Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ft Worth Leages Start Saturday

Flight I

Flower Mound LJP vs. TCU Mixon 4.0 Pick -FloMo
Southlake Racqueteers vs. Shelingham
Pick - Shellingham *
RTC Hitmen vs. Trophy Club 4.0
Pick -RTC
RTC Flores vs. Denton Country Club
Pick -Denton*
RTC Coyotes vs. Flower Mound We
llington Pick -RTC
Southlake vs. River Crest Pick -Southlake
* Shelingham is a new team but has experience players from Hurst and Southlake teams, Jonathan Martinez
and Bart De Muynck are both solid players that managed to avoid the end of the year bump.
* Ernest Resma left Denton CC to join RTC Flores, both of these teams have some good players but lack depth.
Flight II

ATC Hammers vs. Ridglea Siegel 4.0 Pick -ATC
The Old Gang vs. Pecan Plantation Pick -Old Gang *
Walnut Creek vs. Cotton Creek Pick -Walnut Creek *
TCU Armadillos vs. Hurst Stars 4.0 Pick- TCU
RTC Tims vs. RTC Davis Pick- RTC Tims *
Ridglea Roughnecks vs. TCU Cowtowners Pick- TCU
* The Old Gang is Captained by league coordinator Steve Miller, this team always seems to do well in the spring and not as well in the fall, after the tri-level scoring debacle this maybe a team to keep an eye on.
* Cotton Creek has some notable 3.5 bump up names such as Gil Flores, Ty Sewell, And Sergio Ballesteros. Might be an interesting team to keep an eye on.
* RTC Tims won the 4.0 and under Tri-Level Texas Sectional. They should be able to build off of that.

Ft Worth 4.5 is having a highly unstable 3 match "Pre-season".
Pre-season matches count towards player play-off qualification and NTRP, but not the standings.
Real 4.5 matches begin 04/10/2010.
Maybe we can get Paulie Trevino to give us a FT Worth 4.5 Preview?



  1. Nobody gives a Crap about Ft Worth Tennis this is the Dallas league blog!!! We get enough shit from Dallas don't need yours.

  2. Cary, Cory, Fantastic, please create new thread NOW! Thanks

    Really a bad idea to post about FTW. Most Dallas League players don't give a shit. Why doesnt some FTW guy start a FTW blog???

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  5. I am a Dallas player & I think it's AOK for FTW info to be posted here. You know you don't have to click away if you don't want to.
    The 4 of you or maybe it's just 1 or 2 posters, need to get a life. Enjoy tennis for what it is = recreation. I'm sure you idiots will poke fun & belittle my comments / go for it.

  6. Do I get a trophy once I join a Ft.Worth team?

  7. The only reason this post is here is cause Klamecki plays in it. Why did Klamecki stop playing in Dallas? Is Ft. Worth competition better?

  8. Somabut rolled over Ft.Worth at sectionals 5-0

  9. So he is intentionally playing against weaker competition?

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  11. Why does Fort Worth to get have cool team names? Why does Jane Gilpin and the DTA insist on the Dallas area teams being named after their club and respective captain?? How boring.....

    Gilpin is also too lazy to list co-captains. Even though the roster has a place for a co-captian, Gilpin won't list it because it would "double her work load". What a crock of sh*t.

  12. As a whole, Ft Worth leagues are not near as strong as the Dallas leagues. For years players and even teams have signed up for Ft Worth leagues because that is the easier road to Sectionals. There a few good Ft Worth teams, but nowhere near the depth that Dallas has.

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  14. Does Jane Gilpin get paid a salary? Anyone know?

  15. Yes,
    Why would anyone play in Ft Worth when they can play with all of you rude, mean spirited, obsessive, compulsive, Dallas narcissists.

    This blog is a great recruiting tool for Dallas tennis.

  16. There are 3 sure bets around here;

    1. Klamecki is a nut case.
    2. Morrison is a flaming homo
    3. Gilpin & Kraemer are dating.

    There are also un-ethical captains that care more to cheat than play tennis, including;


    And lastly, the worst around here is Nancy, low life know it all.

