Monday, April 21, 2008

4.5 2nd week

Flight A
Branch scored a good win over Springpark and Feldman’s OC team won the big matchup of the week and took out Royal Oaks.

Flight B
The first week of matches in this flight as the Village, T Bar, Brookhaven and Collin County all got convincing first week victories. The Collin County win very impressive over an improved roster at High Point.


  1. Top 10 for Week 2:

    1) OC Branch (1) (2-0)
    2) TBar (2) (1-0)
    3) Village (4) (1-0)
    4) OC Feldman (3) (1-0)
    5) Brookhaven (5) (1-0)
    6) Royal Oaks (6) (1-1)
    7) Greenhill (7) (1-0)
    8) Springpark (10) (1-1)
    9) Hackberry (NR) (1-1)
    10) OC Boverman (9) (0-1)

    Dropped out: DFW Hilton (anytime you default 2 lines in the first week you get banned from the top 10 list forever- this is punishment for making me look like a fool for even putting DFW in the top 10 list to begin with)

    Team of the Week: TBar for its 5-0 spanking of OC Boverman- match was a little closer than the 5-0 score but a good showing by TBar over a playoff team from last year.

    Honorable mention: OC Feldman for beating Royal Oaks 3-2. Could have been a lot different if Molina played. A great win for OC Feldman in the race for 2nd place in 4.5A. Royal Oaks is still dangerous and can beat any team in any given week.

    Honorable mention 2: Hackberry over Canyon Creek. Puts them back in the top 10 and moves a Canyon Creek to 0-2 for a team that won its fall division just 1 1/2 years ago. Bye Bye Canyon Creek.

    Give Coman a hug award of the week. TBar- including all tiebreaks in this important match with OC Boverman they won all 6 Coman's.

    Give Coman a punch in the face: OC Boverman. Go practice the Coman. You gotta win atleast one.

    Beat down of the week: Village 5-0 over DFW. A beat down on so many levels.

    Upset of the Week: none in the first 2 weeks.

    Matches of the week for Week 3:
    4.5A- not much of interest here so I'll go with Hackberry v. OC Feldman- This should go 4-1 to OCFeldman.

    4.5B- this is a two star match of the week- Village v. Brookhaven. Two of the better teams. Always comes down to which captain can get the most players to commit to a Saturday afternoon. This one goes a long, long ways in determining who will ultimately be playing city play-offs in July. Prediction: 3-2....Village

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence. It looks like all of my players are available, the advantage of playing at home. Brookhaven gave us our only regular-season loss last season so we are looking for revenge.

  3. So when will Kirby be posting his excuses for this week?

    Dying to see how many broken racquets, bad calls and other calamities befell him.

  4. Anonymous Cary, I already posted my excuses, but I see I put them on the old week 1 post, so here is the repeat. AR_Hacker, You ARE correct, PESH and Plano West evidently do still fight against each other as they lost a close match - may have to split the rivals. Corey/Cary, I did have hopes to start out with a win, thought it was almost a lock, but I had 1 broken racket, 3 or 4 bouts of cramping, and 1 had to quit at 8-9 in the 3rd set breaker, complaints of some serious hooking on line calls, one person hungover, and then today at practice one guy actually asked, "This was just a scrimmage, right?" ha! Nope, told him that was the week before. Yeah, the team played like it was a scrimmage, maybe week "1" we will be better.

  5. No worries Kirby. I still like your team it is a good collection of players. I do think 4.5 will be more interesting this year with the TBar and Village really pushing the Branch group. Of course as I mentioned before until we all get behind Branch's team and send them to Nats they will continue to be the big bully on the block and not move up to 5.0.

  6. Cary:
    I think the new rule being put into place this year on Benchmarks not appealing will start evening out the divisions to closer in abilities.
    Of course this also might bring in some supreme tanking once captains catch wind of it. In AR there has already been a few questionable results by players who have been bumped and appealed back down 3-4 straight years now.

