to do.

    Unless of course you really do beleive that crap you are posting about how your team matches up. Then play it straight up and we would all learn how well the teams match up. you could really rub it some faces then.

  51. Clint Sumrow can beat any singles player on Branch's team on any given day and is one of the best doubles players in Dallas FW.

  52. yes, just ask Clint's mom

  53. I agree that I'm not in the top 10. I am playing as well as I've ever played but the top singles player for every competitive 4.5 team is a 5.0 player. I'm going to win at line 2 singles 90 percent of the time, but probably only 40 or 50 percent at line 1. If it comes down to that situation at the end of the season it will be an interesting decision. Brookhaven could lose by then anyway and Branch could pass them. I still see Branch as the favorite for the 2nd spot.
    Everybody has to admit though that anytime somebody says they want to beat the best team to win the championship that is BS. It is more satisfying to beat the best team, but I want the most favorable draw possible for me or my team in a tournament situation.

  54. Your right Corey, Walt was out there all by himself. I stood in the corner and watched him play!!!


  55. For those that even consider "tanking" or intentionally playing less than your best, no matter how much the system begs for it, you're gutless, chicken sh-t, A-holes, and when you need your best, you won't have it; the only difference I see between 4.0 and 4.5 is that the 4.5 guys hit the ball harder, but you're not better players, especially in doubles.

  56. So 4.0's are like girls?

    Thats a really funny comment!!!

  57. Typical response from a prick with no game

  58. Wow, you really got him with that comeback!!

  59. 4.5 players aren't better than 4.0s. That has to be the dumbest comment in the history of this blog. And there is a lot of competition.

  60. Chris, thanks for not playing against us. We needed that extra help. What happened in your match with Frank? I was very surprised by that result. He must have had a really good day. I think he is a good 4.5 player but I see you as a 5.0 singles player based on the times I've seen you play.

  61. That's what I meant when I said "you're not better players" (4.5's not better players than 4.0's) so I agree with you and with the competition, and I'm speaking as a 4.5 that was bumped up recently; I don't see a big difference.

  62. Let's compare your record at the end of this season to your record in 4.0 and then we'll talk. From any level to the next, 90 percent of players that get moved up are going to struggle at the next level for at least one season if not forever. I had a losing record my first couple of seasons at 4.5 I think and now I've had a winning record for several seasons in a row.
    It takes you a while to get used to a faster pace, more consistency, bigger serves, better conditioning, etc. Also, I would estimate that for each level you go up, the average age of your opponent goes down a few years. 3.5 and 4.0s are heavily populated with players in their 40s and 50s, whereas 4.5s and 5.0s are mostly in their 30s or even 20s. I'm not saying younger players are better, but in Texas we all know that conditioning is a huge factor, especially in singles.

  63. Also, I completely echo the 8:51 post. That didn't make much sense.

  64. I hate to continue my response but you have to consider there is a lot more sandbagging at the 3.5 and 4.0 levels. Remember that Dallas teams only had 7 players get bumped to 5.0 in total. There were 3.5 teams (and maybe 4.0) who had more players bumped up than that. So you probably played a lot of players in 4.0 that should have been playing 4.5.

  65. After playing a year in 4.5, and not being totally unsuccessful, I will say I noticed a big difference between 4.0 and 4.5. While there will always be a handful of players who will be able to fair well against the better players at the next level, even they will notice a difference in how hard they have to work to win. The first thing I noticed was even a 3-3 at 4.5 was a ton of work. There are a lot less free points at 4.5 than 4.0.
    While I will agree it is easier to compete at a level up in doubles, it always cracks me up when people say it is easy. If you take an average 4.0 return to 4.5 however, your going to get your partner hurt. That's where I see the biggest difference. At least in singles you don't leave with tennis ball tats if you overestimated your ability.
    I will agree that there are 4.5 players though who would trouble at the top of 4.0 but when you get to the average to above average there is a definite difference. The elite 4.5 can be downright humbling (thanks Sleazy).

  66. Any 4.5 results from today? Only one posted: Loose's team beats Bovermann, continuing their downward spiral since starting 2-0. I'm anxious to hear the Brookhaven v. Hackberry results and Lakes v. HP.

  67. Corey - what's up with you disrespecting Sleezak. Are you calling him out and saying that Walt beat your guys by himself. If so, foolish move on your part. You will face him again and no reason to talk smak with guys who are bigger and better than you.

    Why don't you line up and try to return one of Sleeazs serves in doubles - OR have anyone on your team beat him once before you disrespect him.

    Singles - suspect.
    Doubles - top 5 player in Dallas.
    Mixed - most eligible PLAYA in the state - homey drives a benz and can flat out ball.

  68. Now that was funny. I have to admit, Corey does seem to need a governor between his brain and what he types sometimes...

    Walt and Sleaz are a doubles team...you can argue about who is better individually, but the point of doubles is the team. What makes them good is when you combine them, they are a great team.

  69. Am I missing something? I said I thought he was a 5.0 player. I also said I was happy he didn't play against us. I like Chris and have known him, albeit not very well, for several years.

  70. Yes, you missed something Corey. You missed mentioning Chris' name, when you said Walt beat your best doubles team.

    Also, it was very obvios that you were talking about his motha in some of your comments. You did not come out and say it directly, but it was still obvios. God help you.

    YOU DON"T TALK ABOUT A PLAYA's MOMMA or his Barbarians.

  71. The topic of the comment was how Rusty's team has changed from last season. Chris is not involved in that topic because he played then and now, unlike Walt. Regardless, I've made it clear what I think of Chris and I'm sure he knows.