Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Events in late October

This year's "Serving Up Possibilities" Tennis Classic benefiting My Possibilities on Oct 24th & 25th is being hosted by Canyon Creek Country Club and Collin College Tennis Team!

Mixed Doubles
Friday, October 24th
Place-Canyon Creek CC

Men’s Doubles & Women’s Doubles
Saturday, Oct 25th
Collin College (Spring Creek Campus)
8:30am – 2:00pm

For more registration information please go to
or call Pam Ferrell at 972.743.1113

My Possibilities is a non-profit day program for adults with disabilities. The goal of My Possibilities is to provide a day program that encourages lifelong learning, independence and pre-vocational skills in a safe and nurturing environment for adults with disabilities post high school. My Possibilities is the first of a kind for adults with cognitive disabilities once these adults have completed high-school in Collin County.

Thank you for participating - all proceeds from this tournament will be used to keep this program affordable for families in our community.

The Stanford Championships are coming back to Dallas October 22-26, 2008. This year the event has been moved from Frisco to the new Turpin Tennis Center on the SMU campus.

All the players have been announced: Boris Becker, Jim Courier, Mark Philippoussis, Todd Martin, Wayne Ferreira, Aaron Krickstein, Jimmy Arias and Mikael Pernfors.

Also, Anna Kournikova will be playing a set of mixed at each of the Saturday sessions. (Hmmm, you might see me at these matches)

I hope you will be able to join us for this great tennis event. Here is the link to order tickets online: Please pass this along to the rest of your team, family and friends. Let’s support professional tennis in Dallas !


  1. I have bleacher seats for Courier vs Becker Friday the 24th,

    If anybody wants to come sit on my lap let me know.

    There is also a Women's Challenger next week at the Southlake Tennis Center,
    I'll probably be there as well taking some of them out for drinks.

  2. Yes, I've heard gay guys prefer having drinks with the ladies.

  3. There sure are alot of 3.5 players in the 4.0 draws at Brookhaven this weekend.

  4. I went to this last year. The turnout was very sad. I'm sure Anna K and the change of venue will give them a much needed boost. I may get free tickets for this year but we'll see.

  5. Cary,

    Do a write-up for Sectionals Mix Dubs.

  6. There are also a lot of 4.0 bump ups that cant seem to let the 3.5 draws go. Blackburn, Prather etc.

  7. "My Possibilities" - Great Cause! I hope we have a good turnout.

  8. Marc thanks for the info on the Southlake event. I wonder if I can convince the wife that is a "family" outing. I was actually there two weeks ago and there was a tourney playoff going on to see who would get the wilcard entry. Those girls were hitting the hell out of the ball.

    I like challenger events since you are up close and personal. the few I went to in CA were free I was surprised that the one at TBar charges. I got to see the Bryan Brothers and Michael Chang for free back then.

    I just missed the Agassi trip to the Burbank challenger tourney but when I played there they had pics all over of that event.

  9. Write up on MXD sectionals and Brookhaven tourney will most likely not happen but I will take a look this weekend as results come in.

    To try and research mixed teams from around the state doesn't hold much interest. The only interesting thing for us is to see whether some top players choose to head down there or play their league matches.

    I did just notice that Springpark got a wild card invite at 8.0.

    Slezak? Lazarine? Davis?

    I am rooting you all on though. after a not so strong showing at sr. sectionals we need some good showings from Dallas.

  10. For the poster from 10/2 @ 7:35 am, for your information I am trying to finish out the year by making it to the final " 8 " tournament in both singles and dbls. and to do that I need to play the remaining few that I'm playing and hopefully do well; Scott and I are playing dbls. @ Brookhaven to get some practice before we play at Sectionals, so again for you "anons" that are always trying to get in other peoples business, there's the scoop; and by the way what level do you play and why is it that you can't seem to let other peoples business go, as you put it?

  11. David,

    I'm not the one who had written about not letting go of 3.5 but thanks for the explanation. I'm sure we can all understand your position and good luck to you; However, I wish you would stop picking on your friend from Beaumont (I thinks his name is Getz). You are not funny and you're making the good anons look bad. I know most all of the anons and we are getting ready to out you. Just something for you to think about!!!

  12. Mr. Prather,

    Trying to make it to the final "8" is tough ..... IN 4.5. FOR GOD SAKES your talking about 3.5. YOU MUST SUCK. If I played 3.5 or 4.0 I would have to quite tennis ALTOGETHER!!!

  13. Didn't this Prather guy have an emotional melt down on one of the other prior threads like a month or two ago? How unstable!!!!!!!

  14. "If I played 3.5 or 4.0 I would have to quite tennis ALTOGETHER!!!"

    Well it's a good thin not everybody is like you or the USTA would have about 5,000 members.

    We are all glad you are so skilled.
    Why don't you take your athletic skills to a different sport like soccer and leave us alone, since you are so much better than all of us.

    Better yet, let us know who you are, I'm sure there are plenty of 3.5 and 4.0 players who will take you on in a different sport like Boxing or UMMA,
    You arrogant little prick.

  15. Easy there Prather, your kind of old to get all worked up like that, not sure the old ticker can handle that kind of anger! The point that anon seems to be making is you have been playing tennis for all these years to get better and keep advancing in levels, you finally get the big 4.0 bump up (of which I assume you were proud to get) and you still want to play in 3.5 draws? Will that be a big accomplisment if you and your fellow 4.0 partner actully win the 3.5 draw? You were the one that used to always accuse the dirty garland boys of "playing out of level" and here you go... By the way do you get a big trophy if you "finish the year in the final eight"? Wow a 4.0 finishing the year in the top 8 of 3.5, that would be a real nice accomplishment!

  16. I'm a firm believer that if you start something, you need to finish it. If he started 3.5, let him finish out the year. Apparently the USTA doesn't have a problem with it or they would have not let him register for the tourney at that level.
    Not comparing by any stretch, but didn't Tiger win the US amateur 3 years in a row (94-96) before going pro? Did he just like beating up on people below his level and winning trophies? I think not. You people need to get a life. Prather and Blackburn, I don't know you that well, but don't listen to these idiots. Good luck!

  17. Actually I agree. they can play 3.5 until the end of the year, and it is a big tourney.

    Not a big deal. There is a good chance neither will win it, or even walk through it, so good for them. I hope that they do well.

    If its in the rules that say they can do it, people shouldnt have a problem with it.

  18. Hey BMO, it was also "within the rules" for Glen Flora to self rate at 3.5 but you and your lifetime buddies did more bitching than I could stand. You and your boyfriend Prather sure sound like hypocrite's to me.