  17. Our top captains follow all the league rules. They don't cheat. But jealous, & pathetic losers constantly whine.

    GTC Guy





  21. Dallas flights are out.

  22. 4.5
    A - Branch, TBar
    B - HP, Lakes
    C - Royal Oaks, Noel
    Brookhaven apparently forgets to give themselves the easy flight and finishes 3rd in the tough B flight.

    Now that we're done w/ that, let's talk about City playoffs...

  23. After review of the 4.5 divisions, have to say Group B is the toughest. At least 4 teams could win that division. Group A 2nd hardest. You know Branch and TBAR will go 1-2 and then it is anybody's guess as to who is 3rd best. Lots of decent teams could finish 3rd in B. Group C looks to be the easiest. Royal Oaks and Noel should go 1-2 or 2-1. Royal Oaks always makes it interesting depending on who shows up week in and week out. Greenhill is about the only one that could spoil the group C party.

  24. Dallas 4.0 Flights w/favorites

    A - HP(Somabut), BH(Bartlett)

    B - BH(Pearlman)

    C - GTC1(Sisk)

    D - Greenhill(Morrison)

    E - JCC(Schachter)

    Only Flight E looks to be wide open. Village(Johnson) or El Dorado(Browning) could upset JCC.

    Flights B,C and D seem to be done deals and in Flight A Somabut and Bartlett will battle it out for first with Garland(Brueckner) probably third.

  25. 4.0 Flights

    Easiest - Flights C, D and E
    Toughest - Flight A by far!!

  26. Looks like Kraemer took the high road and did things right. From what I see, he did a pretty good job of spreading out the talent in different flights. I am sure there is a hole in there somewhere that an anon is going to complain about, but for the most part I think he did what he could with what he knows.

    Good job John !!

  27. I agree. Although A is the toughest it has BH which has the free ride, so it opens it up for the other teams. BH becomes a non factor because they have a spot already.

  28. Since I am a questionable bump-up from 4.0, below is my obnoxious and arrogant assessment of the preliminary 4.0 flights and how I think it might play-out. (Note: I am assuming that the DTA will take first place teams to the DCC and 2nd place to the QT but not sure how exactly this works for 5 flights?)

    Also, I do think the DTA did a solid job of spreading the talent between the flights at 4.0 & 4.5 – Good job John & Jane!

    Flight A:
    I see 3 tough teams here that are factors. BH/ Bartlett won the fall and have the bye into the DCC but have lost 5 of the 8 guys that got them there. While they may have 2 or 3 decent replacements they are not the force that they were in the fall and will have tough matches against Somabut and Breukner who will be the other 2 tough teams. I’m afraid the rest are also-rans. Bob’s team is no where near the strength of what he had last spring or fall but he is the master at getting the most from his players and signing up self-rate talent.

    I pick him to go to the QT with Breukner winning the flight and going to the DCC with Bartlett who come in third but advance thanks to their fall win.

    Flight B:
    This is a tough flight. Bazan has done a good job of keeping some experienced players together and TBar will also be tough. They have some tough veterans. Fretz/ Chen had a great fall debut but I don’t think they can hang with these 2 teams or BH/ Perlman. BH and Canyon Creek lost some key players (Stein & Ludwig for Perlman and Rodriquez and Lee for CC) since the fall so I expect them to struggle a little.

    However, I think Pearlman have enough talent to win the flight with Bazan coming in second and going to the QT but I could easily see these 2 flipped in the final standings

    Flight C:
    Garland Sisk wins easily. Don Smith and Oak Creek have probably re-tooled enough to take 2nd and squeak into the QT but he lost many players. I think he is a good enough captain though to have a team that can still contend in this weak flight. LBH/ Parsons were weaker than expected in the fall but might cause an upset or two.

    Flight D:
    Greenhill Morrison will have tough matches against the Lakes and Stonebriar. While Hackberry has Spencer Hinkley who is a very good player they have no one else that can carry a line regularly. Stonebridge also have some good players but lack 3 good lines
    I’ll pick Stonebriar to make it to the QT due to their depth. Lakes lost too many players (Balan, Fix, Richardson & Fankhauser) to have the depth to field 3 winning lines every week although Fries, Do, and the 2 Blakes may be able to do so if they play every week!

