Sunday, April 27, 2008

4.5 Week in Review

Flight B
Village/Noel was able to win a tough match over Brookhaven although Hiram got blasted at line 1. Every other match went to the Village in straight sets

T Bar remained undefeated as well with a 3-2 over first week winner Collin County.

High Pt joined the winning ranks with a win. Next week they are playing the Village, should be a good one.

Flight A
Not all scores in quite yet but GH/Stoner, Branch and OC/Feldman remain 2-0 so far this season.

Stoner's team puts their 2-0 record on the line next Saturday against Branch, should be a good one.


  1. Branch put a hurt onto a rather weak LB Houston Team.
    Also great result for Village, Corey I guess I am not familar enough with your team, BTW is that Steve Franklin (teaching pro) on your team, if so that is quite the coup, when will you have Rex?
    Interesting result with CC/T-Bar, thought T-Bar would put the hurt on them, but was very close.

  2. Week 3 Rankings:

    1) OC Branch (1) (3-0)
    2) Village (3) (2-0)
    3) TBar (2) (2-0)
    4) OC Feldman (4) (2-0)
    5) Royal Oaks (5) (1-1)
    6) Greenhill (7) (2-0)
    7) Spring Park (8) (2-1)
    8) Brookhaven (5) (1-1)
    9) OC Boverman (10) (1-1)
    10) Collin County (NR) (1-1)

    Dropped Out: Hackberry (1-2)

    what the hell- let's rank all 17

    11) High Point
    12) Hackberry
    13) LB Houston
    14) Canyon Creek
    15) DFW
    16) OC Juhn
    17) Lakes

    Match of the Week (#4)

    4.5A- Nothing too interesting so let's go with- OC Feldman v. Springpark. A good 4 v 7 matchup. OC Feldman should pull off a 4-1 or so. Spring Park has a chance to show if it improved this year with a good showing. In the end, it looks like OC Feldman has too many good players for Spring Park. Matches like this could be important to the end of the year pre-qualifying tournament seedings in this bracket.

    4.5 B- No power house match ups this week but a real important match between Collin County (10) v. OC Boverman (9). Each team needs this win. My guess is that the winner of this match will end up claiming the 4th and last spot for the pre-qualifying tournament in July. OC Boverman made the city playoffs from the 4th seed last year so that could be their lucky number. I think OC Boverman will win a close one but I hear that Collin County picked up a few players to make them a stronger team than in the last couple of years. Could be a good measuring stick for both teams.

    Team of the Week (#2)- The Village-putting the 4-1 beat down on a good Brookhaven team may be the attention getter of the early 4.5 season. Was thinking this one could go either way.

    Beat down (shock) of the week- Carl Sechen over Hiram Gonzalez 0 & 1. Sechen is a good player but so is Gonzalez- Thought this one could go either way and woulda put my money on Gonzalez judging from Fall results.

    The almost award- Collin County almost over TBar. Almost the first real upset of the season. TBar hung on with a 3-2 win with a 3rd set tie-break win in singles. One Coman away from an upset.

    Good luck to all.

  3. thanks for your rankings, they look good, I am interested to see SPk and Greenhill over the next couple of matches to see if they will be contenders or just land in the middle of the pack.

  4. I have been trying to get Steve to play with us for a while and he finally signed up. He won't dominate but he will win. The match between Hiram and Carl shocked me as well. I played next to them and the points were competitive but obviously Hiram wasn't winning many of them. I would think a result like that would be a strike for Carl for sure.

  5. Sechen had a big weekend. On top of the woodshedding of Gonzalez against the Village, he won the Men's 55s this weekend too by winning 3 additional matches. Has to go down as player of the week type stuff. Don't worry Hiram, he woodshedded the 3 other people he beat this weekend too.

  6. "woodshedded" I love it, I might create a special section for that honor.

  7. It's always uplifting to lose to somebody almost three times your age.

  8. Thanks for posting the WHOLE 4.5 division! I was beginning to wonder when my team would get onto the radar. Corey, do you have your full Varsity lineup? I have one guy wanting to go to a wedding. I asked him if it was an outdoor wedding - so he could go in his tennis clothes.
    High Pt / Martin, Kirby

  9. I don't actually. I have 8 players available right now.

  10. 8 best players playing, SP 4.0 team beats the 4.5 team 4-1

  11. There are a couple of 4.0 teams that could beat alot of the 4.5 teams on any given day.

  12. I know this is a ways away but I"ll be in town June 6-8 and would not mind hitting/playing matches some either Friday evening (not to likely) or Saturday morning with anyone interested.
    Sunday is out due to travel back home and church function.

    Let me know if anyone is interested that does not have a match the same day, debating on whether to play Huffines tournament.


  13. Corey,
    No worries - I'm missing a couple of my best players as well. Well, you didn't say that, you just said you have 8. I have a big team so I have probably 10 available. It will be a good match for sure!

    ps. Springpark 4.0 vs. High Point Martin 4.5 - yep, would be pretty darn close...

  14. Can you turn the fans off this time before the match?

  15. No way bud, fans, fans(as in home gallery), lack of water, very strong winds, lessons on the court next to you -- hey, ALL part of my home court advantage!