  7. I do like that rule although it did kill my master plan to take one more run at 3.5 Nats. Oh well. I think it makes sense though because my opinion as stated somewhere in my numerous ramblings is if you can bring the same group of guys to a sectional level and compete well year after year then you should probably be playing at the next level. As crazy as all the Super teams and intense competition has been lately I think it will start to even out ratings everywhere and begin to level the playing field a little bit. Notice I said "a bit" but every little bit counts I guess.

    I do look forward to playing against the Branch team sometime though, they seem like rather good players. The 4.5 league is on Saturdays in the fall I believe and Sundays have been rough so far schedule wise for me so I think I might be playing at that level next season.

  8. Wow no love for CC in the polls, was that win over Kirby's team just meaningless? What do you think Kirby do they have a shot this weekend at all?

  9. I haven't heard about the new rule. Is it written out somewhere so I can read it? It sounds good to me so far.

    Don't worry Kirby. I think 1 or 2 losses actually could finish first in this flight.

  10. I am not sure if that is official but none of my 3.5 Benchmark players were allowed back down including myself. It seemed like there was a message about that when I attempted.

  11. Corey:
    See Below from my Local State Coordinator

    Greetings captains and players,

    The office has been receiving several phone calls re: the change to national rules regarding District/Area, Section and National Benchmarks.

    The new 2008 national rule states:
    No championship benchmark (District/Area, Section, or National) may be appealed the first year after publishing. 3.05C
    This rule will impact the 2008 championship players.

    In other words,
    Any player who plays ANY match in a 2008 state, sectional or national championship will be unable to appeal their NTRP rating for the 2009 season.
    However, Benchmark ratings are only derived from adult/senior divisions and NOT mixed, combo, super seniors or interim leagues.

    Please pass this email on to all the players on your teams.
    Should you have any questions please contact me.


    Maureen Dickson
    State League Coordinator
    Arkansas Tennis Association
    501-223-0531 (fax)

  12. Cary,
    Of course CC has a chance this week. If T Bar won w/6 out of 6 breakers being won,lady luck can't stay with them forever. My team has always won or lost w/Tbar 2-3, though I guess they did pick up some good players -- will they be available this week? My team lost, but their hand was forced, by some decent players. I'm kind of surprised my team isn't in the top 10, considering there are only 17 teams in the league. Corey, I think you are right, 1 or 2 losses can win this division. Arkansawyer: interesting stuff, what if I have been a benchmark player for two or three years? Since I was published as 3.05C 2 years ago, does that mean my FIRST yr after has already gone by?

  13. I have been a 4.5 B for several years including last year even though my team went 0-9 for the season, but we played at our District Tournament. When playing in Dallas and Ft Worth leagues if we advanced to City you got benchmarked.
    The way I read the rule is that effective on the ratings that come out in Nov 2008 is when the rule hits, so if for 2008 you get bumped up and a have "B" next to your rating then you can not appeal down.

  14. Arkansawyer, Thanks for the clarification. I hope you are right. I always try to appeal back down, that way I can and DO play both weekend days.

  15. Thanks for the info. I do like that rule. Sorry Kirby, I can find you match on Sundays. I still haven't gotten my rematch at singles with you since we were both out of commission for that flex league.

  16. Sure thing Cary -- we can do that makeup any time. You are the busy one. Just let me know what works for you.

  17. We won a tough match over Brookhaven today. For whomever was questioning my player Hiram's 4.5 rating, see today's result. I was very pleased with how my guys played today and I like our chances to win this flight.

    On the other side of the coin, Canyon Creek dropped to 0-3 today. I actually tried to get JD to play on my team but he wanted to stay loyal to the team.

    No surprises so far today, but all the scores aren't updated yet.

  18. Good win Corey. My team got our first win! Hope this means we are ready for you - btw, we play at 2:30 this Sat, May 3rd @High Pt, please confirm. I will be on the Multiple Schleorsis 150 mile bike ride from Dallas zig-zagging north and south until Ft. Worth. This ways your team will have a better chance. ha!

  19. 2:30 sounds good. I was wondering if you were off your rocker with your e-mail.