Thursday, April 10, 2008

Word of Caution as we begin season

Austin started their league about a month ago and they already have two DQ's at 4.0. The first one was your run of the mill DQ with Dennis McWilliams a self rated player dropping one too many bagels on his various opponents although some were 3.5 players yet those seemed to still affect his eventual DQ.

The interesting DQ was of Adrian Montanez who had a rating from playing Mixed Doubles and played tournaments at the open level and did well (sound familiar?). He seems to have been DQ'ed with only two strikes.

Has the USTA changed their equation a little bit to catch more people? They have talked about changes and it looks like they might have made some changes but just left us out of the loop probably with good reason. I think the overall change may be that EVERYONE is being looked at not just players with a brand new self rate.

It will be interesting to see what happens here in Dallas as well as other areas. FW seems unscathed so far but have been pretty good in the past so that isn't a surprise.


  1. so it looks we Vinnie remains alone. whomever our anonymous Magnum PI is did find out that Ryan Curren was moved to the holding team but he has not been DQ'ed from 3.5 tennis. He is just not playing with the Samuel Grand team so has been removed from their roster.

    Look for him at a 4.0 tourney near you.

  2. Cary,
    How do you find this stuff? Like who from where gets DQ'd ? Looks like the two guys you mentioned deserved it. Well, at least the first, he was like 6 and 0, with almost 3 double bagels, but you are right a couple of those guys were a level lower than him.

  3. I have no life. I was checking out the Austin Blog and there was a rundown of the top two teams and there and I just happened to notice a couple of results that were lopsided and then sure enough the DQs started popping up. The easiest way is to select an entire flight or league and click on roster and just scroll, the big *DQ* tends to stick out pretty big. The top team there in Austin has gotten smarter and started to hide some of their big guns but they still have some that are in the verge.

    I guess after I got a player DQ'ed last season I am curious to know how this happens. I totally understand when you bring in someone way out of level and he beats up on someone who wins a lot but the curious thing to me is the USTA explains to us that a top 4.0 should beat a low 4.0 by a double bagel yet a brand new self rate 4.0 beats up on a 3.5 or a weak 4.0 and it is a strike. I get we are trying to save us all from big ringers but essentially it seems the USTA says new people must join the USTA ($40) join a league $33 pay some court fees $20 and then you must lose close and not beat up on weak players. Hmmmm.

    I don't disagree with the DQ process I think you have to have a system in place but I am just curious how it works and if it is working properly.