  16. I think there might be a lot of separation between the teams this week. Stoner v. Branch, Oak Creek v. Springpark, bovermann v. CC, and high point v. Village. All of these matchups have the potential to figure out who the real teams are. Many of these teams have not yet faced a tough opponent so we will see if the results hold up.

    My predictions:

    Branch over Stoner 4-1 if they bring out the big guns.

    Springpark over Oak Creek 3-2. It's hard to believe Feldman's tiny roster can perform consistently.

    Bovermann over CC 3-2. Bovermann should start to bring out the stronger players after their slow start. CC also has a tiny roster full of unknown players to me.

    And just to rattle Kirby I will predict 5-0 for the Village over High Point. Thank God the wind is finally slowing down.

  17. Bring out the big guns Kirby...

  18. You did rattle me Corey! 5-0! In your dreams. Last year I had team match point on my partners racket, and you were on the sidelines sweating, and in that hour and a half you sweated more than I did. Nothing but more sweat this weekend, whether you play or not. It's going to be close, but alas, yes, we will know who the new up and comers are. ha! listen to me, had a couple of beers, feeling confident, and heading to bed as I have to get up at 6 to ride a bicycle 85 miles - for the ms150. Darn, I hate missing this match. Corey, remember, this is an away game, which per oddsmakers is a 3 point advantage to home, so we beat you 3-2.

  19. Kirby called it right. We lost 3-2. He did bring in the big guns. The last two guys to sign up play 1 and 2 singles. Everybody watch out for Eric. Brian will be strong too once he gets used to Texas weather. Our bad luck at High Point continues. Anyway, as predicted by me a few weeks ago, the winner of this flight will not be undefeated.

  20. Congratulations Kirby by the way. I knew you had a strong team but I was surprised when you lost a couple of weeks ago.

  21. Despite the predictions; (opps!)
    There were a couple of team "woodsheddings" today. Anybody can beat anybody on any given day with the right match-ups in this league.
    3/4 skill & 1/4 luck of the draw with style match-ups.


  22. nice win kirby. I am glad you go Erik to sign up. I know he was a little reluctant but I hope his "woodshedding" of a quality player like Hiram gets him going.

    nice win!!

  23. Anyone seen the Collin Co. team?

    Rumor has it they were all taken to the "woodshed" today and packed in there so tight they still can't get out:)

    The score posted 0/5...must be true.


  24. "Anyone seen the Collin Co. team?

    Rumor has it they were all taken to the "woodshed" today and packed in there so tight they still can't get out:)

    The score posted 0/5...must be true."

    I had a friend of a friend of a friend at the Plano Medical Center's emergency room tell me they were last seen there having tennis balls removed from their rectums.

  25. Thanks guys! Feels good to get a win against one of the strong teams. I knew there wouldn't be "woodshed" action either way. Good match Corey! Yes, Highpoint are your graveyard courts. Come hit with me there so I can help you to get used to the conditions.

    Hey, as long as we are talking about singles players (mine in particular), how about we get some blogging about Rusty and his singles players ? I know Rusty is good, what about Brent Wesley James? Who else do they have? oh, Walter Williams, he is a heck of a player, yes? And Brookhaven Harllee has the big Russian, Yuri, and Carl Sechen dusted Hiram, he must be very solid. How about Chris Ryan - Corey, you just played him.

  26. Come on Kirbster...after "someone" predicting a Village 5/0 win over H.P. you should consider a 2/3 loss some "woodshed" team action for H.P. to win 3/2 over Village:)
    It's all a matter of perspective...yes?

  27. speaking of woddshedding Feldman took it to Spring Park also.

    Also as far as Singles players:
    Sechen, Molina, Durten, Branch, Williams, Huffman are all at the top of the list.

  28. Wesley James is really young with good groundstrokes and a strong serve. I'm not sure if he will be in their playoff lineup after his losses last season.
    Walt Williams was going to play with us I thought but he decided to join the dark side. I honestly would be surprised if he played much singles but you never know. He has a big kick serve.
    Chris Ryan had a big serve and big forehand but was inconsistent. He was a really nice guy and I think he should do pretty well. One of the toughest serves I've faced.

    I was shocked by that Feldman/Sprinpark result.

    Kirby, what do I get for giving you all of this free information?

    I really think one of four teams can win our flight (Village, T Bar, Brookhaven, High Point). T Bar has yet to prove themselves because they haven't faced anybody. Brookhaven seems to have trouble with having a consistent lineup.

    I'm still waiting on the results of Stoner v. Branch.

  29. Corey,
    Thanks for all the info. - I can tell Rusty and his team will remain tight lipped and not show too much, esp. since they won the Fall. This means they are automatically in the Cities, right? Next time you play at High Pt Corey I will bring beer instead of gatorades, but we must drink it across the street, not on High Pt premises.

  30. Walt Williams records his first loss in three seasons. Thanks for the offer but I don't drink actually, although this team is driving me there. The rest of my team would have enjoyed the beer though to drown their sorrows.

  31. Branch took Stoner to the woodshed, winning 4-1 with 4 relatively easy wins.
    Also I must say I am surprised at the Royal Oaks thumping of Hackberry 4-1, without Molina or Bui playing this match.