Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Good 3.5 early season matches

I figured I would put you talkative 3.5's at the top of the page this week.

Gleneagles v. Canyon Creek
Two mid level teams trying to jump up the top. I like CC but it will be a good match as it usually is when these two get together.

LB/Wisdom v. GH/Kayser
Wisdom's group started out well but now plays a really good team. Singles will be interesting to watch because if LB can take both I think they might be able to grab one doubles match and head to the top of this flight.

HP/Jameson v. Westlake
Two of the first week winners face off and they are both favs in this flight so the winner will be the one to chase. High Point will have to work for this one but they should come out OK.

Oak Creek v. Oakridge
Crusty v. Crustier. Someone send me the time of this one, it might be worth coming out to see. Last time they met was in the playoffs and Oak Creek won the match. I have a feeling we will see a similar result but I think it might comedown to the Marc v. Enrique match up. Should be fun.


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  2. Canyon Creek 3-2
    Greenhill 4-1
    HP 4-1
    Oak Creek 3-2

  3. I think Oakridge will easily beat Oak Creek. That match won't even be close.

    The big match will be May 3 when undefeated Oakridge will meet undefeated Life Time/Ferrell. The winner will finish 1st place in Flight "C".

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  6. Thanks for your input "anonymous"
    With credentials like yours who would doubt you!

  7. Which anonymous??? This post, the anonymous that picked your team or the one that picked against you. FWIW, I am the one who chose picked your team. It is the hardest to choose of the four matches.

  8. I Will Guarantee an Oak Creek Victory!

  9. Oak Creek is pulling a Babe Ruth... is there anybody out there to defend the honor of the Oak Ridge Boys :)

  10. OC/BL talks a big game with alot of B.S. Hope he can back it up on the court. Guarantees I wonder what his teammates think about it.

  11. who wins if Marc plays Enrique. I have only seen Marc play so I am unsure but would like to know what others think.

  12. I like Enrique in that match up. His record should speak for itself. All he has to do is pick on the back hand or block a couple of forehands back and wait for the unforced error.

  13. I have played Enrique once at the Plano Open, It was a shortened match due to Rain (No ad, !0 pt tie break third), he won, it was close,
    I don't feel like I played well, He played the part of the Defensive/consistent player that match, I am playing much better since then so I feel pretty confident, but he looks like he is playing better as well but would be a good match from the apposing styles stand point aggressive baseliner v. Defensive baseliner,
    But I think Samuel Bert is the De facto Single player for the "Oak Ridge Boys" so you may see Molina at Doubles,

  14. Either way sounds like u should get a good match. Don't think I will be able to make it out that way. I will watch for the highlights on ESPN 6 after the tractor pull results. Have a good match guys!!!

  15. This is an interesting weekend in 3.5

    HP/Westlake/OC/Oakridge is something of an elimination for the QT and City playoffs.

    With Garland, probably only one of HP or Westlake are going to see the post-season. I do not see Garland, Westlake or HP losing to anybody other than each other. I am not sold on HP because I do not know enough about them. They are mostly a bunch of 3.0 move ups (but they did win Nationals), so they are obviously better than a normal 3.0 team. I am going more on everyone saying they are really good. This may be a defacto QT for the QT or City playoffs.

    With OC and Oakridge and Lifetime, one will get left out. For the same reasons as above, this is very important. I do not see anyone who can beat those three other than each other. This appears to be the toughest flight and a really good team is going to have to stay home come playoffs.

  16. Garland is a wildcard so they really don't count in this flight other than for their own measure. I am not sure what the playoff advancement is for 3.5 but there will at least be two teams that qualify from this flight and I am pretty sure Westlake and HP will be the two teams. Now this will decide probably who can try and go straight to the DCC instead of the QT which will have either Oakridge or Oak Creek in it so I wouldn't want to be in there. Don't worry HP is solid, some are moved up from 3.0 but as you mentioned, it is not uncommon for a national level player to compete at a very high level in the next level up. (Example: Joel Pickett played 3.0 as did Kris Endress) one of them is now rated 4.5 and the other will probably be rated 4.5 by June.

  17. Dear OC/BL Dont worry MARK We aim To please you are going to get your wish and play Molina.As far as your GUARANTEE is concerned we will see!!! Good Luck to your team because your going to need it.Let the best team and players win. See you tommorow.

  18. Looks like Jameson did a good job putting his HP team together. Really only 4 players came from last year's 3.0 Champ team. Myers, Davalos, Juarequi & Zhao all came from last year's HP/Myers team. And all 4 are good players. Parekh & Atlas were stars on the HP Senior team which won at City. Also they picked up Harrison, Garudadri & Chan _ all strong players on other 3.5 teams last year. They have 3 new players but 2 self-rated 3.0 so it does not look like their new players will be a factor.

  19. OC defeated Oakridge... I guess they backed up their talking. HP hammered Westlake. They may be as advertised.

  20. To all of the Haters/Doubters:
    I am oficially accepting Apologies at Apology@marcklamecki.com

    I will make my formal Statement on Monday.