    Flight E:
    3 horse race here. JCC has high-end talent but lacks depth. They and the Village will be the pre-season favorites but the Village lost their 2 singles guys in Givhan & Taylor. Watch out for Canyon Creek/ Ferrell to be the most improved 4.0 team of the season and come in 3rd ahead of Eldorado.
    I’ll take Village to win as they have good depth with JCC to come in second but again could easily see these 2 flipped if Reiman plays singles every week for JCC and Fix and Lutes lock down a doubles line. Shackman & Weinthal have proven to be a decent line also.

    So QT Teams would be: Stonebriar + Somabut + Oak Creek + Bazan + JCC

    DCC Teams would be: BH/ Bartlett (fall winner) + Greenhill/ Morrison + Garland/ Sisk + Village + Garland/ Breukner + BH/ Pearlman + QT winner (Bazan)

    Greenhill & Sisk go to Sectionals

  29. 4.5 flights are fairly evenly distributed. My only complaint is that we have a lot of the same teams in our flight this season from last season, but that seems to happen to us all the time.

  30. How can they do a DCC with 7 in 4.0? I think they will have to bump that to 8 teams and do two flights of 4. I'm sure nobody will complain about how those 8 teams are divided.

  31. Rossouw,
    Good analysis.
    But you still are obnoxious.

  32. Flights do look pretty good. My only thing and maybe I should have made a request but this is the 2nd season in a row I have had to play my other team. Last season I was even the captain and this time around I essentially put that team together before the every so capable Brandon Woolley took over the reins for me.

    Obviously I want both of us to move on it would have just been nice if we didn't have to play each other since we play two nights a week together already.

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  34. Here is your Ft. Worth 4.5 preview since Paulie T hasn't taken your invitation. It's a two team league in reality with Southlake and TCU Luningham. Southlake should take it. The rest of the teams are there to hang out or try to get back to 4.0.

    Now to the real tennis players, right? Dallas will be more interesting assuming Sectionals goes to 16 teams and therefore two Dallas teams. Branch takes one bid while Royal Oaks, HP (assuming Hai doesn't listen to Pickett) and we'll even through Noel in for grins battling for the second spot.

    It does appear that no one should be complaining about the distribution of the best 4.5 teams. Well done Kramer.

    Now, let's get the party started. CoreDawg can you give us a running total of your league prediction record this year?

  35. 4.5 flights are almost identical to the fall flights! Gay!

  36. HaHa, yes Jason I will. It will be coming soon so I know you all will be on the edge of your seats. I will say that I am eliminating one of the teams from the aforementioned top 8 based on some info I have received recently. This will also significantly impact one of the other 7 teams. I will leave it at that.

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  39. Stop hating on BMO cause he likes to take it up the rear. He says it makes him feel good, that's all.

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  42. Come on man, he's a good guy. Enough is enough.

  43. who keeps deleting all the gay bashing posts?

  44. If the word is out, why do you have to keep posting it 100 times? Even if he were gay, who cares? What does that have to do with tennis, his team, league, or anything?

  45. it has everything do with it

  46. it was better when we did not allow anon postings. fewer postings is ok. at least comments are civil & tennis related. why give wacko's a forum?

  47. I think there has to be a middle ground. When there was no anonymous the blog was dead? When there is anonymous it is useless at times? I'm not sure which is worse.

  48. my opinion, the blog wasn't dead when we had no anon postings. it just didnt have all the personal attacks which the anons like to make. name calling amuses some people but it turns the blog into a cesspool. i'd accept fewer comments & postings in order to avoid the nasty name-calling & personal attacks.

  49. I agree. You can't have an opinion, because if you do, your going to get attacked. You should know that better than anyone Corey.

    Flights have come out, and no one even wants to talk about it, because it is so ruthless on here.

    Anonymous is a privilige, not a right.

  50. All I'm saying is you guys are not remembering what is was like without anons. We would have 1 or 2 posts a day, usually by me. Count up the posts in this thread that aren't anonymous (8 out of 50, 4 are mine). That's not a blog; that's a dialogue between two or three people.

    You all know I hate anons as much as anybody but I have learned that people won't register so taking anons away isn't the answer.

    It always gets better once the season starts.

    Also, I will post a complete 4.5 breakdown once the schedules come out.

