Monday, June 1, 2015

Another Week Down and nearing the end...

In 5.0, my lock to win it has lost again.  I thought Perkison had the team and now he has two losses.  In a surprise, Jooste lost his doubles line.  Therefore, Lakes and TBar play on the 13th to win this flight.  This is some quality tennis.  I hate to admit I was wrong but at this point, I concede. Match of the week s coming on the 13th so barring anything unforeseen, not much to report until then.

Flight A has The blog's own Corey Noel Fretz team undefeated with Michael Reiman's undefeated JCC team playing this week.  This should be the match of the week for any level.

Flight B has Oak Creek and Lakes undefeated.  They don't play until the 28th.  I think Lakes could lose this week when they play a dangerous TBar team that has underachieved.  Oak Creek has just the 28th match as a roadblock.

Flight C has nothing to report as only Village is unbeaten and the only team that should be able to challenge them they have already beaten.  They do still have might last place Sisk team that could beat them if 'He that shall not be named' and Sam 'Lost his game' Huynh finds their games.  Never mind, that is only two lines.

Flight A has Oak Creek and Oasis sitting undefeated.  Here are two teams that I know NOTHING about.  They do play each other so one has to lose so win or go to QT.  I give this one a Match of the Week status.

Flight B still has High Point as undefeated and untested but they didn't play this week.  This flight is just a formality and was decided long before there was a team number.  Greenhill will be headed to QT.

Flight C has three 1 loss teams.  McKinney plays Brookhaven in this flight's Match of the Week.  Winner gets to QT and loser probably gets to watch.  The other 1 loss team has already vanquished their closest challengers.  It is good to see some new blood as I know nobody on that team either.

Flight D has GTC in frst with two teams with two losses.  Royal Oaks and Oak Creek each have two losses and play the last week of the season.  Oak Creek has Garland this week and in a must win situation or in danger of missing QT.  I guess this is sorta Match of the Week.

I know how popular the mixed posts are and since I have had so much popular demand, I will consider looking at 40s Mixed sectionals this week and wrote something.  I can't guarantee it but if I have the time.


  1. More mixed? That won't be necessary.

  2. SP upsets High Point this week. Won't play a player with less than 40 years tennis experience.

  3. We need a 3.5 update.

    1. 3.5 suck. Who cares

  4. Let us bring back Le talk again:

    I checked out the records of the High Point team:
    Tony Le - Fall (0-2) 40’s (7-0) Spring (3-0)
    Shawn Arcaria - Fall (0-4) 40’s (6-0) Spring (4-0)
    Ryan DelaPaz - Fall (0-2) 40’s (7-0) Spring (3-0)
    Tim Newman - Fall (0-4) 40’s (3-1) Spring (2-0)
    Doug Voss - Fall (0-3), 40’s (4-0), Spring (4-0)
    Stephen W. Bennett - Fall (0-2), 40’s (1-1), Spring (1-0)
    Owen Wilson - Fall (0-5) Spring (1-0)
    Victor Tran - Fall (0-3) Spring (4-0)
    Ryan McClanahan - Fall (0-4), Spring (1-0)
    William Scott - Fall (1-3), Spring (4-0)
    Mo Mahmoud - Fall (0-7), Spring (6-0, 1/2 at 3.5)

    Andrew Alarid - Spring (3-0)
    Ajay Srrinivas Krishnamoorthy - Spring (1-0)
    Hai Nguyen - Spring (1-0)
    Brian Gilson - Spring (2-0)
    Carlos Aguilar - Spring (1-0)
    Jorge Aguilar - Spring (2-0)
    Matthew Lenz - Spring (1-0)

    Steve Kemp - Fall (4-0 at 4.0, 0-3 at 4.5), 40’s (4-0), Spring (3-0)
    Jarad Kemp - Fall (0-2 at 4.5), Spring (4.0)
    Andrew Kinson - Fall (0-1 FW), Spring (1-2 FW)
    Paul To - 40’s (0-7)

    Interesting that in the top group of 11 guys, they were a combined (1-39) in the Fall, (28-2) in 40’s, and (33-0) in the Spring. Apparently they all got some new racquets for Christmas, or maybe started taking lessons, because their games really improved

    1. We all know he is a cheater and so is his entire team. Everything you say is redundant.

    2. if there's any decency in the USTA Texas Section, this Le's team should be DQ'ed before Cities start...

  5. sAM hYUNH MAY NOT BE TANKING ANYWAY. aT 4.0 HE LOST HIS SECTIONALS MATCHES so 4.5 is where he belongs or high 4.0.

    1. So you are saying 5 years of good results are overshadowed by 1 loss years ago? Yeah, nice try.

  6. For 40+ Mixed 8.0 Sectionals, I don't see Gene / Danielle or Mike / Mary dropping a set in any match that matters. Gene and Mike play mixed at a 5.0 level, Danielle at a 4.0 and Mary 4.0/4.5.

    I see the 3rd line being competitive against the better teams. Alan's success as a 4.5 won't necessarily translate to greater success as a 4.0 as he was playing with 4.0 caliber ladies anyway and he doesn't have any 4.0 ladies that are actually 4.5s on his roster.

  7. I think this will be the year SP lays an egg. Kelly will eventually have to lose a big match you would think and the USTA will make sure to give them the toughest draw. I could see them losing first match as they will take it lightly.

    1. USTA is so stupid they'll probably punish his 7.0 team.

    2. Plenty of cheaters on that team too. Start with the Zacary.

  8. The only thing that's beats Kelley is fatigue in the heat down there. There is no better clutch player when something to play for.