  21. Noel/Sisk 10-0 on Saturday.

  22. just saw the scores on the OC match. Nice work Marc and OC. HP looks like they made the statement of the weekend bashing Westlake 5-0. Ouch!!! Good match Corey, what is up with the early season defaults. DFW/Hilton need some players, Saturdays are good for me, Vinnie needs a team?

    seems like we need a classified ad page for league teams and captains to find one another, just seems crazy with so many players around that a team could be short 3 players in week 1 of the season.

  23. It certainly surprised me. I kind of feel bad for that team because they have to travel a long way for every match. Their captain said he had a lot of players in the Fort Worth tournament. I'm glad I don't have many tournament players on my team.

  24. Drinking the kool-aid, but at 3.5, I really think the LTF team is stacked this year. This has got to be the best 3.5 team I have seen and rivals if not surpasses the great 2006 team which included:

    Kennedy/Garza Snoop/Icepick, Hill, many others, and the RIP Fortune.

    How we dint make it to nationals, I will never know. But this year, anything less than nationals is going to be a disappointement.

  25. Marc you played good today. You do have a strong forehand and a nice serve. I thought we had some good points. The better player won today but I want a rematch.

    This team tennis thing is tougher than I thought because you don't want to let your team down. At least in a tournament you just think of yourself and not the team that is counting on you. League is more emotionally taxing than tournaments because you don't want to let your team down. And I really like my team.

    Oak Creek team were a bunch of nice guys. Thanks for coming out to Oakridge.

    Enrique Molina

  26. Lifetime is really good but part of the reason you did not make it in 06 isbecause Icepick was playing 4.0 since he just got back from 2005 Nationals.

    Lifetime may very well get to Nationals. They look very good and nobody really looks like they can match up. Klamecki's team is good so we will see when the two teams play.

  27. I stand slightly corrected. icepick was on our LTF 2006 FALL League. Spring 06, we WERE indeed sans icepick.

  28. To Oak Creek -Congrats On a tough hard fought close win today. Your teams played better in the tie-breakers that decided the match. I enjoyed the match with Greg and Jens and hope to get to play them again.Good Luck the rest of the season.

  29. that LF 06 team was pretty good but the Village team that year was very tough and I like my 07 team to beat either of those teams. No offense I was cheering for both of you all that year.

    Looking back I saw you got beaten out by Jason Freeman's 3.5 team in 06 much like we did this year. Good news he no longer captains 3.5 but I am sure Houston will have a good rep so don't just assume winning Dallas means a trip to Nats.

  30. LT looks really tough and probably the favorite to win Dallas but lets wait until they play OC. Garland is pretty good too. LT/OC/Garland/Oakridge are probably the best and three of them are int he same flight.

  31. TOP FIVE 3.5 TEAMS?
    In no particular order:
    Life Time/ Ferrell
    High Point/Jameson
    Oak Creek/Kotlarek

    3 of the top 5 are in flight "C". None of the top 5 are in flight "B". Do you think that was a random draw or did someone screw up???

  32. I did not see the Oak Creek vs Oakridge match but, from the scores, it must have been a real battle. All three lines won by Oak Creek were in third set tiebreaks. I was especially surprised by the line #3 Dbls result: Bertran & Buckler beat Robins & Anderson. That's a big upset in my book.

    Congrats to Oak Creek!

  33. RINGER ALERT !!!
    Oak Creek beat Oakridge 3-2 and Oak Creek did not even play their best player: Jay S. Miller.

    Jay was a very good level 4.0 player in 2004. He sat out 2005, 2006 & 2007, then self-rated 3.5 in 2008.

    I wonder how many 3.5 players played level 4.0 or higher, then sat out a few seasons and self rated 3.5???

  34. That does NOT make someone a ringer. Three years, no tennis equals 25 lbs added.

  35. OK, Jay, you have put on maybe 5pounds. But you are still a 4.0 player!!!

  36. A clerk in the DTA office puts teams into the various flights. She does not know the players or teams and it is frequently screwed up. If she does not like you, you are bound to have a bunch of strong teams in your flight.

    The whole deal is kept a big secret. It is definitely not random.

  37. Ha
    Ha Ha Ha ha ha hahahahaha
    Jay Miller is not playing because he could not hold my jock strap!
    Jay is sitting out because he has a long way to go before he is in playing condition,
    Philip Barnhart maybe our best all-around player, and he was unavailable for the Oak Ridge match , He may have won us an extra line if he was there,

    As for Lifetime going to nationals,
    You guys need to chill the F' out.
    Just because your team has 20 players does not mean your the best,

    Enrique is right, the team aspect of this is very important you need to know who your doubles teams are, who your singles players are, you need to have guys who do no t want to let each other down and can draw strength from that pressure.
    Lifetime looks like a collection of Hired Guns.

  38. Marc,
    Trust me, when Oakcreek finally plays Lifetime, I will personally drop a bagel on you or you will win four games or less.

    Then we will see how "average" a 3.5 player I really am.

    Looking at our lineup, we're superstrong from top to bottom, especially at the top.

  39. Jay Miller was a strong 4.0 player in 2004. By playoffs this year he will suddenly be playing again at the 4.0 level beating up on legit 3.5 players.