  51. We still haven't seen anything posted on how teams are put into flights. Flights don't look too bad this year _ but the process should be communicated.

    I guess John Kraemer is waiting to get permission from Jane Glipin.

  52. I think there is not alot of talk about the flights is that many may not know they are out. It was posted under the Ft. Worth thread. I bet if "Flights are Out" had its own thread, there would be more talk.

    Another thing is that there may not bee too much to talk about. The flights look pretty well balanced.

  53. I had heard John was going to post how flights were done on the DTA website. Have yet to see that happen? With so many flights at each level though, it's hard to mess them up really.

  54. I didn't see anything about flight procedures on the DTA wensite.

    I did notice there is a lot of old info in the Leagues section of the website. Under "results" they are still showing some 2008 results.

  55. The Texas men (Houston) have done really well so far going a combined 5-1 on the opening day of competition. The Texas women (San Antonio) had a mediocre day going 3-3.

    The 4.5 line picked up wins by Odion Dibua/Matt Sumrall against Southwest team 6-2, 6-1 and Jason Kern/Matt Sumrall against Pacific Northwest 6-2, 6-1. They are in the semis tomorrow against Southern California.

    The 4.0 line picked up wins by Pat Albro/Kris Knutson over Southwest 6-3, 7-6 and Alex Ellingsen/Kris Knutson over Middle States 5-7, 7-6, 10-5 after coming back from two match points down. They are in the semis tomorrow against Southern California.

    The 3.5 line picked up an opening round win against New England 6-1, 6-7, 10-8 and Joselito Pangilian/Chad Luhan played a great match but lost to Pacific Northwest 6-0, 1-6, 10-7. They are fighting for 5th place tomorrow.

    The team is doing great and representing Houston and Texas very well. I'll keep you posted.

    Tough day for Texas at Tri-Level nationals.

    In the 4.5 draw Odion Dibua/Matt Sumrall lost to Southern California 6-2, 2-6, 11-9. They will be playing for 3rd tomorrow morning.

    In 4.0 Kris Knutson/Alex Ellingsrn lost 6-2, 6-2 to Mid-Atlantic (on average, the most dominating section at national events). They will be playing for 3rd tomorrow morning.

    In 3.5 Joselito Pangilian/Chad Ralls beat Northern California 4-6, 6-4, 11-9. They play for 5th tomorrow morning.

    I'm not completely sure how the women have done today. Once I find out I'll let you know.

    On a side note I've come to realize 13 of the other 14 sections used 2009 mid-year ratings for their teams. So far every match and every opponent currently has a half-level higher rating than their Texas opponents (at least on the mens side). It would be nice to have a nationwide uniform system but we don't even have a unifotrm rule within Texas as the SA women used 2009 mid-year ratings while Houston men used 2009 year-end ratings. I really can't complain as my 2009 Tri-Level team used a mix of 2008 mid-year and 2008 year-end ratings and it worked out for us.

    Anyway, the guys are playing great and representing Texas very well.


  56. 4.0


    Do and Fries had a great record last Fall. With all the bump ups they will be even better this year. The two Blake's are the key here. Blake W is 4.5 calliber player and he's just now getting healthy. I'm looking for him to have a good season. Sinclair's losses last year were all bump ups. He'll make a run this year as well. H. Grossling can post some wins for this team and they have a couple of guys coming up from the B team that can help as well. I like them to beat stonebriar and be the second team to make the playoffs in the D division. In fact, if they can get the right match ups they could take out the favorite grennhill team. A couple of those guys will be gunning for Balan who left the Lakes for "greener" pastures. They know his game and can take advantage.

  57. I did not realize how badly the Tri-Level is f**ked up!

    1) It sounds like a screwy format with tournament brackets - not team play.
    2) Women & men scores are somehow combined???
    3) Different ratings used --> mid-year vs year-end. This is apparently different both within Texas and across the country.
    4) I can't find scores or anything on TennisLink.

    I'm sure it's still fun to be at Nationals. But the USTA needs to get its act together! The lack of consistency on ratings is stupid & unfair.

  58. Stonebridge is no push over team this year.

    Steonebriar was so close to beating Lakes last season.