  9. Thanks for the vote of confidence. And your right, we may get beat in the first round. The team we play is very good. They may be the best team we play all weekend. But, my partner is a solid 4.0, she's a little better then Danielle. And I didn't get beat with Danielle very often. We have a great chance to win, but you never know if a team will come out of no where and win.


  10. Well thanks for the update. I hope Kelley loses a big match and costs the team a trip to nationals. I will be the first to blog how happy I am to see him fail!!!

  11. Ditto 4:39. let's hope this ego maniac gets schooled by an opponent "WHO KNOWS HOW EASY IT IS TO BEAT HIM AT HIS OWN GAME" since no one here on this blog will take anyones advice on how to play HIM!

  12. 4:39, will you post your name as well if he loses?

    1. If he loses, I Doubt Mike comes and blogs about himself.

  13. That's why he never blogs

  14. Start with 4.5's playing 4.0:
    Tony Le
    Shawn Arcaria
    Owen Wilson
    Ryan DelaPaz
    Tim Newman
    Andy Alarid
    Andrew Kinson
    Doug Voss
    Steve Kemp
    Jared Kemp
    Hai Nguyen
    Brian Gilson
    That's more than half the roster and doesn't include players rated 3.5.
    So let's see, 13 4.5 players that tanked down to 4.0, and 4 3.5, players that are better than them. Nice roster. Dallas should be proud. This is not an isolated incident but a multiple season manipulation that has also added self-rate ringers. Regardless of where you stand on the ethics, you have to applaud the effort and commitment, not to tennis, but to bastardizing the system.

    1. So if I send you my results will you please assign a rating for me? It seems the USTA does not know how to do that.

  15. Analysis of Tony Le's 7.0 Team (guys):
    Jorge Aguilar – 3.5 – is probably a 5.0 player but at the worst a top level 4.5 player – see history below
    Tournament history from 2014 in Open division:
    - Cotton Bowl singles – won 1 match and lost 2nd round match
    - Cotton bowl doubles – lost opening match – pleayed with Jean Nguyen
    - Charlie Weaver – lost opening match; won one and lost one in consolation rounds
    - Looks to have played Boys 18s tournament in 2009;
    League history from 2014:
    - Played on Oak Creek/Erbe 4.0 division – Played 4 doubles matches with Carlos Aguilar – Lost all 4 matches – scores were 6-4,6-4; 6-1,6-4; 6-0, 6-2; 6-2, 6-1;
    Carlos Aguilar – 3.5 –Now Carlos is not on the team but most likely he will join – he is definitely a 5.0 player – is currently the #2 ranked player in Men’s Open Doubles – see history below
    Looks to have played Boys 18s tournaments in 2010;
    Tournament history from 2014 in Open division:
    - Charlie Weaver – Open Doubles – Won the Doubles title with Ferny Avila
    - Played in Poke-Jos Top 8 Mens Open Doubles – won 1 match – no other matches played
    - Cotton Bowl – Open Doubles – won 2 matches lost 1 match – played with Ferny Avila
    - Charlie Weaver –Open Singles - won 1st round match and lost in 2nd rd
    League history from 2014 – losses I mentioned above and singles loss 6-2,6-2;
    Ryan McClanahan - 3.5 - it looks like he might have played for something called Tennis on Campus while he was in college at OU. So must be a younger guy. His team seemed to be good and they seemed to have gone far in USTA competition. For him to be playing USTA recreational tennis while he was at OU, he must have played in high school and was probably pretty good. He probably wanted to keep playing competitively. He is most likely a mid-level 4.5 player
    Victor Tran – 4.0 – is probably a good 4.5 player
    Tony Le - 4.0 - probably 4.5
    Mo Mahmoud - 3.5 - lots of 6-0,6-1,6-2 defeats in 4.0 in the fall - however regained form this year - its a miracle; probably a 4.0
    Thanh Tran - 3.0 - this is a straight up joke - Thanh won Brookhaven Mixed 4.0 doubles (4 matches); he is most likely a 4.0
    James peter burger – 3.5 – was not able to find much on burger – plays mostly 3.5 and mixed – has a lot of wins but nothing out of the ordinary –probably a top 3.5 player
    Chuck Lee – 3.0 – was not able to find much – he played in one match at #3 line and won – anytime a guy is self-rate 3.0, we can call bullshit on that – let us be conservative and call him a 3.5 player
    Jose Aguilar – 3.5 – not much history on Jose

  16. Thanh Tran is a joke at 3.0

    1. yes he a joke.. no way he 3.0...

    2. Maybe a decent 4.0 and thats it. Nothing more.

    3. That was a Zacry reply at 1:34 bec he lost to him. That does not make him way out of level. Zacry is a solid 4.0 and Tran is a little better.

  17. Damn it Murray, bring us some Mixed Talk. It is better than this stupid Tony Le hate.

  18. Chuck Lee is just as big a tanker as Thanh Tran. See what he did this weekend?

    1. yes, Rene - what a surprise, Tony has another out of level player.

  19. Murray, I think you have the wrong team winning 4.0 flight C. Oak Creek has beaten both McKinney and Brookhaven. However that is not the first tiebreaker, as established on this blog a week or two ago. The winner of the Brookhaven-McKinney match will definitely have more line wins than Oak Creek and so will win this group with Oak Creek bound for QT.

    1. I feel for Oak Creek, when you beat someone head-to-head that should be the determining factor and for them it won't help.