Thursday, July 15, 2010

2010 Early Season DNTRP Ratings

The 2010 Mid-Season ratings are Out!

Check them Here!!!


  1. are the bumps up nation wide...all on the same day?

  2. Oleg and Chris Jones to 4.5
    Nice to know they were both playing 3.5 this time last year.

  3. These ratings are a joke....Brad Clark getting bumped to 5.0 while Clint Sumrow coming down to 4.5...

  4. Bunch of others from GH - BMo, Balan, Downs, Wertz, Bergeron, Toth, Hopping. Not many 4.0s left in their team.

  5. Based by the computer, GH, Sisk, and Somabut the favorites this weekend.

  6. Does anyone know if 4.5 was leveled out? Were there many bumps down to 4.0 or up to 5.0?

  7. Not sure about the bump down to 4.0 but there seems to be a few more bump ups to 5.0 than in the past.

  8. Local 5.0 BumpUps-

    Gene Davis
    Brad Clark
    Nickolas Clifford
    Kevin Durten
    Ben Hawkins
    Steve Howard

    Local 4.0 Bump Downs-

    Sean Brinkman
    Mark Carter
    Fred Givhan
    Bin Nguyen
    Jeromie Ryan

  9. so....O'Bannon and Quist get bumped up to 4.5. They have a "D" rating. What does this mean? Do they still get to compete?

  10. Good question. My understanding has always been the the Early Season Ratings don't affect current leagues or USTA tournament. They only affect future leagues this year.

    If O'Bannon or Quist had generated three red flags, their captains would have received notice from the Texas Section office.

    Looking at both of their results for this year, I doubt that either has generated the necessary three red flags needed to get DQ'd before the DCC.

  11. other Dallas Bumps to 5.0:
    Andy Xu
    Justin Huffman
    Mario Mostoles
    Janne Romppanen
    Bronson S. Vaughan
    Dustin Viktorin
    Walt Williams

  12. Only O'Bannon has a D rating. Quist still has an S rating. I think O'Bannon received the D from his bumpup results from 3.5.

    I understand that both can still be DQ'd.

  13. S and D ratings can both be DQ'd and OBannon's D was from 3.5. Clearly all the complaining about these two has generated no actual formal complaints. Why not just file or move on?

  14. Or there were formal complaints and both were checked out to be ok.

  15. Neither Quist nor O'Bannon will be used much this weekend. Both Sisk and BS are confident they can get through their flight without risking those guys to disqualification from Sectionals.

  16. Are you kidding? Sisk will be using O'Bannon. He will use his best players every time. Look at Flora. People can call Sisk a cheat but his players do not manage scores even if they should.

  17. Tight shorts Fraser gets bumped to 4.5 and hasn't played since December. That makes sense

  18. think the bump-ups for 4.0 to 4.5 were about right, especially for predominantly singles players....of the top 20 or so 4.0 players, only 2 were not bumed up...Hinckley and Boccara

  19. Bumping a border-line guy, like Romppanen, from 4.5 to 5.0 when his team didn't even make the playoffs is a poor decision. Given the large influx of weak 4.5s, how can modest success in the regular season translate to a bump without a chance to go up against the top 4.5 guys?

    5.0 will offer very limited opportunities to play.

  20. nice to see Slezak and Williams already planning their return back to 4.5 tonight.

  21. Can anyone figure this one out?

    One of Team Miller's Top players Eric White had 2 ratings in 2009? Thought this was interesting.

    How does this guy manage to have 2 ratings in one year? A 4.0 and a 5.0?

    AR Hacker please help?

  22. Since Oleg got bumped up to 4.5 does that mean he can't play in the 4.0 major in Fort Worth?

  23. mid-year bump-ups only effect fall league play and not tournaments.

  24. after a well needed break to play daddy, looks like tennis is back in the stars!!!My Free Agent Status is available. lol