    Barring any miracle, Lakes will be lucky to come in 3rd - not a bad showing for a team that lost a lot of good players.

  59. We need a new thread for this but it looks like the DTA spread the talent around. My picks for 1st and 2nd.

    A) 1-Breuckner 2-Somabut
    B) 1-Canyon Creek 2-Bazan
    c) 1-Sisk 2-Smith
    d) 1-Morrison 2-Lakes
    e) 1-El Dorado 2-Village

    Notes: A) Somabut's team doesn't seem as strong but you can't bet against the guy.

    B) Heflin's team seems to be close to the team he had last spring. They will be very strong in the new 4.0 as will Bazan. Bazan has actually some of the strongest 4.0 players out there in Bowman, Burton and Gregory. Both of these teams could be sleepers in the playoffs.

    C) Sisk and Smith. This is a no brainer.

    D) This division is interesting. Morrison is the favorite but the Lakes still have some great players playing for them that have won consistently over the years against the good 4.0 players. With the watered down 4.0 these guys should do very well. Stonebriar will be the best team not to make the playoffs.

    E) Stonebriar should petition to get into this division as it is the weakest of all the divisions. El Dorado has some strong players as does the village. They should roll over the rest of the league.

  60. Above anon you have no idea what you are talking about! Flight C you have Sisk and Smith? That Smith team is horrible. That is not his good team at all. Then in flight B you mention the Bazan team and state Gregory as a key player? Come on!

  61. Anon 12:36pm, I agree with you.

    Anon 10:06am,

    Did you just get bumped up from 3.5, then welcome to the 4.0 land. You don't seem to have any clue about what you're talking about.

  62. That is the weak Smith team, Sisk will win the flight with no problem. That is Sisk and the eight dwarves.

    Courtney, Wickman, Zackary, Sullivan, Corcoran, Clark, Wiley, Russell and a few I don't know. They might be able to play their roster's bottom 8 and still win every match.

  63. With so many bump ups to 4.5 I think Sisk's #1 team is well positioned to win the DCC.

  64. Somabut will find someone to challenge Sisk and Morrison's team is already better than Sisk. Sisk will win his flight and get his ass handed to him at DCC.

  65. Morrison's team is way over-rated. They are solid but not outstanding. They do have good depth. Somabut's team is only fair _ with 1 excellent player. Bob was hurt by the split up rule. Somabut's team will not be a serious contender this year but look for Bob to have a star-studded team in 2011.

    Big John's guys are the best this year. I'm not bragging. Just telling it like it is.

    - GTC Guy

  66. Flight E is very weak. But picking Eldorado for 1st place??? I expect to see a human colony on Mars before I see Eldorado win a flight.

  67. GTC guy,

    You should go through this simple exercise, before you make such claims. Take the people from the top teams (there's only 2 or 3 and they're talked about in this blog quite a bit) and look at their last 4 season records and count their "big match" wins.

    You will see that Sisk's team is quite diluted and your statements are quite delusional.

  68. What big 4.0 names are left out there?? With these levels DILUTED, I think Sisk is in good position. What about Ben Oberto? Trent Obannon is a 3.5 bump-up, but can help in doubles.

  69. So what if I'm a 3.5 bump up? Does that make my opinion less credible? I picked El Dorado because the E division is soooo weak! I just researched their players and they have good records. 4.0 is now weakened so they should do well. I didn't pick the JCC because they only have ten players on their roster and only two players that are any good, Lutes and Reeman. Even if both of those guys play singles they still need to win another line. Don't see it happening.

    Smith will produce a winner as will Bazan.

  70. Lutes will not play singles. He is a very good doubles player, not even a fill in in singles. Reiman used to be a very good singles player. I would guess that he could win most of his singles matches. If that happens, Lutes/Fix are not a cinch win at doubles.

  71. Lutes and anybody is a strong line. Fix sucks! Why did the Jcc pick him up?

  72. No doubt about it Morrison's team will take it all this year.


  73. Isn't it hard to play tennis wearing boots?

  74. Looks like results are coming in from the Ft W first week of play. Shelingham and LJP both had very strong first matches.

    Really a bad idea to post about FTW. Most Dallas League players don't give a shit. Why doesnt some FTW guy start a FTW blog???

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