    I doubt you have any need for a jock strap. Maybe you mean that "Jay could not hold your pink panties".

    Life Time team does not have any hired guns. All our players are very legit. We do not get 4.0 players to sit out and later come back at level 3.5.

    Oak Creek, on the other hand, is notorious for finding ringers and sandbaggers. Last spring Oak Creek had 7 guys pushed up to 4.0 and another 2 pushed up in the fall.

    This year you have 3 new self-rated players and 3 players new in the fall _ who conveniently kept their scores close to earn 3.5 ratings. That's nearly half your team which are "hired guns". My God, you beat Oakridge without your two best players!

    And it is common knowledge that YOU keep scores close to maintain your 3.5 rating. Last year you beat Dan Burrows 6-3, 6-4. My GRANDMOTHER could beat Burrows 6-0, 6-0. You must have been really dogging it in that match!

    I can only imagine how many ringers will come out of the woodwork on June 7th.

  40. As far as seeding teams into flights, if the DTA was not hiding something they would be more honest about their processes.

    If teams are really "seeded" then why not announce the seedings? Then the unseeded teams should be put into flights based on random draw _ observed by at least a few people.

    Less secrecy and a little common sense would help.

    If you are a strong 4.5 player and do not mind sitting out a few league seasons please let me know. When you re-enter the league you can come in at 3.5 and lead our team to Nationals.

    My email is: ringers@gotonationals.com

    Please respond ASAP.

  42. To all players why dont all of you do your talking on the court instead of all the EGO bullshit on this blog. If all of you were as good as you talk all would be national champs. Flight C seems to have 4 very good teams in it proably the best except for Garland(the cheaters) and HP Jamison. To Jonathan Marcus you will never learn to shut your mouth even when you lose, give credit to someone who defeats you not excuses.Life time has a very good team but the season has just begun. You still have to play Oak Ridge, Oak Creek and Brookhaven before its over. To OC/BL You are the BIGGEST talker on this site and probably will get your ass kicked by somebody before the end of the season.As far as your team is concerned 4 tie breaks means close matches. Looking at your teams lineup against Oak Ridge it seems like they were missing 2-3 of their best players also.

  43. If the DTA really does not use a random placing, they must love some teams in Flight B and hate those in C.

    Flight A has some good teams but not like Flight C. If they are really trying to intentionally sabotage teams, that is BS. Although, I doubt that is the case and it is probably just a bad luck of the draw.

  44. I have to agree with the Anonymous poster at 1:59 PM. (2 posts up) There is way too much trash talk going on for this to be the 1st week of the season. I've played both Jonathan and Mark. I really don't see a bagel in the picture. The match could possibly even go 3 sets. Whoever can make the other person hit the most backhands will win. I give Jonathan the slight edge in that match because he is left handed.

  45. Regarding flights, I was told that the DTA does NOT randomly distribute teams. The league clerk assigns all teams to various flights so it is NOT random at all. This frequently results in an uneven playing field.

    It would be one thing to be placed in a strong flight because "luck of the draw". But it is unfair to simply be "placed" in a flight with a disproportional amount of strong teams.

    Furthermore the entire process is kept secret to avoid critism.

  46. Anonymous posts are meaningless


  47. Mr. Anonymous,
    Check your history. When Jeromi beat me, I gave him high praise when others didn't. Whenever anyone else beats me, my hat goes out to them. There has never ever been a report against me as a sore loser.

    This is just fun talking. Lighten up. Or just man up and not be so afraid to hide behind that "anonymous" label.

    If I choose to call somebody out, I at least let you know who it is doing the calling.

    Marc and I know each other. He knows what I do, I know what he does, it was just in fun. We used to be on the same team. And for the record, Marc won the few times we went at it in practice, I was just adding some additional "flava" to this possible match-up.

  48. Jeromiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,
    You keep Hating,
    I'll keep proving you wrong,
    and when I'm bumped at the end of the season I'll come for you next,

  49. As for the paranoid Lifetime guy who posts Anonymously,
    Pass whatever you are smoking over here because it must be some good stuff!

  50. Mark,
    A little word of advice: you might want to work on that backhand before you "come for me".

  51. Thunder, your right, looking back on something, you always have a different perspective... Village was a good team. I guess its when you remem back in h.s. and you can't figure out why you dint score with all the chicks or you weren't the star qb... its because you forgot about the part, where you just weren't that good... ha ha ha. I got reminded on Sunday about that.

    I don't think this site was inteded for ill will, at least I dont see it that way. Good luck to all. It really should be a fun season this season. There are some great teams, and even the not great teams have some phenom players.

  52. yep I got beat by that Village team twice that year. I think their only weakness was older singles players in Bliss and Short. They are great players but playing good singles players half their age in 100 degree weather over 3 days hurt them. Bebb/Semmes and the Johnson/Johnson doubles teams were tough to beat as well.

    I did start this for info and a little trash talk but definitely to support Dallas in general. I have teams I support but whomever makes it to sectionals out of our respective levels I will be cheering for all of you to make it to AZ and Vegas for Nats. yes even if it is a Garland team. hmm. maybe...

    I had more luck with the ladies in college probably because of the rampant alcohol abuse.